Tuesday, November 22, 2016

I am a World Citizen!

We are not only world citizens of the human race, we are members of the intergalactic family of beings amongst the many star races in this creation.

The separation of yours and mine is very detrimental in our primary identity as humans.
Your country, your religion, your culture, your...your...your and me, mine, my. Why?

We were born free. Born without identity and labels. This whole world and this entire creation is ours.
When you were born did you know if you were Pakistani or Indian or American? Muslim or Hindu or Christian?
So many labels stuck on your chest, so many layers of identities have chained you. You have put on a heavy armor that can't be penetrated.
Living on islands of self-identity we have become separate from each other.


Yes, I was born as an Indian and a Hindu in this life. These identities serve a certain purpose when functioning in this world. It is necessary. But it is NOT to separate us from each other.

Look into my eyes - do you see a soul or an Indian Hindu?
Connect with my heart - what do you feel? A love that is beautiful - or a Hindu, Indian, woman?

Come on! Drop these labels, identities, limitations.
Be a free spirit as you are!
Roam this universe in your soul suit - drop all exterior coverings.

When will we wake up?
If we can't even be humans, world citizens how can we ever evolve to members of the intergalactic family?
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Saturday, November 19, 2016

Healing yourself

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Expressing is healing. 
Writing is cathartic. 
If I can't express I feel choked and suffocated. 
Expressing the inexpressible. 
Communicating the feel. 
Releasing into the infinite - waiting for the universe to respond.
Dissolving and disappearing. Emptying myself. 
Then the Higher Self rises in me...
And all that came before becomes irrelevant


There is a distinct difference now between the emotional self and the detached Self.

A healer is not allowed to get hurt. Not allowed to get attached.

Love needs to learn the skill of expression, of restraint, of the maturity to give the other one space and independence.

I feel the pull into the emotional drama, it's like quicksand. If I take the bait it becomes a soup of emotional thoughts and sensations. Earlier I was weak and could easily fall into this melodrama of Maya. Thoughts would run through the passages of past impressions. So strong are these past experiences and tendencies. It is hard to cut the flow of these incessant thought patterns.
Even though I see myself falling prey to these stupid delusional thoughts, I fall...

Now I can see the distinct difference between my emotional illusionary self and the true Self. Even if I get sucked into the limiting emotions of hurt or pain, I am usually able to axe the tendency to fall into emotion using the effort of awareness. Retraining the mind.

The question is why do I create these emotions in the first place? I manifest my own drama, create my own reality. From past experiences of rejection, dejection, non-reciprocation, hurt, pain, or lack of self-worth, I imagine the past repeating, which is untrue, then these ill-thoughts create the same situation, and perpetuate my own suffering. How do I get out of this cycle of illusions? Free myself from this limited self and imaginary reality spun by my mind. I am tired! :(

There is so much peace in being non-attached. To serve from detachment. To love from dispassion. There is no entanglement. Peace like the infinite space. Love like the infinite nature. You see attachment bring misery. We are free beings. Our higher selves float in the infinite expanse of space without attachment or emotions. Just pure love.

I just want to be that Love. I just want to be my True Self always. I want to fly through the galaxies smiling like a little girl holding the hand of my friend and co-traveller. Experience existence together. Such bliss! Only through this passage comes the knowing that I am that vast expanse...

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Chahe jo tumhe pure dil se
Milata hai vo mushkil se
Aisa koi jo kahin hai
Bus vohi sabase haseen hai
Uss haanth ko...tum thaam lo
Vo meherbaa...kal ho na ho
...Har pal yaha ji bhar jiyo...jo hai samaa...Kal ho na ho...

Har ghadi badal rahi hai roop zindagi...chaav hai kabhi..kabhi hai dhoop zindagi..
...Har pal yaha ji bhar jiyo...jo hai samaa...Kal ho na ho...

A Relationship

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A Relationship. 
A one-way relationship, just taking or giving makes it limited. 
Based on desires and expectations makes it suffocate. 

Based on attachment makes it painful. 

It is sharing that makes it beautiful. 

An equal balance of love and respect makes it perfect. 
Giving each other space and independence makes it mature. 
Accepting the other as they are, loving them inspite of what they are makes it unconditional. 

Image result for friends kids holding handsEven if there is one person in this world that you can share with, from your heart, without hesitation - be grateful! 

Our greatest asset is the amount of love we have shared. Isn't it? 

Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Your own evolution is the greatest service to humanity

Recently someone who read my article on in5d.com sent me a book by David Hawkins titled, "Power vs Force." This is based on a method of muscle testing called kinesiology.

I did browse through the book because he had told me what level of consciousness he thought I was at. David Hawkins has come up with the following levels of consciousness:

  1. Energy level 20: Shame
  2. Level 30: Guilt
  3. Level 50: Apathy
  4. Level 75: Grief
  5. Level 100: Fear
  6. Level 125: Desire
  7. Level 150: Anger
  8. Level 175: Pride
  9. Level 200: Courage
  10. Level 250: Neutrality
  11. Level 310, Willingness
  12. Level 350, Acceptance
  13. Level 400, Reason
  14. Level 500, Love
  15. Level 540, Joy
  16. Level 600, Peace
  17. Levels 700-1,000, Enlightenment
He says, "85% of the race is below the critical level of 200" ! And, "only 0.4% of the world's population calibrates at an energy field of 500 or over, a level of consciousness calibrating at 600 or over is reached by only one in ten million."

What was interesting is the following chart:
One individual at level 700
counter balances
70 million individuals below level 200
One individual at level 600
counter balances
10 million individuals below level 200
One individual at level 500
counter balances
750,000 individuals below level 200
One individual at level 400
counter balances
400,000 individuals below level 200
One individual at level 300
counter balances
90,000 individuals below level 200
Twelve individuals at level 700
one Avatar at 1,000
Once you remove the cloth covering the powerhouse of infinite light within you - you will radiate immense Peace and Love into this world. 
Our own evolution and enlightenment is our biggest service to mankind.

Thursday, June 16, 2016

"So-hum" and "Ham-sa" - Balancing Duality

Sanskrit, and Hebrew, are energy based languages first, then meaning based. What does that mean? Each sound vibration carries an energy signature that conducts a certain effect in the physical and subtle realms. Therefore Mantras are energy formulas. Russian scientist have proven that these affect the "junk" DNA. These vibrations are already in creation so Sanskrit sounds were picked up by ancient Seers, "Rishis". The sound also describes the "feel".

"So-hum" and "Hum-sa" are mantras with a deeper meaning. The left nostril represents "So/Sa" for the Ida nadi, for Soma, the moon, 'Yin', the feminine energy, and one side of duality. The right nostril is associated with "Hum" for the Pingala nadi, for the sun, 'Yang', the masculine principle, and the other side of duality. 

In alternate nostril breathing, we start from the nostril that is open. If we start with the left nostril and exhale from right nostril then the mantra "So-hum". And if we start with the right nostril and exhale through the left nostril it's "Hum-sa". 

Balancing both Nadis, brings perfect balance in duality, closes their separation and results in their union, 'Yog'; only then can we transcend duality brings union, yoga. 

Tuesday, June 14, 2016

From Religion to New Age Spirituality

Many are talking about moving from religion to spirituality. Religion is being viewed as dogmatic, corrupted, divisive; and may have a person stuck in delusion, limiting concept and beliefs. Same can be held true for spiritual organizations and Guru following.

Breaking down these structures from the past, a new model is emerging where there is no need for a middle-man or organized religion. It is the new age of spirituality, of the direct experience of spirit. There is more of a peer-ship, rather than a hierarchical structure of master and disciples. There is a network of evolved souls, in a global community, and an alliance of teachers.

In this shift, there is a new form of delusion, Maya, coming up. There are new theories, concepts, beliefs, new age communities, terminologies, methods, culture, and so on. So it's like going from one bubble (religion) to another bubble (spirituality). There are so many people who have become spiritual healers, clairvoyants, channel mediums, teachers, authors, and so on, either through self-evolution or learnt. Tons of info from these spiritual practitioners is available, thanks to the internet.

A lot of times the info from one spiritual intuitive/clairvoyant can conflict with another's. There are conspiracy theories, counter conspiracy theories, one spiritual teacher suspecting another as 'dark', and so on. It can get very confusing and spiritual aspirants venturing out into this new age spiritual community can get lost, go astray, be harmed, and fall into another form of 'new age religion'.

One can have his/her own spiritual experiences which are hard to discern from imagination, and often hard to interpret or understand. And if other spiritual teachers are consulted, the interpretations from one can be different from another. The guidance for spiritual development is relatively not as consistent as it was under the religion one followed, it now differs from one spiritual teacher to another.

A lot of this new age spirituality is a renewal of ancient mysticism, knowledge, and methods. In its efforts to revive authentic spiritual evolution, the new age spiritual community is going through a churning process. Till the waters settle, one needs a lot of discernment, wisdom, and personal spiritual evolution.
Though all the answers lie within, though one needs guidance along the way. The direct experience of divinity, i.e. mysticism, is ancient and eternal. I have had to do a lot of digging, assimilating, and reflecting myself. I've been fortunate enough to get some insights and answers within.

We are all in this journey together, at this time, on this planet. I pray, may we move towards Love & Light.

Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Twelve strand DNA, Ascended Masters, Merkaba - some reflections

In the New Age community, there is much talk about activating your twelve strand DNA or our cells will transform from two strand to twelve. Hmmm :)

So I pondered on this. What came to me is this. Like our physical three-dimensional body has the double helix, two strand DNA. Similarly, our other subtle bodies also have subtle DNAs as a blueprint for those bodies. They may be different in structure. So for example, the physical body has physical DNA, the light body has light DNA, and so for our other bodies or layers of existence. These other bodies, subtle, causal, astral, etheric, and so on already exist, but we are not able to see them or be able to access them. As we ascend and move on to becoming expanded into these outer layers, so will our DNA be revealed. It is already there.

Similarly many ascended masters, yogis, Siddhas, already exist, but we can't see them because they are vibrating much higher and exist in their subtle bodies. Perhaps when we are sleeping, in the astral realm we will see them, or when we meditate and our consciousness is in higher states we can feel their presence, or see them vaguely within. So as our consciousness awakens and we rise to their level of vibrations they will become visible to us. Not that they will make themselves visible like many people say. Consequently, people vibrating at lower energies will not be able to see us, if we have gone beyond their bandwidth of physical vision, just like they don't understand us today when we talk knowledge beyond their bandwidth of understanding.

The Merkaba light vehicle is something a light body can weave around itself, so it's like an organic structure. Think of it like a silk worm, caterpillar or light fly weaving a physical chrysalis around itself. So this light sheath can be woven before moving through physical space or dimensions, and then unwoven once the destination is reached. Sort of what Starship Enterprise would weave around itself before going into light speed :)

These are my inner reflections...

Love & Light

Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Vibrations Heal and Elevate Consciousness

"Empower yourself through the use of your voice. Using the sacred sounds you’re going to entrain your physical body, every cell of your being to these sacred chants, which elevates consciousness. When you entrain to these sounds then you become the instrument, your vibrations resonate throughout your body, and elevates consciousness and can heal the physical body. That’s why sacred chanting is done, because then you are the vessel, for those sacred sounds. That’s what the words atonement and attunement have to do with sacred sound. To atone for one’s sins [Vasanas] is really to break free of remnant vibrations that you have been living in, that’s labelled as sin, and all it is - is a frequency state. Once you atone and let go of that, you’re bringing yourself back into an attunement with God, and you are resonating differently. And once you become a vessel and use your voice you are now vibrating, not only every cell of your being, but you’re also bringing your brain into a different brain wave frequency. The EEG goes from Beta, to Alpha to Theta. The slower the brain operates the more we have access to it. And those are the expanded states of consciousness and awareness. The slower the brain operates the more capacity it has, so when it slows down to between 8 – 12 Hz (cycles) per second that’s Alpha state, above 12 Hz is Beta, which is our normal state of operating, up to about 30 Hz. So if you drop below this you go into meditative states and even lower into [Theta and Delta] expanded states of consciousness." 
This is my favorite message from my Shaman, Steven Pawlak.
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Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Lakshmi – the anthropomorphized principle of Unconditional Love

Who is Lakshmi? I asked. The answer was an experience of immense universal love enveloping me. That unconditional love is also very personal for me. Because humans can interact with a personal embodiment of that universal love, we have Lakshmi - with whom I feel a deep heart connection. She is personified as a divine mother who always provides because she loves. As I look around now I see everything provided to me because of that love. And she also comes to me through others, my mother, friends...those who provide so much to me because of that same love. Lakshmi Taam padmini-mim sharanam-aham pra-padhye!

I have found the true answers coming from direct experience as realizations. Intellectual answers are limited and can be wrong. 
The answer is for me at this time. If either variable changes the answer can be different. 
The answer is what I need and can understand at this time. For someone else it may be different. In the past would have been different in the future the answer could perhaps be what more I can understand then, and my need at that time. So for each one its custom tailored by supreme consciousness.