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I offer intuitive counseling, and I'm a certified Life Coach. I specialize in Vedic knowledge, spiritual guidance, and healing. I also conduct Past Life Regression sessions, both in-person and online. As I know a little bit about Ayurveda, homeopathy, supplements, pranayama, meditation, Yoga, Jyotish (Vedic astrology), and a number of other topics, I integrate all these when talking to you. 

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Sunday, February 5, 2023

Good Vibes - Great Vibes - God Vibes

Mental disturbance, emotional imbalance, health issues, relationship problems...Is any part of you out of balance? 

If 5 musical instruments are discordant it will hurt your ears. Then how can you body, mind, emotions and soul all be out of sync yet you remain happy and healthy? Impossible.

Listen - you need to be in perfect resonance. Your true nature.
One way is to entrain your being to perfect vibes, God vibes. Brain entrainment, not entertainment. 😊
You can sing a sacred song, you can recite a mantra, do Japa, or try sound healing. I love Kirtan myself and can get lost into the chanting. 
See what sound vibration is suitable for you. Feel the vibrations of what you hear and if that resonates with your being, it bring your body, mind and soul into balance. 

Nature is always in perfect balance, it's natural balance. When we are in nature our body and mind also resonates with nature, then with our inner nature, our perfect balance. When you bring a tuning folks near another, the second one also starts vibrating at the same frequency. 
That is why it's said in Vedic texts to be in the company of evolved beings. They lift your vibrations and purify your inner presence. 

Vibrations are very powerful, from keeping your DNA functioning normally, bringing your cells to optimal health, to aligning your human existence with your soul. Ultimately you are just vibration, and vibration is closest to conscious, from vibration emerged creation. 

Absorb yourself into the rhythm of some blissful vibes, where the mind is silenced, slowly your vibrations rise bearing gifts of peace and perfection. 


Saturday, December 10, 2022

The Seven Sages of the Ancient World - the seven Rishis?

 Freddy Silva ( talks about the "Shining Ones" on Gaia. These are seven sages that show up in many places around the world at ancient cites and cultures, often accompanied by a wife of one of the sages, . These sages come to help humanity during a cataclysm, or transitions, and have been teachers to man over the ages. The image of the seven sages and a wife in a boat during the deluge around the world is bringing together a puzzle about a common history of the world. 

These Sages are very evolved being who seeded humanity and therefore are the progenitors of our race, and the Vedic "Gotra" which is the male DNA tree, descends from these seven Rishis. 

This resonates with the seven Rishis in Vedic tradition. There are 7 new Rishis in each Manvantara time period, along with a Manu for that age. In the Puranas we are told about the seven Rishis along with Manu in a boat being rescued by the Matsya Avatar of Vishnu. There are other similarities, like the Sages in other ancient cites, like Sumeria, carrying a water pot is very similar to "Kamandalu" carried by Vedic Rishis and sages. 

The Saptrishi constellation (Ursa Minor) has the seven Rishis as seven stars, with the dual star system of Vasistha and wife Arundhati. Seven sages and a wife. 

These seven sages are mentioned as "The Watchers" in the most ancient Sumerian texts (in Armenia) to a great extent. They also show up in Egyptian texts as "Followers of Horus" who taught people agriculture, and advanced knowledge. The Hopi talk about the seven sages at "Lookers" who show up in a boat during the great deluge. These seven sages are also in the carvings at the Mayan temples and pyramids. Many monolithic and ancient sites in Europe also have images of the seven sages and a charismatic woman who's the wisdom keeper, 

What does the "Shining Ones" mean? Who are these Rishis? 

I had done a past life regression on a woman who saw a non-human shining being in the center of their community, whom they could not physically see, but telepathically teaching the tribe how to do agriculture, and also how to use fire to cook. 

This is amazing similar to what Freddy Silva talks about in his book, "The Missing Lands". Watch this interview on Gaia, from the 22nd minute:

Maybe these Seven Sages will show up during the next cataclysm...maybe they are guiding humanity even now, within...listen.

Saturday, January 1, 2022

Transcending a cycle

 (cont. from last post)

As the soul stood in a realm where all time seem to exist, he felt the life experiences in the journey of his soul. The luminous master, who was part of a group of masters, spoke to me telepathically in the most gentle and loving way. He communicated that if I choose to ascend, I can now do so by integrating all the experiences from this cycle of lives for this soul. I agreed. Instantly, all the timelines merged back into my presence. My soul body whirled and whirled and then transformed into a beautiful sacred geometry of light. Then it went through yet another spiral portal tunnel, out into a vast expanse where there was nothingness, only existence. He was now a luminous being, a master, in a realm where there were many light being masters. They were all creator beings with great potential. 

From an impulse that came from within, and expanded as vibrations, this luminous master projected himself into lower realms. The luminous master went back to the time where he was a soul that needed guidance for ascension. The same master simultaneously projected himself into many lives, like when the he was a caveman, and when this soul was in its last incarnation where he blessed the seeker with liberation. The higher Self, this luminous master, was none other than a future version of the soul. The luminous master had as though traveled back in time to guide his soul in various incarnations!

We are what we are seeking...

Thursday, December 30, 2021

Integrating Experiences

 (cont. from my last post)

As the soul ascended it seemed to go through a funnel, be sucked up and through to the other side. He didn't have a body, but he could see, and hear telepathically. It was like a different realm, a vast expanse from where this soul could see the place he came from which seemed like a dream or like watching a movie from a theatre. Like a magnanimous projection screen hung in space behind a veil, he could see multiple movies, each from a life in the past, present, and future.
He looked at one of these lives where he was a caveman, his wife, and their child next to him. In the center of their gathering was a shining one, a bright, light-skinned man, with a long beard, partially bald and long hair down his back. They were oblivious to his presence though, as they couldn't see him. His radiance and light energy surrounded all of them, he seemed to be guiding them through an inner voice and giving them knowledge on agriculture and how to grow crops.*
As his soul watched this, it didn't seem to have any emotions, only an understanding from all these life experiences. Also came a realization that the same or similar luminous master that blessed him with liberation, seemed also to be present when he was a caveman and was beside him now, as he watched all his lives....
To be cont.
*Note: the first part is from one of my own experiences, the 2nd part about the caveman and luminous man is from a past-life regression session I did for someone (it was amazing).

Tuesday, December 28, 2021

Experiencing Life

 A child is put in a room...Crying for food and water, the child is fed, dressed, and then goes to sleep.

This child becomes a youth and now cries for a given a partner. Though half satisfied and emotionally distraught, lives there with the partner and has a child.
This adult becomes older and wiser and finally realizes there is something more, something missing, that I'm caged in a room and I need to get out and be free...that no matter how much I get, no matter what I do, what I think, however much I feel or fight, whatever happens, happens inside this room. So with closed eyes this soul prays earnestly for freedom, and then arrives a luminous master and blesses the soul with liberation...that moment the physical body of this seeker transforms into an etheric translucent body that ascends and looks down at that make belief room and the person that seems to exist, is working, eating, talking, crying, feeling, the good, the bad, the ugly ... only to experiment with his own creation and expression to know and learn...and from that space where he observes all this, darkness and light are both expressions of that center, this soul ascends higher back towards its own source.
To be cont.

Saturday, December 4, 2021

Peaceful Warrior

 Teacher: "Stop fighting with the world's injustice. Mother Earth will remove diseased cells soon and heal."

Student: "Detach?"
T: "Yes you must know the bigger picture and have the wisdom which knows the whole picture, then life is not a struggle or fight."
S: "I do know"
T: "Then you know why there is injustice and suffering".
S: "No I don’t know. Why?"
T: "It is to show you a negative to integrate that aspect of reality.
We can’t evolve as One without it.
It brings about the biggest awakening in humanity.
But it is also meant for your own awakening to be a peaceful warrior.
Once you gain understanding about the negativity in the world and its purpose, your life will end its struggle and you will stop fighting it. That is Karm."
S: "Wow so so well explained. It clicked!"

Friday, January 8, 2021

Why be attached to the body?

देह से मोह न करो देह तो चला जाएगा 

अपना देह हो, अपनों का देह हो 

देह से लगाव न रखो देह तो राख हो जाएगा 

साई तो देह से परे है, से बढ़े है 

देह की चाह न करो दर्शन तो होजाएगा 

deh se moh na karo deh to chala jaega 

apana deh ho, apanon ka deh ho 

deh se lagaav na rakho deh to raakh ho jaega 

Sai to deh se pare hai, se badhe hai 

deh ki chaah na karo darshan to hojaega

Who is Spiritually Evolved?

 This is a very key point. 

Just like any nation, responsible or rogue, can acquire nuclear weapons through effort 

Any evil (Rakshas) or angelic (Rishi) person can acquire spiritual abilities (Siddhis) and powers (Brahmastra) through spiritual practice and techniques -

but we must not confuse spiritual abilities with spiritual evolution. 

Spiritual evolution is judged by virtues and lack of vices. 

We must work on ourselves to rid vices and acquire virtues. Become a good human being, in simple terms. It is very very hard, people like short cuts and easy way outs like leave it to God or Guru. No. We need to do the inner work ourselves through self-effort. God helps those who help themselves.

Please reflect on this 

Let us pick at least one vice to reduce and one virtue to grow this year. Our yearly performance goal 😊

Bhagavad Gita Chapter 16 - Divine virtues and Demonic vices

Saturday, August 24, 2019

Born Anew.

Like shedding a layer of skin. pealing off the previous existence, you are born again. Have you noticed that? Very often after a tragic or jolting experience in life, you are thrust through gushing waters as though you are going to drown, but you come alive and unveil a new self. It is as though you are born again. It seems as though a dream has ended and you are awake.
Now in this life, we are living multiple lives, one after the other our Karma is taking us through multiple cycles in one life. So we see marriages coming to an end and new relationships starting, we see severe sicknesses and recoveries. We see great trauma, drama, and scenes changing quickly. Everything is happening in fast forward. As though we are in a hurry to finish the curriculum and we are cramming for the finals. Have you experienced this?
If you ask a faint inner voice you will feel it. A new version of yourself, 2.0 has emerged. The brave souls may go to 3.0 to 5.0.
See this as an opportunity to grow. The students who finish multiple grades in one year are bright and will graduate from bondage to liberation quickly. The tests may be harsh and intense, relationships short and emotional. You must have the eye of wisdom to understand. You must stay connected with your inner Self to stay anchored and guided. Know the difference between your personality and your real Self. Know who you truly are. Be in touch with your greater existence. You can't get lost in the storm, you must rise above it, sail through it with the right radar to the other shore. It is all already destined. You chose this life as it is. You chose at every fork in the path. In the end - all is well.
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