Thursday, March 14, 2013

Bhakti Revival Series: Dave Stringer

Please listen to this YouTube video as you read this:

I bring to your the nectar of the soul - Bhakti - drink this Soma and be intoxicated with the ecstasy of the Self. 
Bhakti - where there are no boundaries. There is great Bhaav in the merger with the Self. When you come back from that state of union this world seems so limited, dry, boundaries everywhere...

My heart resonates to Bhakti. Whenever I am not in tune with my true nature there is confusion, unhappiness. 
As soon as I atune myself to the rythm of my spiritual heart, I'm at peace, I'm myself again.

I am sure you know about the rising popularity of KIRTAN in the US.
Recently, Krishna Das, an American Kirtan artist, but first and foremost a spiritual seeker, was nominated for the Grammys and also sang at the Grammys. First time a Bhajan (Kirtan) was sung at the award ceremony! Watch:

As you know the 16th century was an age of Bhakti - so many bhakti saints were showered on this planet in every faith.

This is the age of revival. This is the age of Bhakti and Jnan. Jnan without Bhakti is incomplete. Bhakti without Jnan is incomplete.

I bring to you Dave Stringer, a Kirtan artist I just found and heard for the first time. His story is amazing. You can read in detail at:
here is a summary:
Dave Stringer was working in Hollywood and a film editing project took him to an ashram in India. He had to edit knowledge videos of a Guru which was the divine's plan to make it a means by which he would learn about Yoga etc. The chanting and kirtans at the ashram had a profound impact on him. He had some spiritual experiences that changed his life. He returned to LA and then doors started opening for him to sing Kirtans and now he does this full time!

Dissolve into the rythm of the sacred songs, you will experience your consciousness...the rythm will support the process....transcend, merge....
Hope you will enjoy this Masti. Join the celebration!

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