Wednesday, February 13, 2013

A Clear Vision of your Purpose. Why you are here?

If you had to choose what you would do in your life, regardless of money and salary, what would it be?
Those who are already doing what they love are very lucky. Of course It can also be done in addition to earning a living. For those who aren't, take that first step, move in that direction and see what fulfillment it brings you. Just do it. Make it happen. It's never to late to start. 

Know your nature, your unique talents and personality. Some are architects by nature, some surgeons, some professors, some sport stars, some army men, some singers, some have come to teach meditation, and so on. Each one has a unique role we have come to play in this this theater. Amazingly we have played this role over several life times, because it's the nature of our individual soul. Our core competency. In addition to the role we play here, the ultimate purpose of life for all of us is liberation / enlightenment / Moksha. 

It's a tragedy to end life without finding this fulfillment, without knowing and living your Dharma. It's a tragedy not to start doing what you're here to do once you gain a vision of what it is. 
Pursuits not in line with your SwaDharma, your nature, your purpose for being here, will not bear fruit, will not bring fulfillment, even if they bring material success. 

The moment you gain a clear vision of your purpose and align with it, the forces of nature will flow through, support you and Dharma will do the work for you, and you will not be the doer. Life will become self organizing, self-actualizing and finally you'll find fulfillment. Isn't that what you want? You will smile a true smile, and know true happiness. Life will become a dance, a celebration. You will sing from your heart. The sun, moon, and creation will celebrate your presence!

So ask yourself, "Why am I here?"

On a personal note. I recently received a clear vision of my life's purpose. Why I'm here, what is my unique nature and the gifts I have to serve others. Since then I have been jubillant! It was a great aha! moment, and it has changed my life. Since then everywhere I see, I sense Dharma in some way or the other. Dharma the wheel of the natural order of things.


  1. My greetings for your cherished great aha! moment's enlightenment..!

  2. Great Question--- it had been asked and will be asked for ever.... Well from my side, " in this earthly school of life, we have to set our syllabus, frame our question papers, write answers and also give explanation to verify it.."My purpose has kept chsnging from time to time. Right now I am on the path of Being ,who IAM . That is doing what I like to do ,that is seeking my own true Self, with joy ,ease, grace and pleasure.s I center in my purpose , Rest all will follow automatically fall in place .

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  4. well its a very good thought as we all should ask this questions to ourselves. and should find a motive to live and do something in life. Leaving an idle life is a waste!!