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  1. Hi Vinita,

    Loving your blog, very insightful. I was wondering if there is a mention of doomsday or pole shift in indian scriptures. Have you come across any parallels?


    1. Hi Sangita - Thanks! No doomsday for Earth in Vedic scriptures. Just change of Yugas. Pole shift have not been mentioned, but major star combinations and eclipses have. There is a lot of astrology (Jyotish) in the scriptures.
      Sangita do I know you?
      Love -

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  2. Hi Vinita

    Thanks and best wishes for your Blog on eastern wisdom

  3. Dear madam, I came across your website while I'm looking for an answer on how a person can change or improve self, their approach towards other people and the life in general by doing yoga, meditation etc. As you are a healer too, you may have the answers or help me point to the right direction.

    Can a realized person be manipulative in words based on the situation/pressures/interpretations, yet expect results to be the way he wanted/planned/expected?
    Isn't philosophy-meditation-yoga-spirituality all about getting the senses to one and being one whole self!? being clear in mind, clear in words and clear in action? How can one learn to be one and clear in mind, words and actions?