Thursday, March 28, 2019

Thursday, March 21, 2019

Katha/Katho Upanishad session 1

Katha/Katho Upanishad is a beautiful story of a seeker, Nachiketa, who inquires on the nature of death and beyond from Yama, the Lord of death. A true seeker of truth always seeks the knowledge on immortality.

Here is the first session of five sessions on Katha Upanishad.
Om Sri Gurubhyoh Namah, Harih Om!

Thursday, January 10, 2019

I'm a kaleidoscope

Myriads of layers of my kaleidoscope
Unveil colors of my expressions
Not knowing some I allow them to surface
Many still hidden in the depths of my soul
My surprise at my emotions, my attachments
For long gone I thought they were
For I'd dashed into the stars, dived into the ocean
Yet more clearings need to be done.
But how?

Thursday, December 20, 2018

Trusting Divine Realities

Our most significant change comes when we expand from the physical to subtler realities. Many layers of coverings have to be removed to dive deeper into these realms. Trust is a requirement. The inner sense develops as and when one evolves. Evolution towards purity, love, peace, and bliss. Make a vow to serve all, make an intention to love unconditionally. Make an effort to say no to your negative tendencies. Fear not, as fear keeps you in darker realms. Love is light. The passage into the eternal realms is through the heart. Vaikunth is in the heart.
Once the realities of the subtler realms start dawning, they influence your life more and more. Trust your inner voice, and the voices that speak to you, they are the voices of your higher Self and the masters that guide you.
The physical world and its mechanics becomes a theatre to watch. There is a greater reality from which you observe with love and detachment. Be wary of fear and attachment as they draw you into the drama and you lose your sense of Self. The veil of ignorance separates you from your Self. The mind transitions between the impermanent reality of the physical world, which is so seductive, and the transcendental realities of the higher realms. Vanquishing the desires related to this world, with the desire to attain Truth, slowly, with mental discipline, the mind melts into expanded consciousness. There is a letting go and the gravity of bondage with the world dissipates.
As the residue of accumulated imprints, tendencies and Karm are consumed by the rising fire of consciousness, we become purer. We are able to hold the awareness of our higher Self for longer periods of time. The personality or 'character' in the drama stays at the surface, but one acts through the real Self.
The more you surrender to the Higher, Self or Supreme, the more the Grace descends onto you.
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Sunday, November 25, 2018

Be the Conduit of Love

Being a conduit of the Supreme's love for all is the biggest blessing. You simply have to ask to be an instrument. Make an intention to attain unconditional love. That's what you have come for. To share. To be there for others in need. So sign up to be a volunteer of God's work on earth. The divine reality is a miracle, our cognizant mind can't comprehend it. So surrender the mind. Let there be only the flow of the Supreme's love through your being. The ego will dissolve, there will be no separation between you and others. When you function from what's the highest good for mankind, is when the miracle starts happening. The wheels of the divine force start turning from your core. You become one with that divine reality.

Our addiction to the false reality and the delusional temporary gratification on the material physical plane keeps us trapped and robbed of our eternal bliss. When in fact, once that we reclaim our permanent state of bliss, for that is the nature of our Atma, we can engage in the material world through our physical bodies appropriately without negative consequences.

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Friday, November 9, 2018

Fill yourself with light: You Are Light

Avatar is the awakening of consciousness within. When the real form of the divine Self arises it is the birth of an Avatar consciousness. The new generation of species is here to stay. The pure form arising out of the mortal structures that have finally been nullified of Karm. From the lotus of the heart blossoms the Self. To reclaim our birthright to evolve into spirit bright we must first make an intention. That is the secret to triggering a chain reaction in remembrance of our true eternal nature, vast yet asleep. Without much doing, like nature does to a fetus, the impetus to this metamorphosis into your true being will be set off. Being nothing and completely surrendered to nature, you will be carried forth with Grace to your final destination. Sometimes you will be surprised and fascinated by your own transformation.
That divine golden light will descend to fill your being. You simply need to let the light in and fill yourself with light. On its own course, a great transformation will take place, your own body will start feeling lighter. You will feel yourself more as energy than just the physical body. At will you would shift your awareness to yourself as energy and light. As light becomes your being, you will sense a change in your being. Lighter as a body, you will become a body of light. The identity of who you are has now shifted. Not just body, not just are light!

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Wednesday, October 31, 2018

A Call to Purify

Destroy, remove all darkness, let it leave you. Rise higher to pure light, love, and the higher vibrations of consciousness.
All the heaviness that weighs you down, let it be, disconnect. Know that you are That pure divine consciousness. Be with it, always.
It is your time to realize and remember who you truly are. We have come to wake you up. As friends wake up, nudging their friends to wake up from this deep slumber, there is a shift in consciousness.
A new world is arising and emerging.
Which world do you identify with, which world do you vibrate with? One is of darkness and ignorance. It was the world you were fighting with, disagreeing with, and felt you didn't fit in. The new world is the one where you take a sigh of relief, where things are in harmony and you resonate with it. It is in line with divine light, and that light shines through you as though you become a pillar of that light of consciousness, and it flows through you as you become a channel and medium like a hollow flute.
Remembering who you are and kindling the light of consciousness in the heart of your soul, all illusionary unreal impurities and limitations break away and decimate. It is as though a metal armor gets broken into pieces and gets shattered. From within emerges a divine body of light. Very much like the metamorphosis from a caterpillar's chrysalis into a beautiful butterfly.

You will start to feel yourself more as an energy body, rather than just a physical body, breath and mind. You will feel light and pure. That awareness of your higher existence as consciousness and bliss will become long-lasting. You will start operating in a vast new field of experiences.
Has this already started happening to you?
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