Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Conversations with my Self

My intention for 2015 is to move to Milpitas area and create a small community of co-creators who would be connected like a hexagonal molecule of light and love to serve others with wisdom and compassion...perhaps it'll become clearer, take shape, as the mist clears and the path unfolds...

Our quest is for infinite wisdom and unconditional love, satchitanand. It's the mother of all quests. Life, the maintenance of the body, is for this quest, but we get lost in it, the story line, and the ego. It has to become a priority to make time to reflect, and become aware that all endeavors lead to this quest. Ask questions and listen to the answers within, the whispers of the soul, and like synaptic pathways, be lead to your source. One source.

Each one is a piece of me. Some parts in deep slumber, some fully awake, some busy in their dream world, at all phases. Like particles gradual lighting up and then being recycled in the vastness of space. Like electrons appearing and disappearing. Faster and faster. As I witness this cosmic drama, like a fractal in my entire being.

Sunday, November 30, 2014

We are Multi-dimensional

I am a multi-dimensional being and I'm just starting to realize this.

In previous posts it shows the progression towards this understanding. 

I related the Vedic terminology with the new age terms and said that ancient texts mention levels of evolved beings in different dimensions. 

My Shaman, and someone else also I think, told me that you will realize that these highly evolved beings are you only, and then you will realize there is only you. I didn't understand these statements even though I believed them to be true, because it wasn't my experience. In Quantum physics it is now known that the 5th dimension transcends time, so in the 5th dimension the past, present, and future is one. 

So for the first step, the realization is that the highly evolved state of my own soul co-exists with my current identity.
I went to see the movie "Interstellar". I believe these Hollywood movies are also influenced by higher consciousness to bring these concepts to us in digestible, story form, so we get familiar with them. In that movie when the protagonist, Cooper is in the black hole, he realizes that 'they', the evolved beings referred to in the movie all along, is himself in a future form. The android machine says that those beings created the scene he was experiencing in the black hole. Then Cooper says one important thing; he says that perhaps we have evolved to higher state of consciousness and in that dimension we transcends time and space. Therefore; that more evolved state co-exists with our current state and can interact with us. We think it's another being, a highly evolved being, but it our own self in a more evolved state! Perhaps in the future we will become light beings in a dimension that has access to all time, and be able to see our own past, the lesser evolved state.
In fact my past, eons ago, was also perhaps of an evolved state that concurrently exists with me today.
Right now I have a limited existence and live in terms of a linear scale of time and space. However; all my higher states of existence, which has transcended time and space, can co-exist with my current state. Therefore; I am a multi-dimensional being!

Now that makes me feel less fear of the unknown and of highly evolved beings. 

Monday, November 24, 2014

Return of the Rishis

In this age we read spiritual terms in English.
There are ancient terms in Vedic knowledge, in the Jewish Kabbalah, in the Egyptian culture, Greek and so on.
Then there are scientific terms which may correspond with a spiritual aspect.

When we are familiar with one culture, tradition, or set of terminology we often don't recognize the corresponding term in another and therefore can't relate, or think it's different.
When we are able to find the relationship between definitions then suddenly we realize a lot of commonless between the ancient, the new, the scientific and the spiritual. It somehow confirms that it must be the truth if so many for so long are saying the same thing.

Nowadays we hear the term, 'Dimensions', 'Extra Terrestrials', 'Beings', 'Soul', 'Consciousness', and so on.

In Vedic terminology, I think that 'Lokhs' relates to 'Dimensions'.
'Beings' and 'Extra terrestrials' relate to the different beings mentioned in the Vedas, Puranas, etc.

There are 14 Lokhs. 7 lower or descending Lokhs below the physical universe. The other 7 Lokhs includes: 'Bhu' the physical 3 dimensional universe; 'Bhuvar' that includes the souls that have passed on; 'Svar' where the Devas and some Rishis reside. These are the 3 Lokhs in which most souls recycle from birth to death to birth again. Then there 'Maha', 'Tapa', 'Jana', and highest is 'Brahma/Satya'. All this is still in the sphere of creation, duality, Maya. It is beyond this that is Brahman, the Ultimate Supreme Consciousness. Time slows down and space expands as we move into higher Lokhs. They are not physical but subtle realms.

The 'extra terrestrials' and 'beings' we read about perhaps relate to the many subtle forms of beings that are mentioned in the Vedic texts. These include the Devas, Asuras, Rishis, Siddhas, Yakshas, Gandharvas, Manas putras, Prajapatis, Kumaras, Avatars, and so on. In addition to these subtle forms there may be physical forms of beings on other planets, like humans. We don't talk about it now in the Kali Yuga, but till the Kali Yuga other beings, dimensions, higher states of consciousness and special abilities such as telepathy, were normal.

Our ancient texts talk about mind born sons of Brahmaji. These include the 7 original Rishis, also called Prajapatis, the creator Gods. These were not physical forms but thought forms. These beings last as long as creation lasts. Then there are beings which are light forms, Devas. Many of these beings came to earth and started the human civilization. Some physical forms were also organically growing here. A lot of these Rishis, Devatas, Siddhas, Avatars, etc. are also capable of taking physical form. That's why the Rishis and people of ancient civilizations were so advanced in their knowledge. They were far more evolved beings which descended here on Earth and built advanced communities and cultures. Some of the remnants of this ancient civilization and knowledge can be found in the Vedas, Kabbalah, the Old Testament, the Egyptian civilization, and so on.

We are familiar with the blue skinned Avatars, Sri Ram and Sri Krishn. They were actually blue skinned. Avatars are one of the highest evolved beings in the Vedic tradition, higher than Devatas. The Vedic texts also talk about several Nakshatras, 27 that are now followed and one more Abhijit, which is Vega. In the Gita, Sri Krishn says that amongst the Nakshatras I am Abhijit. I have read that the origins of the Indian race was seeded by beings from Vega and Sirius, and perhaps many others including Orion. The 7 Rishis are the 7 stars of Ursa Major. Could it be that these mind form beings were from those stars?

The Vedic texts mention the gradual decline in civilization through the Yugas, and the decline in knowledge, Dharma, a drop from higher state of evolution, and the removal of light and the coming of the age of darkness, Kali Yuga. In this Yuga we are as though in deep slumber, the light has been shut out and because of the lack of light dark forces are more dominant, such as anger, hatred, greed, and other negative emotions.

Many of us are reincarnations of those same highly evolved beings of the ancient world, the Rishis, Siddhas, Devatas, Avatars and other evolved beings. We have completely forgotten our true nature, we have lost our true history, so we think we are inferior beings struggling with darkness. Now we pray to Gods such as Sri Krishn and Sri Ram, and worship the Rishis and Devatas as though they are separate from us. When consciousness awakens in us and we remember our true nature that is the Avatar consciousness in us, the Christ consciousness in us. We will remember our history and our connection with the greater universe. There will be unity of consciousness amongst all beings. That consciousness within us is Light, it is higher vibration than the lower vibration of matter. Like the difference between water vapor and ice. So when this realization and awakens happens in us, there will only be light and therefore no darkness. This is like remembering, and going back to what we really are. This is the return of the Satya Yuga of truth and purity, as the Yugas are circular.

Knowing all this is good. The main thing to remember is that Ultimate Supreme Consciousness, Brahman, that we are. There is only One and Oneness. That One is both immanent and transcendental at the same time.

We live in exciting times. Let see where destiny is leading us!
It's a beautiful endless journey in eternity and infinity. We are like one spec of a fractal, an exact replica of the whole that replicates itself infinitely...

Om Shantih!

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

We are Gods

No matter how many words of wisdom we read, or hear, unless we experience we will not register or recognize it within. It's like reciting the Gita loudly to a person in deep slumber. When the dawn comes and awakening happens, these same words of wisdom, will become Oh! yah! a deep sense of remembrance, the re-sprouting of seeds within our consciousness. 
These idols and Gods we pray to are our family. We are the Rishis and Gods. Even Krishnji is one of us. We have forgotten our true identity and become dark lifeless robots reciting ritualistically because the light does not shine within. We are divine. We are light. We are love. We are rays of the One Supreme Consciousness. An exact replica in a mini form of the macro form of that One Supreme Consciousness that replicated itself infinitely. 

Yes we live in a special time when the God within us will awaken and remember our true identity. Many have achieved this on the planet today and am beginning to find out. And we are not a light in the darkness. We are a light amongst lights. We are a family of lights.

Saturday, November 1, 2014

Secrets of Sound!

There are tremendous secrets that I am uncovering. What is unfortunate is that most westerners are NOT using the ancient knowledge and secrets coded in the Vedas. And I will talk in some code here, so that those who know or want to know will pick up. So wake up family of light! Look into Hidden Truths of Sound. Let's look at the heart Chakra, Anāhata, unstruck [sound]. Sound comes 1st. यं, Yaṁ is for heart chakra, also the beej Mantra for meditation. Frequency is the key. Frequency of the heart is 528hz (the middle note in music, the middle Chakra). After sound comes air, Prana. After air comes light, in the light spectrum heart is green. The Green blade of grass converts the energy from the sun, we can do the same. Sound creates Form from Matter and Energy, demonstrated by cymatics, that's the Yantra, sacred geometry, geometry is about numbers and numbers is the science of creation. Water is liquid crystal. We are 80% liquid. When frequency of 528hz is mirrored in the water you will see the geometric patterns, Yantra of the heart in the water. The star of David, the 2 triangles. Heart is Love when at 528hz reverse is fear and hate. The emotion of love is a very large electromagnetic field, vibratory pattern. Our Chakras are at endocrine glands, hormones are electromagnetically charged. Love is the universal healer. Sound heals. Water is universal solvent. Music is the universal language. As is the microcosm, the spiritual body of Chakras, so is our collective consciousness, and so is the universal or macrocosm, the 7 Lokhs. There's much much more I'm still unraveling. But here is a secret: We are reaching a key threshold, a higher Frequency resonance...So sing chant love! So simple :)

Thursday, October 30, 2014

Singing, Sound, Vibrations and Healing

I'll write a series of posts on sound, rhythm, and vibrations. Images below are from the Cymatics of chants from Bhagavat Gita! Starting with what I was told by Shaman Steven Pawlak to sing/chant: "Empower yourself through the use of your voice. Using the sacred sounds you’re going to en-train your physical body, every cell of your being to these sacred chants, which elevates consciousness. When you en-train to these sounds then you become the instrument, your vibrations resonate throughout your body, and elevates consciousness and can heal the physical body. That’s why sacred chanting is done, because then you are the vessel, for those sacred sounds. That’s what the words 'atonement' and 'attunement' have to do with sacred sound. To atone for one’s sins, is really to break free of remnant vibrations [Vasanas/Samskaras] that you have been living in, that’s labelled as sin, and all it is is a frequency state. Once you atone and let go of that, you’re bringing yourself back into an attunement with God, and you are resonating differently. And once you become a vessel and use your voice you are now vibrating, not only every cell of your being, but you’re also bringing your brain into a different brain wave frequency. The EEG goes from Beta, to Alpha to Theta. The slower the brain operates the more we have access to it. And those are the expanded states of consciousness and awareness. The slower the brain operates the more capacity it has, so when it slows down to between 8 – 12 Hz (cycles) per second that’s Alpha state, above 12 Hz is Beta, which is our normal state of operating, up to about 30 Hz. So if you drop below this you go into meditative states and even lower into [Theta and Delta] expanded states of consciousness."

Friday, October 24, 2014

Govardhan Giridhari and a Gopi

Today is Govardhan Puja. The day after Diwali - Pratham.

The story goes like this...
The residents of Vrindavan used to do Indra puja. Krishnji, still a child of around 8, said, we should pray to Govardhan hill which feeds our cows and is the source of our wealth and well-being. So on the day after Diwali we also start a financial new year in many parts of India by opening new financials books and sanctifying the books with Puja. So going back to Vrindavan, everyone started preparing for Govardhan Puja. Lord Indra was very cross! He's the God of rain and started pouring down torments of rain, thunder and lightning. The homes started getting damaged and people didn't know where to go. So, Krishnji used Giriraj (Govardhan) as a refuge by lifting the hill on his little finger and having everyone under it. Krishnji lifted Govardhan about 7 days before Diwali on Saptami.

Now there's another story related to Govardhan. There was a Gopi who got married to Krishnji's friend. As she was leaving for Vrindavan her mother told her not to look at this boy, Krishn. The Gopis get so mesmerized by him, that they forget everything and get drawn to him. So when this newly wed Gopi's palanquin arrived in Vrindavan, Krishnji naturally wanted to see His friend's bride. So Sri Gopal went and peeped inside the palanquin, but scared of getting hypnotized the Gopi turned her face away. Then Sri Kanhaiya went to the front, and she turned away again! This happened a few times.

Then came the day of lifting Govardhan hill. That day this Gopi looked at her Giridhari for the first time and melted completely into Him. She continued to look at him for the seven days that He lifted the hill. It is said that Giridhari told this Gopi that for the number of times you avoided looking at me, for those many lifetimes you will not remember me. But then you will be born as one of my greatest devotees. And when she was born as this devotee she remembered who she was when this little girl saw a statue of Giridhari lifting Govardhan. Therefore she always addressed Him as Giridhari. Do you know who she is?

Sunday, October 19, 2014

From Guilt to Freedom

I've been seeking to regain that unconditional love that I am and which I have long forgotten. Beyond the wavering love with cycles of attachment then aversion, like then dislike, ups and downs of the limited emotional love of duality...there is a field of love, of oneness where we merge...may I function from there. 

But first I have to start from within - to love myself, unconditionally. After layers of negative inputs, which pained and buried the heart, I have forgotten the feel of self-love. Others words create thoughts which cast shadows of darkness and pain, blocking out the light of consciousness. My heart has to somehow heal and re-emerge. The alchemist has to convert the shadow into light, poison in nectar, and pain back to consciousness. My the negativity burn in the fire of the Yagya of purification.
I have to love myself inspite of my shortcomings, how else will I love others with their imperfections? I have to love myself as God loves me, and love others as God loves them. As my dear friend Nirmal said, constant affirmations of 'I love and honor myself' are needed. 

A friend who's a psychotherapist became a healer for me as she gave me a refreshing new perspective. It was like being given a verdict of innocence. My guilt flipped from years of blame, and I feel so freed! Now to dismiss and dispel that pain as a myth created by false belief, and fill myself with love and light. The more I love myself the more will I spill out onto others, till there is only light and love - only that field of oneness where we all merge!

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Self-Expression of an Unconventional Woman

I've always been different, a rebel, questioned the norm, and unconventional, so rejected by society and labelled. But it's my role in creation to challenge limitations!

People live in the limitations of their beliefs and definitions of what a woman should or shouldn't be. Sometimes roles are reversed because of personal natures and abilities. A husband can be feminine and weak, a father motherly; but a wife has to submissive not strong, and a mother can’t do things fathers do. There are double standards I question, but I’m not supposed to. That's the way things are, they say, earlier you accept the better. Then they judge, criticize, want to change me according to their conditioning of what’s conventional and accepted, assuming these are eternal truths. Norms change over the ages and what was wrong in the 16th century is okay today, still people continue to blame, criticize and judge. Weak and fearful they are themselves of other’s opinions, then they force you to fit into their subjective definitions of a role. Unwilling they are to see within they lay the blame on you.

There is emotional abuse for years that suffocates the life force within, yet that is the acceptable method to contain a person into the narrow channels of what is right. Made to feel that you are horrible person, not a good wife, and a bad mother who doesn't love - which is the most painful and damaging. Which isn't even true, as one does their duties to the best of their abilities, and loves beyond measure! It’s also the duty of a parent to put boundaries. A mother always says things which are best for the child, and not selfish. 
So then should a person die again with the guilt hung around her neck of not being a good wife, or mother? Does she not have the right to self-expression? Please don’t crucify her for being different. If a person is not doing anything immoral, or harming anyone, can she not express her own unique personality? If not then she will feel blamed, alienated by society, isolated; it’s very traumatic and such impressions last a long time. 

It’s better for me to know that it’s my role in creation to question the limitations people live within and this is the treatment I will get for challenging the conformists. So now finally I get it – and I will move beyond the suffering, from the feeling of not being loved, of being rejected, shunned and labelled as a bad woman. Will this knowing free my heart from being locked up under a heavy weight? Deep within, in the spine, a seed of love, in excruciating pain, covered by a hard knotted heart - will it finally release the pain? Will it blossom like a flower?
Life flows through self-expression. Without self-expression life lacks fulfillment and joy. 

People may not like me for my self-expression. They don't accept me as I am. Why should I get affected? Everyone has their baggage. Let them deal with it. Why should I transfer their baggage to me. Let me be free.

Monday, September 22, 2014

Navratri and Fasting: an Ayurvedic Detox Method

"In all religions, they recommend fasting. But there are some rules for fasting. It is not that you should not eat all day and then eat a lot at night. Sometimes in Navratri in the name of fasting we feast.
We eat potatoes, fried food, french fries.This is not correct.This is a wrong type of fasting. You should not fast like that.A little bit of food and food which is easily digestible. A little bit of fruits and drink a lot of water. When body is not so heavy or dull, then it blossoms and meditation happen better.Isn't that so. How many of you have this experience. At the same time too much fasting will raise the pitta in your body." -- Sri Sri Ravi Shankar

Fasting is an ancient method to detox prescribed by Ayurveda per body type, dosha (Vata, Pita, Kapha). Having no food increases acidity, it's very bad (Tamasic)!
One should have more alkaline fruits and vegetables, cucumber, watermelon is very good.
In general khicchadhi is used in Ayurvedic detox diet and used in Panchkarma
One needs to first know ones doshas. For example, if you have Kapha dosha, to restrain from deep fried food, have green beans, carrots, and so on.  
It's also necessary to have lots of fluid, 6 - 8 glasses, to wash away the eliminated toxins and reduce the taxing on the liver and kidney. Certain juices maybe good for certain body type and ailments. Coconut water is very good, and a complete meal.

Fasting means to eat healthy, low carb diet, fresh fruits and vegetables, nuts, protein, healthy food, which is essentially called a "Sattvic" diet in Ayurveda.
It's not a to starve yourself to please a God. Ancient teachers linked it to God, like Tuesday for Hanuman, etc. so that people would fast. Starving yourself is not good. Now fasting has become ritualistic and dogmatic without people understanding the true meaning behind it.
A lot of people will eat unhealthy food as mentioned by Sri Sri. Nowadays you see a lot of detox diets. That's exactly what the ancient method of fasting was. If we can't practice the ancient methods correctly and they have become corrupted let's follow the new modern scientific method which is essentially "Punarnava" the old method renewed.

It was said that we should fast on the elevanth day of the lunar month, "Ekadashi." Why? Because certain cronic ailments peek either on no moon night or full moon night.If we eat a detox diet three days prior to the no moon or full moon night, our ailments will be reduced because it takes three days for that to reach all the cells of the body. It is very scientific.
The human body is a good conductor of life force energy, prana. When the cells are not burdened by digesting food, the cells then turn to conducting more energy and can survive on it. It raises the energy Prana in us. This is why having a light stomach is good for meditation as well.

Navratri is a good time to do a complete detox of the enter system. Fasting is a good time to do complete cleansing on all levels - it's not just refraining from food, but to be in a pure state of being. It is to raise the Sattva (purity), remove impurities (Tamas) and imbibe good qualities (Rajas). There's no point in not eating, yet being angry, or worried, or doing non-sattvik things.

Purifying on body level through yoga, fasting (detox). It is good to fast for at least 3 days because it takes that much time to be cleansed down to the cellular level. It's the same in Ayurveda's Panchakarma.
On the breath level through Pranayama; on the mind level by turning the senses inwards, showing restraint on our speech, and keeping the senses in check. Purifying emotions through devotion, Puja, Kirtan/Satsang. Keeping the intellect engaged in spiritual knowledge. All the detox/purification makes it easy for us to be in awareness and meditation goes much deeper.

This gives all our levels of existence deep rest and rejuvination. It's a good time to go to a spiritual retreat for a few days or to an Ayurvedic Panchakarma. Fasting and spiritual pracitices during Navratri, Ramadan, Pentacost, were meant for yearly detox. So if we do this during Navratri then we will be renewed by Dussera!