Saturday, March 30, 2013

Prisoners of our Past

Sometimes when we watch a movie twice, we understand it better, we can solve the mystery, we can understand the characters and situations better.
It's the same thing with life. If we could see our life again, rerun, we would understand ourselves better, why we are the way we are. Why others are the way they are.

See evolved souls and enlightened ones are not judgemental. They can see that because certain things happened to this person in the past he/she is like this in the present. They can see the past, present and future. They have complete Vairagya, detachment/dispassion, and immense compassion. They are never negative in their observance of others.
"Dispassion does not divide you - it connects you to the present moment. When you are not dispassionate, you are linked to the past or future" - Sri Sri Ravi Shankar

Events in the past, like in childhood, can affect our personality. A psycho-therapist looks into the causes in the past that are causing personality disorders.
It can be in previous lives. We may see a husband being mean and dominating with his wife. The saint sees that this same husband was a dominated wife in his previous life. When he was a wife in a male dominated, conservative society, he suffered injustice and was thinking, "Wait till I'm the husband!"
Someone comes to the saint and asks, "Why do I have fear of closed places? I feel clostrophobic?" He sees that this person was imprisoned in his previous life, in a small dark prison cell. S
omeone come to the saint and says that she feels no one loves her, others tell her she can't connect with others. The saint sees her as a victim in the previous life of her in-laws making her an outcast for being different and then she disconnected with the world and closed in.
This Guru seems fake as he is chasing fame, power, money and seems to have a big ego because he was a great disciple of his Guru and started becoming famous and his Guru became jealous and insecure so threw him out of the organization that brought shame and sadness to the disciple and he vowed to outdo his Guru, and all this chasing fame is to outdo his Guru. And so...there are millions of stories that span life times...

Our fears, our feelings, our life circumstances, what's happening and why, is a long story. We are the prisioners of our past. We are what we are because of something that happened to us in the past. Now we want to break free, we want liberation from this prison cell. In Vedic texts this is all explained as Karmas, Vasanas, Samskaras. But all this is also part of the grand design of the story of creation. I feel that we are actually, truly, very good human beings. We are all positive. The negative is a result of certain circumstances and reactions to those. I don't know how, when, and why we started accumulating these impressions and tainting ourselves. But the queston now is how to break free, how do erase all the impressions, how to return to purity...

Let us have this understanding so that we are not judgemental, have negative feelings, or react to others. WIth this understanding let us be more compassionate and dispassionate in life. What do you say?

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