Saturday, August 10, 2013

Unfolding into Unconditional Love

Why is Unconditional Love (Bhakti) prescribed for the dark age (Kaliyug) of Imperfection? With so much imperfection all around which can bring anger and hatred; only Love can Accept and then only through Love can we Change and Transform. Anger and hatred towards Imperfection is still Anger and Hatred (Dvesh)!
The mind, intellect, and ego divides people.
The heart, service, forgiveness, and 
love unites!
God distributed intellect differently and Love equally!
Each one has capacity of infinite love with or without intellect.

How does it matter who's right or wrong!
Truth is Love. 
Between right and wrong don't lose the love.
Love is more important than right or wrong.
Love is Truth. 
Let love be Unconditional...

Divine loves you without conditions! When you realize He is your own realize unconditional love's your own fragrance :)
True love goes beyond's being established in our own Being which is love and naturally flowing to others :)

Love purified is devotion
Then love is expansion
Love for Krishn is elation
There is longing in separation
Wanting love is deception
Then love is contraction
Expectation and demand bring destruction
Why? and explanation destroy communication
Heart to heart, soul to soul is the language of love
When you want to merge with the other
When there is only the other
Love without emotion is devotion
When there is "I" there is drama
When is love unconditional?
When you love them just the way they are!
When you hug both their perfection and imperfection
Like a mother loves a child
When you love inspite of what they are

Love is in giving, when love is without reason
We are all looking for that divine love
Looking for a soul mate to experience it
Looking for that perfect love, the one that never dies, which is as vast as the sky!
That love which time and events cannot touch
With the manure of wisdom matures into ancient love of lifetimes!
That which is within you - the inexpressible!
Love starts with Krishn as a play of duality
Love completes in merging into Oneness
Divine love IS me! Is what I am made of! It is existence! Love is all there is! Love makes the world turn, the universe vibrate! It is the sound Om! Love is bliss!!
Oh! My beloved! I long for that love!


  1. Dear Vinita, you just answered the prayer in my heart, a burning question was put to rest with ease reading this. Thank you!

    1. It wasn't me! :-) This is eternal and divine! So let us thank Him. All praise goes to the divine! Lots of Love to you Chana!