Tuesday, April 1, 2014

How Come?

How come I've changed?
So much more present in the "now".
So much more with people, and that connection! Ah!
So much more on the outside.
Is balance finally here and permanent?
How come?
Is it from a divine blessing?
Or is it time and meant to be...to move on?
Or is it something I worked on, moved through, and came out on the other side...opened up.
What is it? How did it happen?
I feel like skipping through a field in glee!
Smiling from the heart and saying yipee!
Oh sorrows be gone now, you have taught me much.
You have done your job of churning me.
No more chains on the heart and soul, because now I feel free!

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Tear apart Judgement Criticism Jealousy...

Tear apart that jealousy, criticism, judgement, anger coming your way before it enters and affects you.
It's bad for the sender and receiver!
Everything changes. One day a friend loves and respects you the next day it suddenly changes.
Why? Because no one is perfect.
It's ok, you can keep loving and respecting with dispassion. Smile :-)

Anger comes from expectations, desiring perfection in the other. Desires come from ego.
Jealously comes from lack of love of the other as their own. Can you be jealous of your child's success? No, because you consider him your own. Jealousy comes from one's own lack of self worth.
Judgement comes from lack of love, one that can't accept the other person as they are - mortal imperfect human. Judgement and criticism comes from a limited belief system that narrows one's vision and closes the heart.
Opinions bound a many. Opinions change, why bother hanging onto them. You may still remember and the other person may have scorned you and forgotten. Your own opinions change. There are so many opinions! How can any one be right or wrong!?
It's only perceptions.

These emotions cause you to sink, take you lower. Don't let them rise. Rid them with your mind's awareness and will. They are unhealthy. Expand your awareness.
Perceptions, Beliefs, Assumptions, Expectations, Feelings - these are the by products of limited awareness.

When someone judges, criticizes, dislikes, disrespects you then you react in the same fashion or get hurt, sad, feel bad.
How to break this chain?

* Love * Compassion * Prayer

We are here for others. Practice forgiveness. We are here to serve others. Let's pray for all.
We are of no use to humanity when we suffer from emotions.

So, tear apart that judgement, that lack of love, that dislike, that disrespect, before it touches you. Visualize it as a piece of paper coming towards you which you vaporize with your thoughts of love and forgiveness.

Sunday, March 23, 2014

Presence of the Soul

The soul communicates through presence, like the mind with thoughts, and body through language.

The soul starts resonating with the vibrations of a person or place. When we are in a temple or church we feel a sacred presence. When we are in nature our soul starts resonating with the natural rhythm. When we are with a saint or enlightened being our soul starts resonating in their soul. The soul learns more from presence, as the intellect does from knowledge. So the presence conveys more than words. That's why it's said to keep the company of holy people, saints, good, positive people. Enlightened beings make a difference by their mere presence on the planet. That's why Ramana Maharishi said that "Your own Self-realization is the greatest service you can render the world.”

Om Tat Sat

Thursday, March 20, 2014

The Age of Self Discovery

In the present age our inner conscience, our Self, will be the Guru, the guide.
We will support the process of evolution, unfoldment into enlightenment, in each other.

Here is something I read from Yeshua in 'The Thomas Book':

 “In the end of the Age, peoples from all parts of the earth will bring their knowledge together and will find the Inner Way to me by working together. So, read and know what has been given to others, that your knowledge may be complete and you may be able to come to Me, all working together in Love.”

Saturday, March 15, 2014

Eternal Way to Bliss

Self discovery is good, but can lead to partial truth. Those who in a permanent state of enlightenment (moksha/nirvana), convey the complete truth. That which can then heard/listened, pondered upon and experienced as witnessing the Self.
* At some point in the past the consciousness/Atma that descended drew a curtain from the Oneness, Self/Atma an illusionary identity separate from the whole - the Jiva - the Ego! Jiva exists over many life times.
* This brought forgetfulness, ignorance - Avidya. The root cause, the first knot (granthi), ignorance.
* The causal layer of existence, the subconscious, perpetuates the creation of subtle and gross levels. The mind and other related, is the subtle layer of existence, and body the gross. Over time the identity with the mind and body became very strong with time.
* The illusionary separateness from Self, the veil of ignorance, made the individual soul unaware of it's own nature, Sat Chit Anand, the infinite eternal existence all-knowing blissful Atma. This feeling of lack, the ignorance that one is bliss, caused desire (Kaama - the 2nd knot or granthi) to acquire happiness, which leads to all desires.
* These plethora of desires drove thoughts, feelings and actions (Kaama based Karma - the 3rd knot).
* These desire based thoughts, feelings, actions, from the limited self or ego, creates side effects or impurities. Eg. the desire for perfection may cause anger. Not knowing that Oneness, that I am everyone-everything and everyone/everything is in me causes dislike (Dvesh) therefore anger (Krodh). And forgetting that everything is me already, causes craving (raaga) therefore desires (Kaam).  The other impure emotions of lust, jealousy, greed, hatred, fear, grief, anger, are from this limited self. These patterns of thoughts, emotions, experiences cause stains, impressions, tendencies, called Vasanas. Over millions of yrs these have accumulated in the causal layer that then creates the corresponding subtle layer (mind, subconscious) and physical. Each impurity blocks the flow of energy, life force and evolution in particular chakras - energy centers in the ladder of evolution. In fact is sensitive to observing, about 80% of our thoughts, feelings, behaviors are based on tendencies, patterns, impressions from deep within. These Vasanas in the causal layer create the effects in the mind and subconscious. Our dreams are also based on these.
* The other effect of our desire based actions is the perpetuation of a cause and effect account, Karma. The seeds we sow, the seeds that have sprouted (Prarabdh karma), the seeds which may sprout (Sanchit), and what we are sowing now (Agami). That account is also is stored in the causal layer that creates the subtle body, physical body (in DNA), and events/experiences in our lives.
* The divine plan is for us to fall from our true divine nature, to the ignorant, and then to ascend again to our divine Self. All wisdom traditions of the world are infact about erasing the accumulated stains, Vasanas, and not acquiring any more. I have personally learned and experienced several wisdom traditions. For me there is only one universal timeless wisdom and man has drawn boundaries and given identities and separated it into fragments. This time I'm born into the Vedic tradition.
* The Vedas that were not from human mind, were revelations given to enlightened souls from the divine consciousness.
* In the Vedic methodology of purification there is a very intelligent and scientific process. It is the same in Christianity, Buddhism, and other traditions as well. However; Christianity has unfortunately been ruined by the Roman emperors and won't get into that now.
* The Vedic methodology in the Vedas and Gita talks about Karma Yoga, Raj Yoga, Bhakti Yoga and Jnan Yoga.
* It systematically purifies the muddy, turbulent waters so then we can see our reflection. Bring back the Oneness, and return to Sat Chit Anand.
* Karma Yoga removes say 30% of the impurities and Vasanas by the reduction of desires (kaama) and desire driven thoughts and actions. This removes the mud from the muddy waters. The 2 knots. Karma yoga is not to have desire for the result of what you do. To dedicate everything you do as a service to others, and an offering to divine. To then know that you are not the doer, but the Self, this brings dispassion and detachment (Vairagya). When operating from the Self one cannot get new stains. Therefore dispassionate Karma will not get you new stains. The Atma can't be stained - it is the Jiva that accumulates stains.
* Without this purification if one gains knowledge, or spiritual powers, or has spiritual experiences, the evolution or growth is distorted. Many go to the next phase of meditation, and other yogic methods without this initial purification step. That's why it's a methodology. Therefore one sees a lot of spiritual aspirants, yogis, masters with still the same desires for things, ego, anger, judgement etc.
* The Raj yoga of dhyan, pranayam, asanas, etc. is to still the turbulent (Vikshepa) waters of the mind after removing the mud. The amount that one would gain from meditation is the amount of purity brought about by Karm Yog. Raj yoga reduces the vasanas (stains) by say another 30% and also reduces potential karmic effects. Therefore meditation etc can keep certain genes off and also bring about changes in DNA and the mind/brain. Meditation also is used later in Jnan yoga for experiencing what is the nature of the Self. Raj yoga brings purity and clarity
* Bhakti yog purifies emotions. Unconditional love. It brings in surrender, faith, and reduces the negative side of ego. This is a very important step before gaining Self knowledge. Because to dive into the unknown, the unknowable one needs to surrender the ego and have faith. Unconditional love is also the canvas upon which the pillars of knowledge are painted.
* When the preparation is of purity and clarity are complete then the fruit is ripened naturally for Jnan - witnessing the Oneness - the Self. Other times one can have limited experience, or powers, or limited knowledge, only to the point one has purified and calmed the mind, the mud has been removed and the surface has been stilled for you now to see your true reflection and deep of the ocean. The process of Jnan is first to know about the nature of the Self before diving into the ocean, know the territory as indicated by realized beings who have witnessed. It's the unknowable so there are only pointers. This is Sravanam. Then one has to ponder and clear doubts, have questions answered so that the intellect is purified. This is Mananam. The mind and intellect are tools to take the leap. The knowingness, the witnessing, Being the Self, is the removal of the 1st cause, or knot, of ignorance. The ultimate is the annihilation of the ego (Jiva) to only have a functional ego (self-respect), mind, body to fully realize the human potential while living. The full return to the divine Self, which is permanent, which cuts all limitations, bondage, it is liberation. Then there is unlimited bliss, wisdom and existence (Sat Chit Anand) which is the Atma. When operating from the Atma there is no accumulation of stains.

This is only a very limited version of the universal and timeless wisdom (Ved). I would encourage everyone to read the Gita with implied and deeper meanings from an evolved soul such as Swami Chinmayananda. This is also the subject of my book Eternal Way to Bliss. 

Friday, March 14, 2014

Balanced growth and Harmony

I'm quite concerned about balanced growth.
It's very important to purify the mind, character, emotions, reduce ego as one gains revelations and knowledge.
That's why in ancient texts first purification is prescribed. The karma yoga. To reduce desires, Kaama, that perpetuate emotions and actions.
Then the clarity and calmness can come to the turbulent mind through meditation.
And Bhakti that purifies emotions with pure love.
Only after all this purity and clarity can the knowledge gained become integrated. Ignorance can only be removed when there , as the ground is ready.
If there is impurities in me, like judgement, ego, a restless mind, and then I gain knowledge, it's like a disease, or malformed growth.
I should be sensitive enough to root out all negativeness, impurities, and replace with pure love.
Therefore body, mind, and soul, should be in harmony.

The growth should also be balanced in the inner world and outer world.

Saturday, March 8, 2014

3 Types of Energy

"Energy is never still, it's forces are channeled."

Perhaps Sattva, Rajas, Tamas, are 3 types of energy and it's manifestation into matter.
Tamas is dull, dark, lethargy, low energy.
Rajas is rapid energy and Sattva is pure, calm, energy.
Like in Star Wars that's the dark side of the force and the light side of the force.
Tamas - black, Sattva - white, Rajas - Red.
Ah! the 3 colors I read about. Which is what we put on the bindu.
And related to 3 elements.
White is water. Red is fire. Black is earth. Earth is heaviness, gravity. White is calmness, stillness, purity. Red is active energy.

Monday, February 24, 2014

Dharma is higher than Love!

Inner voice...

There is something higher than love
What can be higher than love?
Dharma is higher than love...
It is Dharma that guides love to be unconditional, to become bliss
It is Dharma that guides us to Moksha.

Krishn resides in the heart. Anahat. Vaikunth
Shiv resides in the mind, 3rd eye. Ajna. Silence, Vairagya
Shiv is pure intellect which is wisdom
Vishnu is pure love which is Bhakti - unconditional love.
When only Krishn is there, without the dispassion of Shiv, then love remains emotion
When only Shiv is there, without the surrender of Bhakti, then intellect becomes arrogance
Shiv and Krishn are both required in equal balance.
The flame from the heart to the mind is to be kept steady. 
Then love rises higher to become vast, unconditional. 
Then intellect bows lower to become wisdom.
The perfect flame is the peaceful Self that wavers not.
And remember...The heart is the seat of the soul. The journey of the Jiva is from the mind to the inner heart. :-)
Om Tat Sat

Saturday, February 22, 2014

Drop to Rise

It is the heart that hurts, it the heart that heals
Tears roll down my eyes and drop
The divine catches them in the cradle of His hands
Then places them on a lotus flower
Untouched, yet there, shining brilliantly, they smile! 

Monday, February 17, 2014

Everything is within me?!

When I think of Buddha - Buddha's energy starts flowing within me.
When I think of Jesus - I feel the energy of Jesus within me. An overwhelming love...peaceful, gentle grace and light...
When I think of Krishn - suddenly I'm taken over by Krishn-ji's presence...
Everything is within me?! Not as in Vinita. Not name and form.
I am everything. Own everything as your own self. Own everything, then you are everything.
Boundaries of my self expand. 
All objects, this person, that person, the world, space, everything...is within me!