Thursday, December 30, 2021

Integrating Experiences

 (cont. from my last post)

As the soul ascended it seemed to go through a funnel, be sucked up and through to the other side. He didn't have a body, but he could see, and hear telepathically. It was like a different realm, a vast expanse from where this soul could see the place he came from which seemed like a dream or like watching a movie from a theatre. Like a magnanimous projection screen hung in space behind a veil, he could see multiple movies, each from a life in the past, present, and future.
He looked at one of these lives where he was a caveman, his wife, and their child next to him. In the center of their gathering was a shining one, a bright, light-skinned man, with a long beard, partially bald and long hair down his back. They were oblivious to his presence though, as they couldn't see him. His radiance and light energy surrounded all of them, he seemed to be guiding them through an inner voice and giving them knowledge on agriculture and how to grow crops.*
As his soul watched this, it didn't seem to have any emotions, only an understanding from all these life experiences. Also came a realization that the same or similar luminous master that blessed him with liberation, seemed also to be present when he was a caveman and was beside him now, as he watched all his lives....
To be cont.
*Note: the first part is from one of my own experiences, the 2nd part about the caveman and luminous man is from a past-life regression session I did for someone (it was amazing).

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