Monday, July 27, 2015

How do you treat yourself?

Patterns of experiences repeat themselves till we integrate the learning and grow from it.
It can be a relationship with parent, spouse, child, or friend.
It can be long and sustained, or short and intense.
Our inner shortcomings attract the same lessons, till an inner blossoming takes place, and the light shines within.

We get affected by people and situations. Perhaps in my case I have developed a deep impression that I am not loved or accepted as I am. Judgments have lead me to lose my own self-worth, self-acceptance and connection with others. These impressions within cause my soul to manifest experiences in which another person doesn't love or respect me. The impression deepens and the cycle continues. Until I work earnestly on taking myself out of the cycle of misery.

I have gone through many repeated patterns of experiences to learn the lesson of my life; to have self-worth, self love, to honor myself, to hold myself in divine esteem, to nurture and pamper the child within me that feels no one loves but whom I need to love and embrace. Need to accept n love myself as I am. Need to feel that I am a beautiful divine being. I need to value myself as much as God does. Then I wouldn't be treated as worthless, disrespected or abused. I need to hold on to my power and not give it away to be manipulated.
The amount one respects and loves oneself is the amount others will.
When the love and light dawn within it is a beautiful feeling.

Sunday, June 28, 2015

Atma ke Bande

Iss duniya mein koi na hai saga                  इस दुनिया में कोई न है सगा
Khuda ke bandein sabse hain juda            खुदा के बन्दे सबसे है जुदा

Jao koi na pyar karo                                      जाओ कोई न प्यार करो 
Akele akele toot kar bikhar jao                   अकेले अकेले टूट कर बिखर जाओ
Khuda ke bandon ho jao sabse juda          खुदा के बन्दों हो जाओ सबसे जुदा

Chatur chalanki se kya mila?                       चतुर चालाकी से क्या मिला?
Svartha mein akela reh gaya                       स्वार्थ  में  अकेला  रह  गया
Khuda ka banda sabse hua juda                 खुदा  का  बन्दा  सबसे  हुआ  जुदा

Kathor dil krodh mein jal gaya                    कठोर  दिल  क्रोध  में  जल  गया
Ahamkar tera Karm se piss raha               अहंकार  तेरा  कर्म  से  पिस रहा
Khuda ke bande sabse hai juda                    खुदा  के  बन्दे  सबसे  है  जुदा

Jhoot tera sacch se haar gaya                       झूट  तेरा  सच्च  से  हार  गया
Agyan ki kaid mein dukh ki hui sazah        अज्ञान की  कैद में  दुःख  की  हुई  सजाः 
Khuda ke bande sacch se na ho juda            खुदा  के  बन्दे  सच्च  से  न  हो  जुदा

Kahan jaaega kiska kheench kar?                कहाँ  जाएगा  किसका  खींच  कर ?
Atma ke siva koi na yahan duja                    आत्मा  के  सिवा कोई  न  यहाँ  दूजा

Ek Eswar hai Ek he Atma                             एक  इस्वर  है  एक  हे  आत्मा
Mehsooh karle bande                                       मेह्सूह  करले  बन्दे
Ya phir ghum peeta ja                                     या  फिर  ग़म पीटा  जा
Atma ke bande Ek se Ek hoja                         आत्मा के  बन्दे  एक  से  एक  होजा
Kissi ko himsa pahunchana                                        किसी को हिंसा पहुँचाना
Kis kitab mein hai likha?                                             किस किताब में है लिखा? 
"Guru ne bola" jhoot saabit ho gaya                        "गुरु ने बोला" झूट साबित हो गया
Ab Guru ko bhi mitti mein milla diya!                     अब गुरु को भी मिट्टी में मिला दिया
Kab tak Guru ki aadh mein chuppega?                    कब तक गुरु की आड़ में चुप्पेगा?
Apne karmo ka phal tu hi sahega                              अपने कर्मो का फल तूही सहेगा
Vriksh ki chaaon mein tu nahi badhega                   वृक्ष की छाओं में रौशनी की तरफ नहीं बढ़ेगा 

Thursday, June 25, 2015

Lessons from Soul Mates

Sometimes life's greatest lessons come through the deepest wounds...
I've learnt an expensive lesson...that spiritual powers are not indicative of virtues or spiritual evolution. Witches and Angels both have supernatural powers!

Sometimes life's biggest lessons come through the closest soul mates...
I've learnt a painful lesson...that differing natures compliment each other in our soul group.
Yin and Yang are soul mates, light and dark are soul mates, wisdom and ego are soul mates, love and hate are soul mates...

There is only one ultimate we are all soul mates. 
Polarity and variety creates oneness.

Monday, June 15, 2015

Karmic Payoff Happening in the Past?

A thought came to me in the middle of the night that the person who is treating me badly right now is paying of their Karma in a past life. That was such a "Oh!" moment, as my current thinking was that the Karma paid off was always in the future. Could it be that Karmic payoff is also happening in the past?

Apparently in a higher dimension, time is not linear. That dimension transcends time, so past, present and future are all happening simultaneously. Mind boggling isn't it? That means that all the past, present, and future lives are being lived right now. So over all, across all lives, Karma is being balanced right now simultaneously in the past, present and future. Could this be true?

Most spiritual masters, psychics, clairvoyants, and past life regression therapists, all refer to Karma in the past being paid off in the present, or may in the future. So I wonder if this new insight is correct or not...

Sunday, May 31, 2015

Perfection of Speech

Who am I to criticize?
Criticism requires immense love, a great amount of respect, the absolute negligence of negative emotions and a state of balance.
Criticism with any negative energy will fire back at you and cause damage to both. When criticism has anger it is selfish. Selfishness serves the ego and squashes love. What can one achieve with angry words? How can I not react to things I don't like? And how to deal with harsh words spoken to me? It's very important for me to cleanse my heart, fill it with love and wisdom, for my speech to be right.

There is a very useful verse in the Gita on Perfection of Speech.
Speech with causes no disturbance in the other; Speech that is Truthful - Pleasant - and Beneficial (Satyam-Priyam-Hitam);
Speech that practices the study of the scriptures; these constitute the "austerity of speech" (Gita 17.15)

See speech has to have all three ingredients, truthful, loving, and beneficial. It should be sweet but not be pretentious sweetness, because it has to be truthful, but not bitter truth because it will disturb the other person, and it should be for the benefit of the other person, not for selfish satisfaction.

I have failed miserably many times by speaking angry words, with despise and dislike. It doesn't matter what the provocation was, or how bad the cause. Reaction is worse than wrong action. One can only control one's own behavior and change oneself. No one can change anyone. No matter how bad the other person is behaving, I need to remain detached, and most of all have unconditional love and wisdom. I don't know if I can be perfect every time, but I can at least aim at being right more than fifty percent of the time.

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Make your Self front and center

Make your Self front and center. Make it the most important thing. Invest in your Self. Feel the connection with your Self. Because the soul is the center of your existence. Once centered, consciousness becomes the medium of operation, for everything, you will see, it is miraculous.

We must connect with all the levels of our existence! We must feel connected to our world. We must feel connection with others, and everyone. We must feel a loving connection with our family. We must connect and communicate with our own body. We must connect and become aware of our breath. We must connect with and observe our thoughts. We must connect and sense our subtlest feelings. And we must connect with our own Self! We must connect with that which observes the world, people, body, breath, thoughts and feelings. Who is the one connecting? We are always centered in the soul. We just don't realize. Why? Because we operate from the mind. But who operates the mind? Who observes the mind? Where do thoughts come from? Doing this is meditation.

Meditation doesn't mean sitting in a lotus posture and trying to meditate. No, it's not a technique or exercise. It is being still and observing, becoming aware of who's observing. It is Being. Connecting with that observer. That's the Self. It permeates the thoughts, feelings, breath, water in a sponge. There is nothing but Self. You can be meditative at any moment even with your eyes open. A walk by yourself in nature, being fully present there, just enjoying nature. Sitting by a stream and just letting yourself flow. Looking up into the stars at night and having that wow moment! Lying down being silent, relaxed, and just being with yourself. Listening to soul stirring music, especially sacred songs, just merge with the music, go into trance. Meditation is the effortless awareness of the Self.

We all meditate, we just don't realize it. We are all aware of the Self but we just don't recognize it.
One bubble in an ocean asked another bubble, "Have you seen the Water?" The other bubble said, "No, I haven't but I've heard so much about the Holy Water. I really want to witness what this Water is like, you know. I feel so disconnected with the Holy Water. I know of a big bubble who has witnessed Water, have you heard of him?". The first bubble replied, "Yeah! I have heard of him. But you know he's way up there, so evolved, I will never get to that level, I'm just a small little bubble down here. I've tried to meditate on Water but just doesn't happen you know." As they conversed they floated up in the ocean carried by divine Grace, lifting them towards the surface, even without their awareness. And what do you think will happen when they reach the surface?

This post is dedicated to my friend Subina :)

Friday, February 20, 2015

Next book: Unfolding into Unconditional Love...and Devotion Divine!

Need to finish my next book! Here's the website and Synopsis:

"Unfolding into Unconditional Love …and Devotion Divine!” addresses the problems in relationships and the longing of every heart for love. The fundamental and essential nature of all humans is that of unconditional love. The fallacy of seeking love from others brings misery and the unfolding of unconditional love from within takes us home to bliss. The compassion for others is an expression of the love within and devotion is the pure love for the divine. All faiths have devotion in common and this book celebrates the beautiful diversity of devotion from various faiths. As human beings we can all identify with the feelings of love, and love is the same in all human beings, though expressions may differ. When devotion is expressed from the heart it kindles the same in the reader. It is the objective of the book to foster unconditional love in others.
Devotion being her innate nature, the author narrates her passions of longing, praise, and celebration of the divine. Each time it brings forth her intense devotion from the core of her being as a natural and effortless flow. She takes us on a boat ride through the pleasure gardens of divine love. Through mysticism she creates the visions of ecstasy and intoxication, much like the devotional saints of the past. This spills into a sense of oneness and unconditional love for all.
The goal of human evolution according to several faiths is liberation. Devotion and unconditional love for all is one such means of attaining this goal. Through the path of love one learns that the journey of life is from the head to the heart, the core of our being. The final merger with divine consciousness is achieved in a grand celebration of uniting with the beloved, with one’s own Self!

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Shiva the Ether

Shiva Ratri Night lookup into the sky and see that space, ether, has no division, it is all One. That empty ether pulsates, that is 'Naad'. Stars and galaxies float in space, the vast ether. From the tiniest sub-atomic particle to galaxies, the form is of a double torus, the 'Damaru'. The damaru represents the vibrations from which light and matter emanate.

The center point of the torus is the Singularity. Through Mantra Naad or Meditation connect with the Singularity within, in the space of heart Chakra. That singularity is the Ether. Connecting with the Ether connects to you to all, everything, because in Ether there is no division, it is all One. The connection point is that of Stillness...
On Shivatri let's connect with the Ether that permeates us.
*Nassim Haramein talks about the double torus and I wondered if this is what Shivji's Damaru represents.

Saturday, February 14, 2015 to to; Conflict and Competition to Compassion and Cooperation; Self-centered to Centered-in-the-Self; We -must- evolve to survive.

 Before the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland this year reports were leased that stated facts such as 80 individuals have more wealth than half the world population, and 1% of the world as much wealth as the rest of the 99%. Many more millions today are living on less than $1 a day then just a few decades ago.

I have been watching documentaries like "Thrive" and others which talk about the world being controlled by a few ruling elite. Essentially the World Bank and the IMF are at the top of the pyramid of control. They are owned and managed mainly by three elite families, the Rothchilds, the Rockerfellers, and the Morgans. Below this top level in the hierarchy are the central banks of countries such as the Federal Reserve, which is an independent body, and not a government controlled bank. Again, it's a these elite families who run these banks. Then come the major global banks, CitiBank, Chase, and Bank of America, again owned and run by these 3 elite families. These powerful and wealthy banks then control the large corporations who take loans from them. These banks also control the government through these corporations, as well as loaning money to the government in return for government bonds. 

The large corporations are really the ones who are controlling the government, because it is they who fund the corrupt politicians and their campaigns. Corporations only have one thing in mind - profit. They do not care about the people. 
Therefore pharmaceuticals want to sell more drugs and wouldn't want natural cures or a healthy society, more sickness there is, the more profit there is. 
Energy companies want to sell more oil and coal and wouldn't want inventions of free energy to be available. They want to enslave the population and pollute the environment to save money and make more money. 
Governments go to war in the middle-east to get control over the oil fields. Then the IMF loans money to embattled countries and forces the use of those funds to pay large corporations to rebuild the country, so the money goes to the companies, and the poor countries are left with a large debt. 
More than half of the budget goes in defense spending in many countries. Large companies that supply arms to the government influence the corrupt politicians to go to war so that the arms stock is used whereby generating more sales to the defense department. 
The large food corporations want to generate more crops, faster and cheaper through the use of Genetically Modified seeds which can cause a great deal of harm. And so on...and so forth...

So how long can this world of conflict and competition go on? 
It is on self destruct. 
We need a paradigm shift. Otherwise we will go extinct or suffer great catastrophes. 
It has to start with the individual. I feel that it is only those who evolve from a selfish, materialistic, ego based functioning to a spiritual, compassionate, and wise way of being will survive. This may be a small percentage of the population, but it has started happening. 
Then we need to restructure our communities. Our world have to evolve from being in conflict and competing with each other to communities based on cooperation and collaboration. There are several intentional communities based on permaculture that are coming up around the world. 

We live in a very exciting time, where the old will be destroyed and the new world order will be established. There is hope, there is a way, the way is to evolve towards love and wisdom. We must and we will! 

Thursday, February 12, 2015

Singularity - Oneness - Ekam - Advaita

There was an aha! moment that came this morning, and I was anxiously waiting to pen it down before the vision disappeared...

There is only One which became many.

If we look at the process (Yagya) of how human life is created, it starts with one human egg, through the process of cell division that one cell becomes many. Like a fractal. Because all cells came from the same cell, from the same center, nucleus, all the cells are connected, as one being, they all communicate. Each cell is NOT separate, though we tend to look at each cell as separate. However; it is one system, one being, functioning through billions of cells. This is the human being, the microcosm of creation.

In the macrocosm, the universal level, it is the same. What happens at the macro-cosmic level is in fact replicated in the human being, at the micro-cosmic level, like a fractal.
So this is how I envision what happens continuously as a cycle, creation...destruction and creation again.
Creation is like an endless fractal, in which one side goes to infinity and the other side goes to singularity.
Suppose the whole creation started from one soul, like an embryo cell of a baby. That soul divided like cell division, as a fractal, into many...many souls. Yet as each soul comes from the original soul, the same essence grows and passes on. There's a deeper connection, a link, a subtle communication between all souls. Because of the One everyone communicates. The center of each soul is connected to the primordial soul that it came from.   
The problem is that in individuals, our ignorance, and ego, keeps us separated from others, from the inherent connection with all souls, and we don't feel the Oneness of being. 
All the spiritual traditions point towards the oneness of all things. 
The problem that this ignorance of separateness creates is of misery. The false idea of being limited creates problems. Just trace the cause of all your miseries, and you will see that sadness, suffering, sorrow, are all mental attitudes. The root cause is fear of death, feeling of lack, absence of love, and ignorance. Isn't it? 
So what is the solution? It is to connect with Oneness, with infinity. Like each individual cell feeling connected to all other cells and sensing the whole human body.
How do we connect with the all the souls, the whole?
You see our own center is the connection point with the whole. 
That center in us is the heart.
That's why all wisdom traditions point to a path inwards to find that connection point, of stillness, or null, and in that point of singularity is an explosion of infinitude...of oneness! :)