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"अमानित्वं" (BG 13.7) - "भावो मानित्वं आत्मनः श्लाधनं तदभावः अमानित्वं" (Sh.)
"अदम्भितवं" (BG 13.7)  - "स्वधर्म प्रकटी करणं दम्भितवं तदभावः अदम्भितवं" (Sh.)

It is necessary to have clarity and discrimination to distinguish between ego and humility.

Humility is an attitude, subtler than even a feeling. It is very refined, you need to have keen sensitivity to see it.
A child who expresses happiness to his friends and family in completing a beautiful painting isn't a display of ego, but an innocent, humble expression of joy.

Humility is being natural, it comes from your innermost nature, the Self. Whereas ego comes from a sense of being a separate identity, "I", "my", and "mine".
If the same painting was shown to others with an attitude of "I did this", in wanting recognition, then it is a desire to pamper the ego.

Now suppose you don't want to be egoistic, or display pride, seem egoistic to others and want to be a humble person, so you deliberately hide your joy and fulfillment. Is that being humble? No.
You can't make an effort at being humble, either you are or you aren't, simple! It can't come with effort. Humility has to be your nature, and it is your true nature once you realize this. It is ego that makes an effort.
It takes a keen intellect to see the distinction between humility and "I"-ness.

How about if you are a private person, shy about showing your painting to others because you like to keep things to yourself and don't feel as though you are a part of everyone else. Is shyness a sign of humility? No. It comes from a feeling of separation from others, which is individuality; me and others.
Love is when you consider others as your own. Where there is love there can be no ego.

The obvious display of ego is showing off to others, arrogance, pride, selfish, self-centeredness, considering the other lower than you, and thinking you are higher than the other, and so on. Ego means a sense of "I", the ignorance that each one is a separate identity composed of body, mind, intellect. Ignorance of your true nature makes us think that there are many individual identities.
A person who is humble always has an attitude of service towards others, love for all, harms none, has a willingness to learn, and most of all has faith and reverence in the Supreme. A liberated soul sees all as one, like cells in the body of God.

Can there be ego about virtues you possess? "I am so giving," or "Oh! I'm so humble" - now that's an oxymoron! Need to distinguish between the "I am..." and the virtue. Where do virtues originate from? The Self. All virtues are inherent in consciousness. You can never attain a virtue because they are already your true nature. We just need to purify ourselves of all that blocks them from shining.
Humility is in knowing that virtues are universal to all, and originate from the Supreme Source.
Look, examine, and see the distinction between the idea of who "I" is, and what your true nature is. That is "Vivek" - discriminatory wisdom.

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Sunday, January 28, 2018

Knowledge from higher Self

In the past life regression technique by Dolores Cannon, a person goes into a Theta brainwave state. This is the slower brainwave frequency of the Subconscious Mind.

In this technique, a person's conscious mind is subdued, like when you are in a dream state. It is also possible for a deeper or higher level to emerge, depending on how you look at it. This is the soul level, or what some call the Higher Self.
The higher Self that exists between lifetimes, and is always present as a layer of existence, can be invoked by the past life regression therapist.
The therapist can then address the higher Self and ask questions, or interact with it.

As I'm a certified therapist from the Dolores Cannon institute I lead past life regression sessions for people.
In one of the sessions, after processing a couple of lifetimes, I asked, "Where are you now? What's happening"
The person said, "I am the sun, I am the river, I am the tree, I am the flower, ..."
I realized this was a state of Oneness.

The person then went through a spiral (perhaps a wormhole) and was in a vast nothingness, void, and expanse.
When I realized that this person has now transcended, I started addressing the Higher Self (HS).

Me: "What knowledge or message would you like to give for this person's present life, that will help."
To my amazement, the reply from this person's Higher Self (HS) was: There is no such thing as life!

Me: Then what is this body and mind that we function through which we call life?
HS: It is hard to explain. It is like strings. It is endless.

Me: What are these strings? Souls?
HS: Hmm, yes.

Me: Then what is life? Is it an illusion?
HS: They are like reflections of each string. They are real, not an illusion. These strings are very bright. Each one is like a sun.

Me: What is reality? What is truth?
HS: The truth is that it's endless.

Me: What is the purpose of this? Is there a purpose or is it like a painting, without purpose, or is it just happening?
HS: There is a purpose. It is hard to say what the purpose is.

Me; Where are all these strings? Is there a Oneness of all that is? What are all these strings enclosed in?
HS: There is only energy. A vast expanse.

After a few more Q&A I asked if the higher Self had anything more to say or should it now recede.
As I started bringing the person back to present and integrating the personality back into the body, the higher Self still seemed to remain while her conscious mind was returning.
She said she could feel my presence and tremendous warmth or heat coming from me. I realized that the higher Self was still present as she had extrasensory perception.
She later told me that it was as though she was another person and separate from the body and personality. When I took her name it was as though she had to remember that was her.
So I proceeded to again thank the Higher Self and requested it to recede and let the personality fully integrate back into the person.
When she was fully back as her individual self, she felt very refreshed and wonderful.

After the session, it was good to hear that she felt healing from the issue she had, and later when I checked on her she said that she hasn't felt this good in a long time.

Sunday, January 14, 2018

Tyiba - Pure - Pavitra - Pak

Recently I had the opportunity to discover the meaning of 'pure'. I met a person whose name is Tyiba, and upon inquiring, she said "Tyiba", is Arabic for 'pure'.

Hmm, so I wondered, what does 'pure' truly mean? 

Purity of body...
Purity of mind, pure thoughts...
Purity of heart, pure feelings...
Atma (consciousness) is forever pure.

I asked Tyiba what 'pure' means to her. She said, "As per my intuition is concerned, I can say pure means free from discordant qualities, having no faults."

Yes, that's right. But then what are those qualities? And how do we define what is a 'fault'?

Sattva, is one of the three elements of nature that is denoted by purity. 
"Sattva binds one to happiness; rajas conditions the being toward actions; and tamas clouds wisdom and binds one to delusion." (Geeta, 14 / 9)

"Amongst these, sattva guṇa, the mode of goodness, being purer than the others, is illuminating and full of well-being. O sinless one, it binds the soul by creating attachment for a sense of happiness and knowledge." (Geeta, 14 / 6)
"When all the gates of the body are illumined by wisdom, know it to be a manifestation of the Sattva", (Geeta, 14/11)

On reflecting more, I felt that a pure state is more than just Sattva. 
It is a state that transcends all three gunas. A stainless state that can only be divine.

When we take anything higher, towards divinity, or offer it to the divine, or becomes divine, then it's purified, or 'pure'. 

For example, love. When we have emotional love for another, it is imperfect, impure. But when we take that love higher towards that One Supreme, it becomes divine love, pure. 
And even further, when we experience that peace, love, and bliss within us, as our own true nature, as the quality of our consciousness, it is pure love.  

In the Vedic tradition, fire symbolizes the Atma (consciousness), and everything that is offered into it, or passes through it, becomes purified. The color orange that you see Vedic monks (Swamis) wearing symbolizes that purifying fire (consciousness) that has purified them. 

Emotions are purified by Devotion purifies emotions. 
Intellect is purified by spiritual Knowledge. 
Breath is purified by Pranayam. 
Body is purified by detoxification. 
Meditation purifies the subconscious mind. 
Beneficial and positive thoughts, feelings, are pure. 
When we offer our desires to the divine as prayer, they become purified. 
All this purification ultimately leads us to our divine Self. 

So the conclusion I came to is this:

That which originates from consciousness (Atma) is pure. When anything comes from individual ego, mind, or ignorance it is impure. 
When our thoughts and feelings come from the soul they are always pure.
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Monday, December 4, 2017

the Being beyond Behavior


The curtain between you and me is our personality.
Our behavior, our emotions, our style, our likes and dislikes, our drama.
The mask we wear, that has stuck to our real face.

What if...
you could play with the mask
What if...
you could choose and change your masks
What if...
you could pick and play with your personality

I my mind's eye
how easily I could choose my behavior
how I could change how I act at will
I saw...within my mind
how I am an actor with my character
how trivial superficial it is to my Being

Then I...
had a good laugh...hahaha...this is so much fun!
Then I...
saw my true nature behind the character, alak niranjan!

The sun always shines, with millions of rays being its expression
Still remains the One Sun.
That brilliant sun - the still the steady

Even saints and Avatars have had a personality. No one has been perfect in words and behavior.
Why judge? Yourself and others...
Look beyond behavior to the Being.
Trestle: Intermediate Masks

Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Gita Chapter 15 with Vinita

Purushuttam Yoga - knowledege of Jiva, Jagat and Ishvar. Individual soul, creation, and God (consciousness).

Sunday, June 25, 2017