Friday, May 31, 2013

Rebellious Revolutionary Wisdom

Negativity is not real. It is a thought, feeling, emotion, trascient - comes then goes, an illusion that materializes then vaporizes. A dream we hold on to and give it reality. We hold on to and suffer guilt and blame, suffer anger and pain. Isn't it?

You are not ignorance. You are not anger. You are not ceaseless desires, lust nor greed. The Self is free of fear. The ego is unreal - a mist that appears as a monster. All that you want to get rid of is NOT you. You want: truth, love, peace, wisdom, compassion, infinite, bliss. You want, because it's your default state. Without disturbance - we experience. You want to go back to what you already ARE. Somewhere deep inside, you have an inkling - perhaps it is me! You are sleeping, dreaming, stuck in the web of the Matrix.

It's better to light a candle than to curse the darkness. The solution is in the soul.

For a moment realize this is the crust, the shell of the coconut. For a moment repose in the Self. Close your eyes and take a deep breath. Smile. Let go. Relax and be natural. Rest the mind, slip into the cave of heart. Let compassion blossom like a flower and spread it's fragrance. You are Compassion. See, observe, become Aware. You are Awareness! Expand like a bubble from body to surroundings to are infinite!

It's not about knowing, it's about being. No discussion or logic is there in That which is beyond. Expand There. Experience It. Drop the mind. You are not the mind nor intellect. You are intelligence itself - wisdom unbound. Become Aware. This is You. 

With open eyes, moment to moment, again and again, in an instant be that awareness. While thinking, listening, talking, working... When a tangent of negativity exits the highway of awareness - observe - that moment go full circle and rejoin the highway of awareness. Disown that negativity. It is not you. Observe the negative and it will vaporize. No remorse, no guilt, nor blame. The past is dead, doesn't exist now, except in your mind. Now! In this eternal moment you are - BE!

Awareness and Compassion. Being established in the Self. The Self is free. 

You are love. You are peace. You are bliss. 

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