Sunday, July 20, 2014

Prabhu Ki Kripa - God's Grace

ये मन बुद्धि भी है प्रभु कृपा से
ये जीवन भी है प्रभु कृपा से
जीवन धरा भी है प्रभु कृपा से
जैसी हूँ में प्रभु कृपा से... उनकी शरण में हूँ उनकी कृपा से
चित् सागर की छोटी सी बूँद हूँ मैं प्रभु कृपा से
अपना लें मुझे अपनी कृपा से
यह प्रेम भक्ति प्रभु कृपा से
में हूँ नहीं बस उनकी कृपा है
केसरी का प्रणाम और समर्पण उनकी कृपा में

Ye mann buddhi bhi hai Prabhu kripa se
Ye jeevan bhi hai Prabhu kripa se
Jeevan dhara bhi hai Prabhu kripa se
Jaisi hoon mein Prabhu kripa se...unki sharan mein hoon unki kripa se
Chit saagar ki choti si boondh hoon mein Prabhu kripa se
Apana lein mujhe apni kripa se
Yeh prem bhakti Prabhu kripa se
Mein hun nahi bus unki kripa hai
Kesari ka Pranaam aur Samarpan unki Kripa mein

Saturday, July 19, 2014

Vedic Dharma does NOT worship cows!

Vedic Dharma ('Hindus') do NOT worship cows! Hindus revere cows because they regard all of creation as sacred - whether conscious or inert, whether animal or plant. It is not that Hindus worship cows as deities. Hindus honor cows in gratitude for their generosity, value, and gentleness. The cow is looked upon as a mother, who's milk we drink, who contributes unconditionally, in so many ways, to the daily sustenance of the people in India for ages. A cow is often kept in the village home, a part of the family, like a pet, who's milk is used daily, therefore we don't kill and eat them.

Vedic hymns do address the natural elements, but the seeker is told to focus on the elements' underlying powers and not merely their physical aspects. Each element has 'adhibhautik' (physical), 'adhidaivik' (celestial), and 'adhyatmik' (spiritual) significance. Example : 'Agni' signifies fire on the physical plane, purity on the celestial plane, and Light, or God, on the spiritual plane.

Here's a very nice article by a child in the US on this topic:

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Reaction is Worse than Wrong Action

Reaction is worse than wrong action. Bhagvan Ram did not react to Rakshas Ram - He responded with right action. Sri Krishn enacted Karm for justice and Dharm.
Wrong action can only do short term damage, right response will bring long term good. We need to stay centered and calm.
Detachment is key. Forbearance is the Tapasya. Awareness is the Sadhana. Implementing this is living Wisdom.

Saturday, July 5, 2014

Krishn and Christ are my own Consciousness!

How long and how much can you love an external God and dwell in duality? It then becomes idol worship and superficial. When we go deeper into the devotion we feel within for the divine, we start merging into our own inner experience of love, devotion and bliss. That is our own consciousness, our Atman. We discover the divine within. The only devotion that lasts and reaches home is one that discovers that the divine is our own consciousness. Krishna is my consciousness. Christ is my own consciousness. Then who do I worship? 
That’s not all. We then realize that our individual consciousness is the same as the universal consciousness. That all of creation is full of and permeated with a living consciousness. That feeling of one big whole which is beaming with love, which is alive, intelligent and that is all there is!
At the climax of loving you become Love. At the pinnacle of devotion you become the Beloved

Thursday, June 26, 2014


There is really nothing to gain here...nothing! There is nothing to lose...I will remain even after losing the body! A smile appears and the heart as though set free from a cage expands....and at the same moment seeing the expanse outside as I drive this morning through the Silicon Valley seeing the huge expanse of land and hills and clouds....and the music in the car...feeling free...

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Divine Interactions!

I'm coming across so many interesting personalities! I've noticed that we tend to get so caught up in the personality, that we never look beyond it. We then remain with the judgement of personalities! This limits us. I have promised myself that I will 'see' the subtle aspect, the divinity permeating the person, the consciousness that is thinking, talking and doing through this person. This needs compassion, detachment and Vivek. This will release me from judgement.

I love knowing and understanding human life, mind, and soul. So I observe and reflect a lot, driven by the aspiration for full expression. Every person, personality, event, interaction is teaching me so much!

What we need to do in each interaction is to bring out the best side of the person, It's easier to bring out the worst side of a person.. We should invoke the divine in them. How do we do that? When we express our own divine side, as in love, compassion, patience, humility, service, acceptance, and other divine virtues, then automatically the other person has no choice but to respond to them with his own wonderful divine qualities. Isn't it?
We need to have a foundation of good intention. Start with the intention that, "I will serve and love this person, and I would like to bring out the divine aspect of this person." Then automatically our presence, thoughts, words and actions will be driven with this intention.
Love and Serve all! We have come here for others!
And today coincidentally I read this, "Your focus should be how to get the best out of everyone who is with you. If you create the wrong situations, the best people will turn out to be the worst. If you create the right situations, the so-called worst will turn out to be fantastic human beings." - Sadhguru

Also understand that their personality is temporary and superficial compared to their true nature. We need to have the wisdom and compassion to have the knowing that all the traits we see in them that we don't like, or their negativity, has a root cause in their past that has shaped their current personality. With love and compassion we need to accept them as they are.
The patterns we see in their personality have been shaped by their experiences in the past. Each personality trait there's a cause, don't judge them on the surface, that's only the tip of the iceberg!

Friday, May 30, 2014

White Water Kayaking

No where to run...No where to hide!
Sometimes life is like white water kayaking...
Tough effort, rough life, and the torrent of the flow...
Don't know if you're heading towards the ocean or the waterfall...

"Jo Bhaje Hari Ko Sadaa"
Oh Lord I've failed in Your world!...failed in every department! 
At this time I search deep within my heart for that Hari that I pray to. Who is He? answer...
"Sohi Param Padd Payega"
Drowning with a domino of problems, misery in every direction, with everyone and everything...that other shore seems lost and non-existent.
"Choodh duniya ke dukho ko, baith kar ekanth mein. Dhyan dhar Hari ke charan ka, to prabhu mil jaaega"
Troubled mind turned numb, I close my eyes. Feeling empty, just an intensity, folding into cocoon, darkness inside. Looking for my soul...
"Dil ka sheesha saaf kar, door kar abhimaan ko."
Where is that Love, that Bliss? Only a blank...void. "I" have to die! That's where life will begin.
"Prem Bhakti ke bina nahi Nath ke ghar jaaega"
Love! where are you? Why do I not feel anything in this state?
"Dridh bharosa mann mein kar ke, jo jape Hari Naam ko, kahata hai Brahmanand beej samaeega!"
That I am! I am that! Brahm Anand, Sat Chit Anand, I firmly believe, then why this Dead Sea within?
"Hari Hari Hari" I surrender! This overpowering pull into a deep dark hole, despair has become tears of prayer. 
And then I think of the divine's love for me, suddenly so immense, blissful, a divine light that cradles me. The warmth of His kind benevolence. And shedding tears of gratitude I bathe in His luminous love. 
With intention I invoke the presence of all my guiding lights and masters, who uplift me with the strength of wisdom and lift me towards His divine love.
Sohi Param Padd Payega...Jo Bhaje Hari Ko Sada!

Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Akshaya Prem (Eternal Love) on akshaya tritiya

I drink a spirit that doesn't come in a bottle, not a vintage, it's eternal...
Men drink spirits and lose sensibility, my senses are lost in thee Manhari!
I'm served the poison of negativity, turn to the nectar of love oh Giridhari! 
Emotions I turn and sing to thee, the best remedy, now your people call me deewani! 
I've found the solution to misery, it's the dance of Bhakti, now your world calls me baawari!
Piya me to baanwari ho gayi! 
Akshaya prem se juddh gayi. 
Magna nashe mein kho gayi! 
Purna Anandit ho gayi. 
Piya me to teri ho gayi...

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

How Come?

How come I've changed?
So much more present in the "now".
So much more with people, and that connection! Ah!
So much more on the outside.
Is balance finally here and permanent?
How come?
Is it from a divine blessing?
Or is it time and meant to move on?
Or is it something I worked on, moved through, and came out on the other side...opened up.
What is it? How did it happen?
I feel like skipping through a field in glee!
Smiling from the heart and saying yipee!
Oh sorrows be gone now, you have taught me much.
You have done your job of churning me.
No more chains on the heart and soul, because now I feel free!

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Tear apart Judgement Criticism Jealousy...

Tear apart that jealousy, criticism, judgement, anger coming your way before it enters and affects you.
It's bad for the sender and receiver!
Everything changes. One day a friend loves and respects you the next day it suddenly changes.
Why? Because no one is perfect.
It's ok, you can keep loving and respecting with dispassion. Smile :-)

Anger comes from expectations, desiring perfection in the other. Desires come from ego.
Jealously comes from lack of love of the other as their own. Can you be jealous of your child's success? No, because you consider him your own. Jealousy comes from one's own lack of self worth.
Judgement comes from lack of love, one that can't accept the other person as they are - mortal imperfect human. Judgement and criticism comes from a limited belief system that narrows one's vision and closes the heart.
Opinions bound a many. Opinions change, why bother hanging onto them. You may still remember and the other person may have scorned you and forgotten. Your own opinions change. There are so many opinions! How can any one be right or wrong!?
It's only perceptions.

These emotions cause you to sink, take you lower. Don't let them rise. Rid them with your mind's awareness and will. They are unhealthy. Expand your awareness.
Perceptions, Beliefs, Assumptions, Expectations, Feelings - these are the by products of limited awareness.

When someone judges, criticizes, dislikes, disrespects you then you react in the same fashion or get hurt, sad, feel bad.
How to break this chain?

* Love * Compassion * Prayer

We are here for others. Practice forgiveness. We are here to serve others. Let's pray for all.
We are of no use to humanity when we suffer from emotions.

So, tear apart that judgement, that lack of love, that dislike, that disrespect, before it touches you. Visualize it as a piece of paper coming towards you which you vaporize with your thoughts of love and forgiveness.