Saturday, December 10, 2022

The Seven Sages of the Ancient World - the seven Rishis?

 Freddy Silva ( talks about the "Shining Ones" on Gaia. These are seven sages that show up in many places around the world at ancient cites and cultures, often accompanied by a wife of one of the sages, . These sages come to help humanity during a cataclysm, or transitions, and have been teachers to man over the ages. The image of the seven sages and a wife in a boat during the deluge around the world is bringing together a puzzle about a common history of the world. 

These Sages are very evolved being who seeded humanity and therefore are the progenitors of our race, and the Vedic "Gotra" which is the male DNA tree, descends from these seven Rishis. 

This resonates with the seven Rishis in Vedic tradition. There are 7 new Rishis in each Manvantara time period, along with a Manu for that age. In the Puranas we are told about the seven Rishis along with Manu in a boat being rescued by the Matsya Avatar of Vishnu. There are other similarities, like the Sages in other ancient cites, like Sumeria, carrying a water pot is very similar to "Kamandalu" carried by Vedic Rishis and sages. 

The Saptrishi constellation (Ursa Minor) has the seven Rishis as seven stars, with the dual star system of Vasistha and wife Arundhati. Seven sages and a wife. 

These seven sages are mentioned as "The Watchers" in the most ancient Sumerian texts (in Armenia) to a great extent. They also show up in Egyptian texts as "Followers of Horus" who taught people agriculture, and advanced knowledge. The Hopi talk about the seven sages at "Lookers" who show up in a boat during the great deluge. These seven sages are also in the carvings at the Mayan temples and pyramids. Many monolithic and ancient sites in Europe also have images of the seven sages and a charismatic woman who's the wisdom keeper, 

What does the "Shining Ones" mean? Who are these Rishis? 

I had done a past life regression on a woman who saw a non-human shining being in the center of their community, whom they could not physically see, but telepathically teaching the tribe how to do agriculture, and also how to use fire to cook. 

This is amazing similar to what Freddy Silva talks about in his book, "The Missing Lands". Watch this interview on Gaia, from the 22nd minute:

Maybe these Seven Sages will show up during the next cataclysm...maybe they are guiding humanity even now, within...listen.

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