Thursday, January 17, 2013

Govind Gives Darshan

(Meera Bai's bhajan)
“Pyare Darshan Dijo Aaj
Tum Bina Rahyo na Jaye

Jala Bina Kamala
Chandra Bin Rajani
Aise Tum Dekhya Bin Sajani
Aakul Vyakul Firoon Raina Dina 
Viraha Khaleja Khaye
Din Nahi Bhookh 
Neend Nahi Naina
Mukh se Kahata na Aave Baina
Kaha Karu Kachu Kahatana Aave
Milakar Tapan Bhujaay
Kyon tarasaao antarayaami
Aana milo krripa karo swaami
Meera daasi janam-janam ki 
Padi tumhaari paaon
Pyaare darashan di jo aaj, Tum bin raho na jaae, Pyare Darshan Diyo Aaj.”

For so long I have been calling Your name. Oh! This intense yearning! So long I have been waiting. Oh! This intense longing! My mind and soul immersed.
Hey Giridhari! Come to me. Govind! Govind!! Govind!!! …

Ah Giridhari! Finally You have come! O Ghanshyam! You heard the call of my soul and longing of my heart. So subtly You appear in this moonlit night here in this forest. I am elated and transformed.

Oh Govind! Your countenance, Your soft charming radiant face is irresistible! Your faint naughty smile, and the twinkle in your eyes, is so captivating that my eyes can’t move. 
There could be no greater attraction in this world than Your presence, Your serene divine mesmerizing presence. In this night Your twilight face shines like a thousand moons. This moment seems still and eternal, while the whole world moves. 
The gentle breeze through the trees, the scent of the night jasmine float through and yet we remain untouched, unmoved as if in eternal union. 
May I forever rest in Your arms, surrender and feel that deep relief in my soul, then fall asleep while You play Your soothing flute. Oh! That is what my heart is longing for. But I can’t move, I remain frozen looking at You, thoughtless, bodiless, and only soul. 
A gush of wind flutters the peacock feather on Your crown, a lock of Your dark wavy hair brush Your face. I look at You like a little girl whose jaw drops and head tilts. Then You smile at me with fondness and sweet love. 
So overwhelmed am I with Your charm, magnanimity, and Your breath taking divine presence that I feel I will swoon. I hear the divine musicians start to play, Veena, Tabla, Manjeera, and Sarod. Giridhari joins in with His flute. Oh! The sound...So soft and sweet! My mind merges and I am gone. All the Gods come too, as no one even in heaven would want to miss this divine darshan
You are looking so radiant, Giridhari, with the chandan and kesar tilak on Your forehead, the pearl ear rings and necklaces. There is a scent of sandalwood in the air. I witness Your presence, Your shining orange silk upper cloth and yellow dhoti, armlets of precious stones, Your tender graceful hands holding Your flute. I want to bow down and touch Your soft and gentle feet, a most heart melting sight! Even the Gods are awed by Your brilliance.
I want to sing to You or say something but my lips do not move, still our hearts beat in rhythm, our souls communicate. In these moments that seem eternal I have truly lived. Then You say to me, “I forever live in your heart,” and disappear into eternity. 

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