Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Revelation vs Ego

It is very easy for even an elevated soul on earth to get tempted and fall to the ego.
Initially an advanced soul gets many glimpses of higher states of consciousness, naturally attains some spiritual powers, receives revelations. When they start sharing this with the public, or using their abilities, they start receiving a lot of adulation, become famous, gain more power as their circle of influence increases, and may also attain more wealth. Often they get carried away with this earthly success, they get distracted from their own spiritual evolution, and start using the Light side for the Dark side. So they fall to the ego.

This has happened with many famous souls, even those who started major traditions. One such person, hundreds years ago, started receiving revelations from an angel, and they were divine revelations, in line with the highest knowledge of God. Then this person started attaining more and more power with force over land and people. This power of becoming a big tribal lord went to his head. He fell to his ego. He then started churning out statements that served him and claimed that they were revelations. They were not, they were from his mind and ego. To give his statements supreme power, he made an over arching statement that the newer statements supersede the older peaceful loving statements, which were true revelations. People followed and believed him from the prior experience of true revelations, they forgot to use their common sense and logic. No God would say to kill, behead, torture to death, or any such cruel things. It's common sense. Hundreds of years go by and the preaching reach far and wide. Humans evolve but the statements of the dark ages are still followed blindly which would otherwise be considered inhuman in today's standard of basic human values and human rights.

It is sad that no one wants to open their minds and ears and change this. Isn't it? Humans on this planet share a common moral code. We need to look with open minds into what we follow and reform that which is immoral.

Monday, November 16, 2015

Devotion is the most beautiful

Sing your Beloved's Name!
With the longing in your heart...call Him
Hey Krishn Gopal Hare, Jai Nand Ke Laal Hare!
With the innocence of a child call Him
Govinda Madhava...Gopala Keshava...Giridhari! Giridhari!
His sweet Presence comes and fills the air
His Loving Light fills my being
Till I do not know the boundaries of me or Him
Intoxicated with His blissful presence
Dissolved in an ecstasy beyond time...
where everything swirls into nothingness.
He loves me so dearly. His tender sweet eyes, His faint smile.
Life is worth living when you are filled with the Divine...

Thursday, November 12, 2015

Ocean of White

Rising above the boundaries of separation -
Into the ocean where all are, and all are connected.
All floating in the ocean, all made of the ocean
An infinite expanse, a play dough of the divine.
Opening into a new vision, indeed a great sight...

Then feel the Divine Love dissolved in it, like sugar in milk
The ingredient of the heart...
An ocean now sweet, fragrant, alive, that expands endlessly...

Monday, October 19, 2015

Past Life Regression with Dr. Brian Weiss

I attended an all day session on Past Life Regression with Dr. Brian Weiss in Santa Clara recently. It was phenomenal to say the least. There were two regressions and two exercises he conducted. I did not experience a past life, but experienced something else. I have had a past life regression and have also spontaneously seen several visions of my past lives, perhaps that's why? I feel we always experience what is needed when it's needed, and if you don't experience or understand an experience, it's not required for you right now.

In the first regression, he lead us through suggestion into a deep meditative (hypnotic) state.
I had told myself that I will let my soul lead and experience whatever I needed to. So I let go and gave the reins to my inner guidance.
He asked us to visualize a childhood memory. I saw a photo of Krishnji (Krishna). It is a photo I have seen before and started wondering if I had seen that in my childhood. I felt a heart connection with this photo and deep love. Dr. Weiss asked us several questions about this childhood memory but I just kept seeing Krishnji's photo. If not from this childhood, perhaps it was from previous childhood.
He then asked us to move to the time we were in our mother's womb, and experience what that was like. I had some fear or resistance and saw Sananda (Christ) appear to give me love and comfort, I feel he was there throughout my experience. I had few visuals and experienced something, but it wasn't significant.

After this he guided us to a previous life. At this point I felt my higher self descending and filling my frame with light and energy, and only a small portion of Vinita's mind remained. My higher self led me not to a past life but somewhere else! I felt I began to rise and move through space. The mind asked a few times during the process, "Who is this?" The subtle answers were something like, "Light being...higher self" The visions were very vivid, but I am already forgetting the details. What I remember of that experience is that I am either in another dimension or planet. There is like an ocean of a blue liquid type substance and blue beings of light rising from it, made of the same substance. I am also one of these beings. I saw 2 other beings, I looked into the eye on one of them. There was a feeling of bliss, tranquility, silence and deep peace. The communication is telepathic, a knowing, beyond thought. I felt my heart feel at home here. I heard Dr. Weiss ask us questions like move to the end of this life, what lesson did you learn from this life, to get a message from guides, angels, masters. I felt going up like a swirling spiral through space. All this was happening spontaneously. At some point Dr. Weiss asked us to slowly come back. I was still completely my higher self, which had some subtle messages for me I don't remember. As I started coming back, my awareness was switching between that self and this self, Vinita. My higher self said, "I will always be there", I saw it as a ball of light, that then dissipated into a great expanse. Slowly the Vinita personality came back. It felt uncomfortable coming back here, because I was so peaceful and at home in that realm.

In the second regression after lunch, I was quite sleepy and tried my best to stay conscious. Dr. Weiss was leading us to a previous life by chosing one of the time periods he'd mentioned. Again, I let my inner guidance lead. It took me to, I felt, a time in the future instead! I don't remember much, but I saw crystals and it was a different place, unfamiliar to me.
A lot of my experience was subtle and as my mind was still there, I had asked questions within, the answers were given of course telepathically.

Sunday, September 6, 2015

Dimensions and Lokhs; Beings and Devas

Relating the Vedic to the New Age

In this age we read spiritual terms in English.
Then there are ancient terms in Vedic knowledge, in the Jewish Kabbalah, in the Egyptian culture, the Greek, Mayan, and so on.
Then there are scientific terms which may correspond with a spiritual aspect.

When we are familiar with one culture, tradition, or set of terminology we often don't recognize the corresponding term in another and therefore can't relate, or think it's different.
When we are able to find the relationship between definitions then suddenly we realize a lot of commonalities between the ancient, the new, the scientific and the spiritual. It somehow confirms that it must be the truth if so many for so long are saying the same thing.

Nowadays we hear the term, 'Ascension', 'Dimensions', 'Beings', 'Extra Terrestrials', 'Soul', 'Consciousness', and so on.

In Vedic terminology, 'Lokhs' relates to 'Dimensions'.
'Beings' and 'Extra terrestrials' relate to the different beings mentioned in the Veds and Purans, .

There are 14 Lokhs. 7 lower or descending Lokhs below the physical universe. The other 7 Lokhs includes:
'Bhu' the physical 3 dimensional universe;
'Bhuvar' that includes the souls that have passed on and relates to the 4th dimension;
'Svar' or 'Dev' lokh where the Devas and some Rishis reside. These Devi-Devatas (dieties) are beings of light. 'Dev' means luminous one, or one who illumines. This lokh broadly relates to the 5th dimension.
These are the 3 Lokhs in which most souls recycle from birth to death to birth again, or the cycle of 'Samsar'.
Then there is 'Maha' (6th dimension), 'Tapa' (7th dimension), 'Jana' (8th dimension), and highest 'Brahma/Satya' lokh (9th dimension) all a part of creation, or greater reality. What we see as the physical universe is only the 3 dimensional reality or 'Bhu' lokh.
All these Lokhs are still in the sphere of creation, duality, or Maya. It is beyond this that is Brahman, the Ultimate Supreme Consciousness. Time slows down and space expands as we move into higher Lokhs or dimensions. These are not physical but subtle realms.

The 'extra terrestrials' and 'beings' we read about relate to the many subtle forms of beings that are mentioned in the Vedic texts. These include the Devas, Asuras, Rishis, Siddhas, Kinnars, Yakshas, Gandharvas, Manas putras, Prajapatis, Kumaras, Avatars, and so on. In addition to these subtle forms there may be physical forms of beings on other planets, like humans. We don't talk about it now in the Kali Yuga, but till the Kali Yuga other beings, dimensions, higher states of consciousness and special abilities such as telepathy, were common and normal.

Our ancient texts talk about mind born sons, or subtle thought forms, of Brahma-ji. Four of these are the Kumars, they never age. Their names are Sanat Kumar (who I believe also manifests as Maha-avatar Babaji), Sanandan (mentioned by several as the oversoul of Jesus), Sanak, and Sanatan, These mind born sons of Brahma also include the 7 original Rishis, also called Prajapatis, the creator beings. These were not physical forms but thought forms. These beings last as long as creation lasts. Then there are beings which are light forms, Devas. Many of these beings (including Rishis), came to earth and started the human civilization or mingled with humans for progeny, these stories are in Purans, Itihaas, eluded to in the old testament, the Egyptian books, and many other ancient texts. Some physical forms were also organically growing here. A lot of these Rishis, Devatas, Siddhas, Avatars, etc. are also capable of taking physical form, ie descent from higher dimensions into the 3d earth dimension. That's why the Rishis and people of ancient civilizations were so advanced in their knowledge. They were far more evolved beings which descended here on Earth and built advanced communities and cultures. Some of the remnants of this ancient civilization and knowledge can be found in the Vedas, Kabbalah, the Old Testament, the Egyptian civilization, and so on.

We are familiar with the blue skinned Avatars, Sri Ram and Sri Krishn. They were actually blue skinned and the texture was like that of the dolphins. Avatars are one of the highest evolved beings in the Vedic tradition, higher than Devatas. The Vedic texts also talk about several Nakshatras, a star that's part of a constellation. There are 27 main Nakshatras, and one more, Abhijit, which is the star Vega. In the Gita, Sri Krishn says that among the Nakshatras I am Abhijit. Rudra, the Vedic deity of transformation, is associated with Ardra Nakshatra which is the star Betelgeuse, of the Orion constellation. The origins of the Indian race, I have heard, was seeded by beings from Vega and Sirius, and perhaps many others including Orion. The 7 Rishis are the 7 stars of Ursa Major. Could it be that these subtle light beings were from those stars?

The Vedic texts mention the gradual decline in civilization through the ages, called Yugas, this relates to the decline in knowledge, Dharma (natural law), dropping from higher states of consciousness, removal of the light aspect. We are presently in the age of darkness (or ignorance), the Kali Yuga. In this Yuga we are as though in deep slumber, the light has been shut out and because of the lack of light, dark forces are more dominant, such as anger, hatred, greed, and other negative emotions.

Many of us are reincarnations of those same highly evolved beings of the ancient world, the Rishis, Siddhas, Devatas, Avatars and other evolved beings. We have completely forgotten our true nature, we have lost our true history, so we think we are inferior beings struggling with darkness. Now we pray to Gods such as Sri Krishn and Sri Ram, and worship the Rishis and Devatas as though they are separate from us. When consciousness awakens in us and we remember our true nature that is the Avatar consciousness in us, or the Christ consciousness in us. We will remember our history and our connection with the greater universe, as one. There will be unity of consciousness among all beings. That consciousness within us is subtle Light, it is higher vibration than the lower vibration of matter. Like the difference between water vapor and ice. So when this realization and awakening happens in us, there will only be light and therefore no darkness. This is like remembering, and going back to what we really are. This is the return of the Satya Yuga, the age of truth and purity, as the Yugas are circular.

The new age material talks about the coming of...a new age! This would be assisted by certain galactic waves of high vibration energy. At the present time a lot of people will evolve to the 4th dimension and become more spiritual. Many are already in the 4th dimension/density prior to this 'shift' into the new age. You will read a lot about 'Ascension', referring to the evolution of a small percentage of people from the 4th dimension, carbon based body, into the 5th dimension, becoming a 'being of light'. The carbon atom becoming a silicon (crystal) atom. Carbon conducts electromagnetic energy, and silicon crystals conduct light. The Deva rupa or light being form is of the Svar/dev lokh. 
New age masters also talk about Gaia (earth) transitioning from the 3rd dimension to the 4th dimension. 

The concept of "Moksha" is liberation from cycle of birth and death, and merging back to Brahman (eternal universal consciousness).
The ascension spiral is the evolutionary path of a soul through the various dimensions back to the Source. There are many variations this basic core new age message. 

Knowing the structure of creation is good, however; the main thing to realize is that Oneness, we are the Ultimate Supreme Consciousness, Brahman.. There is only One. That One is both immanent and transcendental at the same time.

We live in exciting times. Let see where destiny is leading us!
It's a beautiful endless journey in eternity and infinity. We are like one spec of a fractal, an exact replica of the whole that replicates itself infinitely...

Om Shantih!

The chart below shows the different Lokhs and connections to Chakras and other aspects.
Source: "What is Hinduism?" book by Hinduism Today Magazine

Monday, August 31, 2015

Reality is Multi Dimensional

Time is an illusion Space is a prison of limitation. The linear is only 3 dimensional and reality is multi dimensional. It throws you into realms incomprehensible. Like an ever evolving...changing...multi colored fractal. Divine, Beautiful, and Magnificent beyond belief!

It has started... We have started waking up. My higher Self said, "This shell I had created and maintained waiting for my true light being Self to now come in". The lower self, the carbon based body, the world...seemed like an illusion. This new Reality seemed Real. 

Beyond the mind and beyond comprehension, can only be experienced, to realize that this so called reality is just a dream...

Then I happened to use the Trinfinity 8 app on my phone, and lo and behold! it was the same as what I had experienced, except this was a 2 dimensional representation of the multi dimensions it represents. 

It seems as though we have been 'capped', or kept in a quarantine, or held down to a limited reality. Now suddenly that contract was over and the limitations removed - now the earth is free, and now the universal energies and beings from all the dimensions are showering their benevolence on us, for use to be what we truly are - multi dimensional beings. Unfathomable it is. 

Monday, August 10, 2015

You Planned This Life

This life your soul has chosen and planned with the divine before birth. What karmic debts you will pay off, which tendencies you will erase, the syllabus of lessons you will grow through. 

The baking through each lesson is part of the process.
Pain and suffering breaks us open and prepares us to awaken and integrate the learning, as I have experienced. Without this we don't seem to learn. And even then many don't realize what the lesson/message was! And the pattern repeats till we learn. That's why we need to be on spiritual path. Very few learn from the pain and suffering of others but go through their own.

Each one of us is a butterfly emerging from a cocoon. 
The learning happens in the cocoon. If one is lucky enough to learn and grow from each experience one had chartered for this life, the fruit at the end of the process is ah! so refreshing like a lotus blossoming in loving light!

Monday, July 27, 2015

How do you treat yourself?

The way you treat yourself is the way you will let the world treat you.

Patterns of experiences repeat themselves till we integrate the learning and grow from it.
It can be a relationship with parent, spouse, child, or friend.
It can be long and sustained, or short and intense.
Our inner shortcomings attract the same lessons, till an inner blossoming takes place, and the light shines within.

We get affected by people and situations. Perhaps in my case I have developed a deep impression that I am not loved or accepted as I am. Judgments have lead me to lose my own self-worth, self-acceptance and connection with others. These impressions within cause my soul to manifest experiences in which another person doesn't love or respect me. The impression deepens and the cycle continues. Until I work earnestly on taking myself out of the cycle of misery.

I have gone through many repeated patterns of experiences to learn the lesson of my life; to have self-worth, self love, to honor myself, to hold myself in divine esteem, to nurture and pamper the child within me that feels no one loves but whom I need to love and embrace. Need to accept and love myself as I am. Need to feel that I am a beautiful divine being blessed by God's loving grace. I need to value myself as much as God does. Then I wouldn't be treated as worthless, disrespected or abused. I need to hold on to my power and not give it away to be manipulated.
The amount one respects and loves oneself is the amount others will. When we love ourself we are not affected by others. This is not an egoistic love, but a knowing that I am love.
When the love and light dawn within it is a beautiful feeling.

Sunday, June 28, 2015

Atma ke Bande

Iss duniya mein koi na hai saga                  इस दुनिया में कोई न है सगा
Khuda ke bandein sabse hain juda            खुदा के बन्दे सबसे है जुदा

Jao koi na pyar karo                                      जाओ कोई न प्यार करो 
Akele akele toot kar bikhar jao                   अकेले अकेले टूट कर बिखर जाओ
Khuda ke bandon ho jao sabse juda          खुदा के बन्दों हो जाओ सबसे जुदा

Chatur chalanki se kya mila?                       चतुर चालाकी से क्या मिला?
Svartha mein akela reh gaya                       स्वार्थ  में  अकेला  रह  गया
Khuda ka banda sabse hua juda                 खुदा  का  बन्दा  सबसे  हुआ  जुदा

Kathor dil krodh mein jal gaya                    कठोर  दिल  क्रोध  में  जल  गया
Ahamkar tera Karm se piss raha               अहंकार  तेरा  कर्म  से  पिस रहा
Khuda ke bande sabse hai juda                    खुदा  के  बन्दे  सबसे  है  जुदा

Jhoot tera sacch se haar gaya                       झूट  तेरा  सच्च  से  हार  गया
Agyan ki kaid mein dukh ki hui sazah        अज्ञान की  कैद में  दुःख  की  हुई  सजाः 
Khuda ke bande sacch se na ho juda            खुदा  के  बन्दे  सच्च  से  न  हो  जुदा

Kahan jaaega kiska kheench kar?                कहाँ  जाएगा  किसका  खींच  कर ?
Atma ke siva koi na yahan duja                    आत्मा  के  सिवा कोई  न  यहाँ  दूजा

Ek Eswar hai Ek he Atma                             एक  इस्वर  है  एक  हे  आत्मा
Mehsooh karle bande                                       मेह्सूह  करले  बन्दे
Ya phir ghum peeta ja                                     या  फिर  ग़म पीटा  जा
Atma ke bande Ek se Ek hoja                         आत्मा के  बन्दे  एक  से  एक  होजा
Kissi ko himsa pahunchana                                        किसी को हिंसा पहुँचाना
Kis kitab mein hai likha?                                             किस किताब में है लिखा? 
"Guru ne bola" jhoot saabit ho gaya                        "गुरु ने बोला" झूट साबित हो गया
Ab Guru ko bhi mitti mein milla diya!                     अब गुरु को भी मिट्टी में मिला दिया
Kab tak Guru ki aadh mein chuppega?                    कब तक गुरु की आड़ में चुप्पेगा?
Apne karmo ka phal tu hi sahega                              अपने कर्मो का फल तूही सहेगा
Vriksh ki chaaon mein tu nahi badhega                   वृक्ष की छाओं में रौशनी की तरफ नहीं बढ़ेगा 

Thursday, June 25, 2015

Lessons from Soul Mates

Sometimes life's greatest lessons come through the deepest wounds...
I've learnt an expensive lesson...that spiritual powers are not indicative of virtues or spiritual evolution. Witches and Angels both have supernatural powers!

Sometimes life's biggest lessons come through the closest people...
I've learnt a painful lesson...that differing natures compliment each other in our soul group.
Yin and Yang are soul mates, light and dark are soul mates, wisdom and ego are soul mates, love and hate are soul mates...

There is only one ultimate Soul...so we are all soul mates. 
Polarity and variety creates oneness.