Saturday, June 29, 2013

An offering to you Giridhari!

Whatever I am in my present state I offer to you Giridhari
I have reacted
I have gotten angry
I have become sick with negativity
Then I cried in pain
I have been blind, ignorant weak
In that state I can't hear anyone preach to me, all I want is a hug of love
There's attachment, judgement, dislike in the deep darkness of night
Then I drop at your feet tired and fall asleep
At dawn I wake up rested and refreshed
I read and rememeber about vivek and vairagya
Now I can absorb and reflect
Attach my self to the permanent to detach from the fake and false
In a flash, a lightning, my being changes
Awareness Awareness Awareness!
My inner environment should be clean and prestine 

When Meera suffered at the hands of her in-laws she wrote letters to Giridhari:
"How should I write to You this letter?
My hands are trembling and my heart withered,
The tongue doesn't speak and eyes are tearful,
How should I hold Your feet when my
Whole body is out of my possession?"
So what to do in this deep pain?
Sing Meera Sing!
The best medicine in this world is to sing the name of the Lord
Oh my fellow Bhakts listen to this beautiful prayer by Rukmini which I was listening to as I wrote this:
In bliss and ecstasy the whole being transforms, transcends
Tears flow and heart yearns
This is the ONLY resting place to find solace
Where I offer my body, mind and soul to you oh Lord!
Why these challenges Giridhari?
I am imperfect oh Lord, please purify me
This yearning to be your best child
To do all my Karm with conscience
Open my heart so I may love all
Protect my heart with dispassion and kill my false ego not to be hurt
I only know I love You!
Oh Krishn teach me Your skills to live
Honest I am and determined, now stronger to fight negativity
Now when the storm has calmed I realize You Oh Lord wanted me to wake up!
This great challenge has pierced through me to consciousness
From information, knowing, learning to a real realization!
This great challenge has forced me to be more established in Vairagya
Forced me to look into why I suffer
Forced me to observe, and keep observing.
Forced me to become aware, and continue being aware.
WIth the might of Durga I will fight negativity, falsehood, ego, and ignorance.
My enemies and obstacles they are on the flow to you oh Lord
Let me lean back and relax. Close my eyes and merge into the song of my Lord.
May I be no more, may there only be this bliss of divinity.

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