Friday, November 9, 2018

Fill yourself with light: You Are Light

Avatar is the awakening of consciousness within. When the real form of the divine Self arises it is the birth of an Avatar consciousness. The new generation of species is here to stay. The pure form arising out of the mortal structures that have finally been nullified of Karm. From the lotus of the heart blossoms the Self. To reclaim our birthright to evolve into spirit bright we must first make an intention. That is the secret to triggering a chain reaction in remembrance of our true eternal nature, vast yet asleep. Without much doing, like nature does to a fetus, the impetus to this metamorphosis into your true being will be set off. Being nothing and completely surrendered to nature, you will be carried forth with Grace to your final destination. Sometimes you will be surprised and fascinated by your own transformation.
That divine golden light will descend to fill your being. You simply need to let the light in and fill yourself with light. On its own course, a great transformation will take place, your own body will start feeling lighter. You will feel yourself more as energy than just the physical body. At will you would shift your awareness to yourself as energy and light. As light becomes your being, you will sense a change in your being. Lighter as a body, you will become a body of light. The identity of who you are has now shifted. Not just body, not just are light!

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Wednesday, October 31, 2018

A Call to Purify

Destroy, remove all darkness, let it leave you. Rise higher to pure light, love, and the higher vibrations of consciousness.
All the heaviness that weighs you down, let it be, disconnect. Know that you are That pure divine consciousness. Be with it, always.
It is your time to realize and remember who you truly are. We have come to wake you up. As friends wake up, nudging their friends to wake up from this deep slumber, there is a shift in consciousness.
A new world is arising and emerging.
Which world do you identify with, which world do you vibrate with? One is of darkness and ignorance. It was the world you were fighting with, disagreeing with, and felt you didn't fit in. The new world is the one where you take a sigh of relief, where things are in harmony and you resonate with it. It is in line with divine light, and that light shines through you as though you become a pillar of that light of consciousness, and it flows through you as you become a channel and medium like a hollow flute.
Remembering who you are and kindling the light of consciousness in the heart of your soul, all illusionary unreal impurities and limitations break away and decimate. It is as though a metal armor gets broken into pieces and gets shattered. From within emerges a divine body of light. Very much like the metamorphosis from a caterpillar's chrysalis into a beautiful butterfly.

You will start to feel yourself more as an energy body, rather than just a physical body, breath and mind. You will feel light and pure. That awareness of your higher existence as consciousness and bliss will become long-lasting. You will start operating in a vast new field of experiences.
Has this already started happening to you?
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Tuesday, October 30, 2018

Pure or Impure

That churning is for purification. Like a washing machine.
Many layers need to removed, over and over again. At every step, one feels purified until the next stage, when one realizes more purification is needed.
We have come on the earth plane to purify. We are also susceptible to being tarnished here. Removing the impurities, and avoiding attaining impurities is a very difficult task while we exist here.

Let's take a closer look at what is meant by impurities.
Anything which is not your true nature is an impurity.

So what then is your true nature? That which you are looking for. The unblemished peace, that expanded bliss, unconditional love, pure existence, consciousness, wisdom. These qualities indicate your very Self which is beyond all attributes. When all that exists is transcended, does That alone remain. Your Self. The formless, nameless. That which seems beyond reach to you right now, and unknown. Because you have forgotten your own nature and got lost and buried in the multiple layers of creation that you have come to explore. It is as though you are struggling within your dream to wake up.

As soon as we forget our true nature we become impure.
What/who forgets the true nature? In the process of descent of an individual soul from the Source creator into the realms of creation, the individual soul gets so busy and involved in the layers of creation that there comes a sort of artificial separation between the Atma (Self) and the individual soul (Jeev). This is because, in our role-playing and our involvement in the character (Jeev) of the created drama, we forget our real nature backstage, the Atma. We start living the stage character night and day, rather than just on stage when needed. It is just a drama after all. It is a creative act, like creating a multidimensional painting, or sculpture, or a grand science fiction movie. But on this earth plane, the Jeev starts living the drama as real.

Then what happens is that the Jeev, the individual soul, is lost in separation from its true nature. As the saint, Kabir described, like a musk deer from whom the fragrance emanates, the soul goes running wild in the forest searching for the scent, till it falls from fatigue and finally realizes that the source is within him. In this hunt for true happiness, in this search for eternal bliss, one loses a sense of Self that is whole, complete and infinite. The soul becomes limited, and can't stand its own limitations. It desires happiness. In the desire for happiness, it seeks it outside itself, from relationships, from possessing things, from promotions, acquisitions, being popular, having lots of money, or status, recognition, and all those things we see in this world. In the, "I want this," "I don't want this," comes love and hate, likes bring attachments, dislikes lead to anger. Do you see the downward progression into pain and suffering?

From here spring all the vices of jealousy, greed, hate, lust, fear, ego and so on. These vices are your impurities. The negative thinking and negative emotions are built up over time into patterns, habits, tendencies, and impressions. Layer upon layer accumulates till there is no sign of the Self at all and only the deluded and confused individual personality remains.

Recognizing each thought and emotion is your work. At each moment, be aware of your thoughts and patterns. Watch your mind and habits. Observe your feelings and reactions. There is no other way to remove your impurities other than this. Consciously, using your logical rational intellect, override the thoughts that are negative and impure, just say "no". Be firm. You may fail. Keep at it. Over time you will prevail. Old patterns and tendencies need a lot of work. With each feeling, emotion or reaction, you must keep a conscious watch. Observe and handle each feeling and sensation with awareness. Work on yourself. Those feelings that don't serve you will dissipate. Then they will rise again. You must keep at it. Negative feelings and thoughts are very powerful. It requires the sword of truth and strong will to overpower and destroy them.
This is one method to purify. There are others.
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Saturday, October 27, 2018

Cyclones of change

The descent of Grace reveals the structure of the universe. It is top down. The tree with the roots above and the leaves below that stretch across the universe.
From above comes the source of the cause of the universe. From above comes the command and the origin of change.

And change comes like a swirl. Everything gets mixed up. Churned. Dirt is thrown up and around in a nasty wind, merciless and fierce. There is no choice given because this is the will of the divine. It is the power and force of nature that puts things into motion. In these ferocious winds of change all structures are broken, all free will relinquished. This time there is no pause button.

This churning is within you as well. That's where it starts then extends out into the world that you live in. All change is within. Some who do not wish to change get destroyed, their hard inner structure fails and falls to the winds of transformation. The command is, "Evolve! Or perish!" It is the law of nature, if you will.

Swirling and churning, all the dirt, and negativity. The dark and evil get thrown up to be consumed into the great mouth of the purifying fire. For the one who wishes to cleanse and purify, that inner fire purifies one of all negativities. It is what you have come for. An opportunity given to you to do it here and now.

Change is not easy for those with old, hard or rusted habits. Change is not possible for those who do not intend to evolve. Those who resist change bear tremendous challenges and pain. Suffering ensues for those who are stuck to old patterns, attached to people and things, those who refuse to recognize their limitations or reflect within.

Look at yourself, look within and see, what in you in churning? What in you is willing to change? What in you is resisting the process?

Those who align with the natural rhythm of the universe with be carried forth into the next cycle of evolution. How beautiful is their flourishing, They are cherished and nourished by the divine in the cradle of creation. They are celebrated as they give birth to their new beings in greater realms. Of joy that knows no bounds, their blossoming in the garden of paradise is such a blissful pleasure to the entire existence!
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Friday, October 26, 2018

Transcending to Realms Beyond

The mind stays busy in its small world. The Atma is ever present and pervasive. If the mind makes an intention and effort to transcend itself, only then does the greater realm of other layers of our existence come into our awareness. There is an expansion from the small sphere of body and mind, to subtle feelings, that become more defined and clearer as we exercise being in greater awareness. Our impurities and limitations bring us back to our limited heavy identity because of which we can’t hold our expanded awareness permanently. As impurities of thoughts and emotions, and limitations of patterns and tendencies gets erased, we naturally and easily expand into greater consciousness with least effort for longer states.

Far beyond the logic of the mind lies realms with its own ways of functioning. Our world is only one paradigm in many spheres of existence. Our experience and existence in another sphere of existence can’t be explained in this realm, it would sound bizarre. It’s a totally different ball game. We can have some preview of it through science fiction movies, or electronic games.

As our dim flame rises and becomes full so does our view and experience of creation. Objects no longer seem inanimate. So a realized being would say, “The moon spoke to me and said…” and a logical rational person would consider him a lunatic! 

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Thursday, October 25, 2018

The only way home is through the Self

The only way home is through the Self. That inner guide is the only external guidance. As all else changes, the Atma always stays with you. Your only support.

To break the barriers of the mind and open up to Oneness can only come from divine grace. Till then one can ascend ladders and knock on doors to open. From the timeless Supreme spontaneously comes the descent of grace for liberation.
Then each particle of creation becomes one’s own cell, every being one’s own extension. The center remains the same, but the center can be anywhere.

From man’s centeredness in the mind, thoughts, logic and intellect, comes an expansion. In the knowing and awareness that has no words lies a greater understanding. Like the difficulty in expressing feelings through words, it becomes exceedingly difficult to convey experience and existence. The presence then conveys more than words. One moves into a world of energy, and matter becomes a medium. 
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Sunday, April 8, 2018

Portal Journey

The different dimensions in the cosmos or macrocosm are almost identical to the chakras in our etheric body. It is like a 7 story mystical building, cylindrical in shape, with a glass elevator.

Each floor is a wonderland, with a different color of lighting, like the colors of the chakras. The first floor is very dense. It is the physical plane which is very busy, like the earth.

Each floor has its own vibration, which is the same frequency as the color of the lighting, and you can hear sounds and chanting at that pitch as well.

To go from one floor to the next, the sound frequency or vibration has to rise. The only way the vibrations rise is through purification, the erasing or Vasana impressions, desires, and the consumption of Karm. With each stage of cleansing, the vibration rises. The elevator twirls like a wheel as it goes through a portal and comes out on the other side to the next floor.

Here, the whole landscape is different. The 2nd floor is like an astral plane like a dream, with translucent souls. It is less dense than the first floor, feels light like a bird in the sky.

As we ascendant through the portal into a higher frequency of the 3rd floor we notice that here many souls have combined to become a deity, Rishi, Siddha, angel, and such. They are luminous beings who can be subtle energy forms.

Each floor has it's own beauty and uniqueness. Souls keep combining into higher subtler beings, till there is only One. Space and time expand, forms become more and more subtle, and the frequency keeps rising. Till we reach the roof there is something to be experienced.

However; the roof is beyond all form, and no time exists here. Only a suble vibration of 'Aum'. There is no duality and no space. It is all in all - beyond the mind to know.

We are like this 7 story building, and even though the elevator or our evolution and awareness can be at any one chakra, we exist on all levels.

In the same way, we also exist in all dimensions, even though our existence and awareness is mostly on the earth plane. We soar into higher dimensions, in our flight during deep meditations and ascensions.

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Thursday, March 22, 2018

Ascension - Descent of Grace - Oneness - Shivoham

The upward spiral of spiritual energy and evolution can invoke a downward spiral of divine grace and energy.
If our own spiritual energy and evolution is lower than the amount of divine energy we invoke, the body cannot handle it.
Like if you have evolved to carry and transmit 100 volts of energy, and you invoke a divine energy of 10,000 volts, a fuse will blow. Isn't it?

Slowly as we evolve and our circuits conduct more and more spiritual energy, the descent of grace also becomes more and more. Both our own evolution and the grace of the divine are necessary. The single pointed will for liberation, for Oneness, is needed. Our purification is needed. Our evolution is the most important. The highest practice is that of attaining non-duality. All other states are intermediary and must be transcended. The effort is in our spiritual practice, and then the surrender and letting go.

As we fully open up the spiritual energy 100%, the upward spiral merges with the download spiral into a union of Oneness. Advaita - there are no two. It is an ocean of bliss, light, love...

"Shivoham Shivoham...Shiva Swaroopoham
Wahi Atama amar sachidananda main hoon.
Amar Atama Sachchidananda Main Hun.
Shivoham! Shivoham! Shivoham! Shivoham!
Akhil Vishwa Ka Jo Param Atama Hai, Sabhi Praniyon Ka Wahi Atama Hai
Wahi Atama Amar Sachidananda main hoon.
Amara atma hai maran shil kaya
Sabhi praniyon ke bhitar samaya
Wahi Atama Amar Aachchidananda main hoon.
jise sashtra Kate Na Agni Jalave
Buzawe na pani na mrityu mitawe
Wahi Atama amar sachidananda main hoon.
Hai Taron Sitaron Men Aloka Jiska
Hai Chanda Wa Suraj Men Abhasa Jisaka
Wahi Atama amar sachidananda main hoon.
Amar Atama Sachchidananda Main Hun.
Shivoham Shivoham!" - 
Swami Satyananda Saraswati

Saturday, March 10, 2018


"अमानित्वं" (BG 13.7) - "भावो मानित्वं आत्मनः श्लाधनं तदभावः अमानित्वं" (Sh.)
"अदम्भितवं" (BG 13.7)  - "स्वधर्म प्रकटी करणं दम्भितवं तदभावः अदम्भितवं" (Sh.)

It is necessary to have clarity and discrimination to distinguish between ego and humility.

Humility is an attitude, subtler than even a feeling. It is very refined, you need to have keen sensitivity to see it.
A child who expresses happiness to his friends and family in completing a beautiful painting isn't a display of ego, but an innocent, humble expression of joy.

Humility is being natural, it comes from your innermost nature, the Self. Whereas ego comes from a sense of being a separate identity, "I", "my", and "mine".
If the same painting was shown to others with an attitude of "I did this", in wanting recognition, then it is a desire to pamper the ego.

Now suppose you don't want to be egoistic, or display pride, seem egoistic to others and want to be a humble person, so you deliberately hide your joy and fulfillment. Is that being humble? No.
You can't make an effort at being humble, either you are or you aren't, simple! It can't come with effort. Humility has to be your nature, and it is your true nature once you realize this. It is ego that makes an effort.
It takes a keen intellect to see the distinction between humility and "I"-ness.

How about if you are a private person, shy about showing your painting to others because you like to keep things to yourself and don't feel as though you are a part of everyone else. Is shyness a sign of humility? No. It comes from a feeling of separation from others, which is individuality; me and others.
Love is when you consider others as your own. Where there is love there can be no ego.

The obvious display of ego is showing off to others, arrogance, pride, selfish, self-centeredness, considering the other lower than you, and thinking you are higher than the other, and so on. Ego means a sense of "I", the ignorance that each one is a separate identity composed of body, mind, intellect. Ignorance of your true nature makes us think that there are many individual identities.
A person who is humble always has an attitude of service towards others, love for all, harms none, has a willingness to learn, and most of all has faith and reverence in the Supreme. A liberated soul sees all as one, like cells in the body of God.

Can there be ego about virtues you possess? "I am so giving," or "Oh! I'm so humble" - now that's an oxymoron! Need to distinguish between the "I am..." and the virtue. Where do virtues originate from? The Self. All virtues are inherent in consciousness. You can never attain a virtue because they are already your true nature. We just need to purify ourselves of all that blocks them from shining.
Humility is in knowing that virtues are universal to all, and originate from the Supreme Source.
Look, examine, and see the distinction between the idea of who "I" is, and what your true nature is. That is "Vivek" - discriminatory wisdom.

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Sunday, January 28, 2018

Knowledge from higher Self

In the past life regression technique by Dolores Cannon, a person goes into a Theta brainwave state. This is the slower brainwave frequency of the Subconscious Mind.

In this technique, a person's conscious mind is subdued, like when you are in a dream state. It is also possible for a deeper or higher level to emerge, depending on how you look at it. This is the soul level, or what some call the Higher Self.
The higher Self that exists between lifetimes, and is always present as a layer of existence, can be invoked by the past life regression therapist.
The therapist can then address the higher Self and ask questions, or interact with it.

As I'm a certified therapist from the Dolores Cannon institute I lead past life regression sessions for people.
In one of the sessions, after processing a couple of lifetimes, I asked, "Where are you now? What's happening"
The person said, "I am the sun, I am the river, I am the tree, I am the flower, ..."
I realized this was a state of Oneness.

The person then went through a spiral (perhaps a wormhole) and was in a vast nothingness, void, and expanse.
When I realized that this person has now transcended, I started addressing the Higher Self (HS).

Me: "What knowledge or message would you like to give for this person's present life, that will help."
To my amazement, the reply from this person's Higher Self (HS) was: There is no such thing as life!

Me: Then what is this body and mind that we function through which we call life?
HS: It is hard to explain. It is like strings. It is endless.

Me: What are these strings? Souls?
HS: Hmm, yes.

Me: Then what is life? Is it an illusion?
HS: They are like reflections of each string. They are real, not an illusion. These strings are very bright. Each one is like a sun.

Me: What is reality? What is truth?
HS: The truth is that it's endless.

Me: What is the purpose of this? Is there a purpose or is it like a painting, without purpose, or is it just happening?
HS: There is a purpose. It is hard to say what the purpose is.

Me; Where are all these strings? Is there a Oneness of all that is? What are all these strings enclosed in?
HS: There is only energy. A vast expanse.

After a few more Q&A I asked if the higher Self had anything more to say or should it now recede.
As I started bringing the person back to present and integrating the personality back into the body, the higher Self still seemed to remain while her conscious mind was returning.
She said she could feel my presence and tremendous warmth or heat coming from me. I realized that the higher Self was still present as she had extrasensory perception.
She later told me that it was as though she was another person and separate from the body and personality. When I took her name it was as though she had to remember that was her.
So I proceeded to again thank the Higher Self and requested it to recede and let the personality fully integrate back into the person.
When she was fully back as her individual self, she felt very refreshed and wonderful.

After the session, it was good to hear that she felt healing from the issue she had, and later when I checked on her she said that she hasn't felt this good in a long time.