Saturday, December 4, 2021

Peaceful Warrior

 Teacher: "Stop fighting with the world's injustice. Mother Earth will remove diseased cells soon and heal."

Student: "Detach?"
T: "Yes you must know the bigger picture and have the wisdom which knows the whole picture, then life is not a struggle or fight."
S: "I do know"
T: "Then you know why there is injustice and suffering".
S: "No I don’t know. Why?"
T: "It is to show you a negative to integrate that aspect of reality.
We can’t evolve as One without it.
It brings about the biggest awakening in humanity.
But it is also meant for your own awakening to be a peaceful warrior.
Once you gain understanding about the negativity in the world and its purpose, your life will end its struggle and you will stop fighting it. That is Karm."
S: "Wow so so well explained. It clicked!"

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