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3. Bhagavad Gita Ch 2 and Ch 3

Session 3 - with Vinita

1. Summary of previous sessions.
2. Gita Ch 2 verses 54-72
3. Gita Ch 3


Thursday, January 26, 2017

Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Hindus are Not "non-believers". Pls do Not kill or convert.

Hinduism not only believes in One God (Ishvar), but that our soul (Atma) is also the same substance, as that One God. Like the wave and the ocean.
It says that the goal of life is to experience that union with God (Moksh).

It's not that we need to become divine, but remove the obstacles that stand between the idea of "I" and the true bigger Self. 
Karm and Vasanas are these obstacles. 
Vasanas are the tendencies, impressions, and patterns that keep us in a cage of limitations. 
Karm and Vasanas are caused by the ignorance of our true divine nature, Oneness with the creator, and our separation from the whole. We come to believe that we are this limited mind and body.
This is the philosophy of the Vedas.

The methodology of the Gita and Vedas to remove these obstacles is through the process of purification, calmness, clarity, knowledge and the experience of our soul. This is true Yoga. 
Then we can evolve and attain liberation from misery and become our unlimited blissful Self! Then That higher Self flows through the apparatus of mind/body as it's meant to. Not that we function from the ignorant, limited, and separate mind/body personality.

Most other religions do not talk about 'Atma' (soul consciousness), and it's oneness with the eternal infinite consciousness, 'Brahman'. Nor do other religions talk about 'Moksh' (liberation/enlightenment). Most religions separate God, nature, and the individual. Even though God is everything, they don't emphasize that the individual is God as well. 

The enlightened masters of the Vedas realized that not only is there One consciousness but that we are also That (Brahman). Therefore God consciousness and I are not two. Non-duality. 
I can say, "I am God consciousness." It's not blasphemy as in Judaism, Christianity or Islam.
I was telling a Christian pastor that in Hinduism, the Vedas say enlightenment is the purpose of life. Enlightenment is becoming one with that eternal soul (Atma) that is the same as the eternal God consciousness (Brahman). That is to become God. He stared at me because that's foreign to Christianity and other religions where it would be called blasphemy. Right?
Jesus was stoned by the Jews for saying, "I and the Father are One." But a Christian can't say the same.

The mystics of Islam (Sufis), Judaism (Kabbalah), and Christianity (Gnostics) expressed the experience of the union with the divine.
The Sufi mystic, Mansur Al-Hajjaj, was killed for saying he is God because he experienced that beautiful union with the divine. A grand experience! How could he deny it?

Enlightenment is expounded upon a great deal in Sanatan Dharm (Hinduism) because the people who studied it were highly intellectual. Like the Egyptians and their knowledge. In other parts of the world where people were illiterate and simple, they were taught some basic principles, values, and that there is One God. The highest knowledge, the mystical knowledge, was given to few selected evolved followers, in that enlightenment was disclosed. Like Jesus taught Thomas in the Gnostic Gospel of Thomas, that was removed from Bible by Constantine and only now it's been found. Jesus used to meditate at sunrise and sunset. Prophet Mohammad used to meditate. I had investigated this when I was a teenager with an angst to know the truth.

Also, Sanatan Dharm (Hinduism) doesn't have just one source of input for it's vast knowledge, like Jesus or Prophet Mohammad.
It is a conglomerate of all truthful messengers, philosophies, methodologies. The enlightened Rishis who channeled the Vedas from highest Consciousness lived worldwide. The Vedas say, truth is one but expressed by various truthful, enlightened messengers using different languages and terms over time and place.
That is why it has added all spiritual masters to its expanding plethora of knowledge over time. Even the atheistic philosophies was added because it gives space for all to grow.
Buddha was added as an Avatar. Buddhism was added as atheistic philosophy because Buddha said there is no God or Soul.
Jesus was added as Isa Masiha (Messenger of God), when Saint Thomas brought Christianity to Bharat (India).
Prophet Mohammad was not added because the Muslims first came as conquerors converting and killing Hindu "non-believers". If the Sufi saints or Imams had come first, then Prohphet Mohammad and Holy Quran would've also been added.

As we move forward we will have to transcend our limited belief systems and accept truth from all sources. We will have to realize the new and revised version of religions that have all been distorted. Killing and converting of "non-believers" is wrong.
This is very important to know, to expand our limited understanding and limiting ourselves by a religion. 
We need to transcend "religion" and go back to universal wisdom and values. 

Sunday, January 1, 2017

The New Earth - a New Year's Message

Spending a lot of time in bed recovering from cold and fever, thinking...
I feel we are on the brink of separating into two parallel worlds. The polarity is increasing. The negativity of fear and violence will accelerate. At some point, very soon, the people on the light side, i.e., of compassion and peaceful co-existence, will quit trying to reform the dark side and form a new World in parallel. When we talk about positive things like peace and love, we are in another world of a higher vibration. Whenever we raise our vibrations through awareness, meditation, healing, clairvoyance, intuition, then we are in a better world of higher vibrations.
So it is as though two worlds are co-existing here, of opposite polarity. The negative and the positive.

There are only two ways forward; reform or destruction. The earth cannot sustain any more violence.
We are on the brink of WWIII.
Everywhere I look, control and extremism are growing and infiltrating.
I have been frustrated at times, trying to bring out the real truth hidden behind the show. By joining others' voices against the falsehood, lies, control by the elite and evil doers. There is so much that is dark that it is over-whelming. Whenever I engage myself in being the voice against the darkness I've seen my own vibrations get dragged down. Then I have to balance my energy by assimilating with the light and love. It seems a vast majority of the earth is in deep darkness.
At the same time, a small percentage of people are rapidly evolving into higher states of consciousness. They are established in love, forgiveness, service and wisdom.

So now I have more clarity on what's coming.
The spiritual communities, and "seers" I am in touch with have been predicting these parallel two worlds. Soon after these thoughts came to me, I experience synchronicity of seeing a post on Dolores Cannon's book, "New Earth," and another post on some channeler talking about a new earth emerging. It is like birthing a new planet, or like cell division.

Once I had a vision of this new earth. I saw the atmosphere of the earth in a pale green color. It was of a higher dimension, like an astral being, not the physical 3D world we have. I was shown how I go in and out of that dimension as I meditate, or whenever I'm in a higher state of consciousness. I saw many people going in and out of this dimension and some established there.

The messaging today was clear. I need to abandon the ship that can't be rescued. I need to jump onto the ship that's being built. I have to focus on building this new ship with the pillars of truth, light, compassion, service, peaceful co-existence, non-violence, cooperation, and wisdom. I see it becoming a reality, All the people who are in positive vibrations of love are already in the new earth that is superimposed on the old earth. We must not get caught up with the fear and destruction of the old earth. We need to cut off, break off, so that the new earth breaks free.

So this new year I am quitting on reforming and focusing on forming the new Earth by raising my vibration and choosing to engage in positive vibrations rather than getting entangled in the negativity of the old earth.
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Tuesday, November 22, 2016

I am a World Citizen!

We are not only world citizens of the human race, we are members of the intergalactic family of beings amongst the many star races in this creation.

The separation of yours and mine is very detrimental in our primary identity as humans.
Your country, your religion, your culture, your...your...your and me, mine, my. Why?

We were born free. Born without identity and labels. This whole world and this entire creation is ours.
When you were born did you know if you were Pakistani or Indian or American? Muslim or Hindu or Christian?
So many labels stuck on your chest, so many layers of identities have chained you. You have put on a heavy armor that can't be penetrated.
Living on islands of self-identity we have become separate from each other.


Yes, I was born as an Indian and a Hindu in this life. These identities serve a certain purpose when functioning in this world. It is necessary. But it is NOT to separate us from each other.

Look into my eyes - do you see a soul or an Indian Hindu?
Connect with my heart - what do you feel? A love that is beautiful - or a Hindu, Indian, woman?

Come on! Drop these labels, identities, limitations.
Be a free spirit as you are!
Roam this universe in your soul suit - drop all exterior coverings.

When will we wake up?
If we can't even be humans, world citizens how can we ever evolve to members of the intergalactic family?
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Saturday, November 19, 2016

Healing yourself

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Expressing is healing. 
Writing is cathartic. 
If I can't express I feel choked and suffocated. 
Expressing the inexpressible. 
Communicating the feel. 
Releasing into the infinite - waiting for the universe to respond.
Dissolving and disappearing. Emptying myself. 
Then the Higher Self rises in me...
And all that came before becomes irrelevant


There is a distinct difference now between the emotional self and the detached Self.

A healer is not allowed to get hurt. Not allowed to get attached.

Love needs to learn the skill of expression, of restraint, of the maturity to give the other one space and independence.

I feel the pull into the emotional drama, it's like quicksand. If I take the bait it becomes a soup of emotional thoughts and sensations. Earlier I was weak and could easily fall into this melodrama of Maya. Thoughts would run through the passages of past impressions. So strong are these past experiences and tendencies. It is hard to cut the flow of these incessant thought patterns.
Even though I see myself falling prey to these stupid delusional thoughts, I fall...

Now I can see the distinct difference between my emotional illusionary self and the true Self. Even if I get sucked into the limiting emotions of hurt or pain, I am usually able to axe the tendency to fall into emotion using the effort of awareness. Retraining the mind.

The question is why do I create these emotions in the first place? I manifest my own drama, create my own reality. From past experiences of rejection, dejection, non-reciprocation, hurt, pain, or lack of self-worth, I imagine the past repeating. Then these ill-thoughts create the same situation and perpetuate my own suffering. How do I get out of this cycle of illusions? How do I free myself from this limited self and imaginary reality spun by my mind?

There is so much peace in being non-attached. To serve from detachment. To love from dispassion. There is no entanglement. There is peace as expanded space, love as this infinite nature. You see attachment bring misery. We are free beings. Our higher selves float in the infinite expanse of space without attachment or emotions. Just pure love.

I just want to be that Love. I just want to be my True Self always. I want to fly through the galaxies smiling like a little girl holding hands with a true friend and co-traveller. Experiencing existence together. Such bliss! Only through this passage comes the knowing that I am that vast expanse...

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Chahe jo tumhe pure dil se
Milata hai vo mushkil se
Aisa koi jo kahin hai
Bus vohi sabase haseen hai
Uss haanth ko...tum thaam lo
Vo meherbaa...kal ho na ho
...Har pal yaha ji bhar hai samaa...Kal ho na ho...

Har ghadi badal rahi hai roop zindagi...chaav hai kabhi..kabhi hai dhoop zindagi..
...Har pal yaha ji bhar hai samaa...Kal ho na ho...