Tuesday, December 28, 2021

Experiencing Life

 A child is put in a room...Crying for food and water, the child is fed, dressed, and then goes to sleep.

This child becomes a youth and now cries for a partner...is given a partner. Though half satisfied and emotionally distraught, lives there with the partner and has a child.
This adult becomes older and wiser and finally realizes there is something more, something missing, that I'm caged in a room and I need to get out and be free...that no matter how much I get, no matter what I do, what I think, however much I feel or fight, whatever happens, happens inside this room. So with closed eyes this soul prays earnestly for freedom, and then arrives a luminous master and blesses the soul with liberation...that moment the physical body of this seeker transforms into an etheric translucent body that ascends and looks down at that make belief room and the person that seems to exist, is working, eating, talking, crying, feeling, the good, the bad, the ugly ... only to experiment with his own creation and expression to know and learn...and from that space where he observes all this, darkness and light are both expressions of that center, this soul ascends higher back towards its own source.
To be cont.

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