Saturday, January 1, 2022

Transcending a cycle

 (cont. from last post)

As the soul stood in a realm where all time seem to exist, he felt the life experiences in the journey of his soul. The luminous master, who was part of a group of masters, spoke to me telepathically in the most gentle and loving way. He communicated that if I choose to ascend, I can now do so by integrating all the experiences from this cycle of lives for this soul. I agreed. Instantly, all the timelines merged back into my presence. My soul body whirled and whirled and then transformed into a beautiful sacred geometry of light. Then it went through yet another spiral portal tunnel, out into a vast expanse where there was nothingness, only existence. He was now a luminous being, a master, in a realm where there were many light being masters. They were all creator beings with great potential. 

From an impulse that came from within, and expanded as vibrations, this luminous master projected himself into lower realms. The luminous master went back to the time where he was a soul that needed guidance for ascension. The same master simultaneously projected himself into many lives, like when the he was a caveman, and when this soul was in its last incarnation where he blessed the seeker with liberation. The higher Self, this luminous master, was none other than a future version of the soul. The luminous master had as though traveled back in time to guide his soul in various incarnations!

We are what we are seeking...

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