Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Why are you unhappy?

Dr. Shankar: Why, I ask, are you unhappy?

Jiva: I don't know. There are too many problems. Even when I am happy it doesn't last. Like I get the latest and greatest cell phone, I'm happy, then after a few months, I'm oblivious to it. All the pleasures of life don't last forever. Even in relationships, there are beautiful moments of love, sharing, caring, and then it changes. In health, there are times when I feel on top of the world, yoga, exercise, good diet, and then I fall sick. What to do? Will I ever be truly happy? Always.

Dr. Shankar: But peace, love and bliss is your nature. Why are you going around looking for happiness all over and coming back empty handed? Just relax. Sit down. Close your eyes and see within. You have been given the tools and methods to find your way back to the Self, the way back home. Be in that place you call home. Your home is calling. Are you listening? That sublime voice will get louder as the chatter of your brain settles down. In that calm and peaceful self you will find your home. Live from within. Everything will happen on its own, just have faith and see. The red carpet will be rolled out for you.

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