Sunday, February 5, 2023

Good Vibes - Great Vibes - God Vibes

Mental disturbance, emotional imbalance, health issues, relationship problems...Is any part of you out of balance? 

If 5 musical instruments are discordant it will hurt your ears. Then how can you body, mind, emotions and soul all be out of sync yet you remain happy and healthy? Impossible.

Listen - you need to be in perfect resonance. Your true nature.
One way is to entrain your being to perfect vibes, God vibes. Brain entrainment, not entertainment. 😊
You can sing a sacred song, you can recite a mantra, do Japa, or try sound healing. I love Kirtan myself and can get lost into the chanting. 
See what sound vibration is suitable for you. Feel the vibrations of what you hear and if that resonates with your being, it bring your body, mind and soul into balance. 

Nature is always in perfect balance, it's natural balance. When we are in nature our body and mind also resonates with nature, then with our inner nature, our perfect balance. When you bring a tuning folks near another, the second one also starts vibrating at the same frequency. 
That is why it's said in Vedic texts to be in the company of evolved beings. They lift your vibrations and purify your inner presence. 

Vibrations are very powerful, from keeping your DNA functioning normally, bringing your cells to optimal health, to aligning your human existence with your soul. Ultimately you are just vibration, and vibration is closest to conscious, from vibration emerged creation. 

Absorb yourself into the rhythm of some blissful vibes, where the mind is silenced, slowly your vibrations rise bearing gifts of peace and perfection. 


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