Friday, May 31, 2013

Story Time! Spiritual Experiences...

This is something that happened with my best friend, as narrated by her. 
She doesn't want her name to be revealed so I will call her by "Kesari".

It was Easter Sunday, April 15, 1979. Kesari and I were 13 yrs old, in the boarding school, St. Mary's Convent (Ramnee), Nainital, India. This was is the foothill of the Himalayas. It was night time, and since it was a holiday we didn't have our regular study hour. Instead it was free time and the study hall had music playing and girls socializing. Kesari and I were having a very philosophical discussion, about infinity, God, etc. We stepped outside the study hall to the veranda. We were wondering if there was a state of mind without thoughts. It was an interesting thought! Chalo! Why don't we see if we can eliminate our thougths! Yes we were 13 yrs old. Out in the distance were the shadows of the hills and glimmering lights here and there. We started experimenting removing thoughts. Now starts Kesari's narration of her side of the story. Kesari decided to focus on one of those lights while observing her thougths and focusing on the gap between the thoughts. Finally there was only 1 thought.
And then................suddenly all the music and sounds sucked into her eyes like a vacuum, the light from her eyes became black.........

She felt me tapping on her shoulder and came back. She felt she had blinked. I told her that it's time to go to the dorms as it's bed time. But, she said, we just came! No, I said, an hour has passed, we were just standing here, since she looked blanked out I didn't disturb her. She didn't realize how much time had passed. 
So we started walking down from the veranda onto the gravel towards the bathrooms before we went up to the dorms. I was walking beside her. The moon was behind us and our shadows in front. It was night time. A bright light circled her shadow and her shadow disappeared. I was standing there shocked. She seemed unperturbed. Then slowly the shadow came back. I looked at her agast! Still shaking we walked to the bathrooms and then to the dorms. In the dorm we went into a corner and I asked her what's going on! It's too much for me, should we tell the head Sister? She said no need. She was fine, infact in bliss, and felt quite normal. Later she had told me that in that state she had no thought processing. All thoughts and words simply flowed from her. She said everything she saw seemed like a movie she was watching, things, people, her own body, everything... she was simply observing. Then she folded her hands and said, "I'm a preacher now!" Ok that did it. I said well, I'm leaving, and she better sort out what's going on with her. It was quite spooky for me. 

She said this state of hers continued for several months. She didn't know what to do, she had no Guru, no guidance and she was only 13. She felt alone and no one could understand her, nor could she talk to anyone about what she was experiencing. She had extra sensory powers and physical powers. She experimented to see if it was true. She threw a shot-putt during sports day training and it flew across many many feet. The girl who were sitting and watching got up in amazement and were shocked.
She realized that she had to renounce that state and come back to being a "normal" 13 yr old girl. She knew that one day she would come back to this state when it was time....and she says the time is coming soon!

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