Saturday, July 5, 2014

Krishn and Christ are my own Consciousness!

How long and how much can you love an external God and dwell in duality? It then becomes idol worship and superficial. When we go deeper into the devotion we feel within for the divine, we start merging into our own inner experience of love, devotion and bliss. That is our own consciousness, our Atman. We discover the divine within. The only devotion that lasts and reaches home is one that discovers that the divine is our own consciousness. Krishna is my consciousness. Christ is my own consciousness. Then who do I worship? 
That’s not all. We then realize that our individual consciousness is the same as the universal consciousness. That all of creation is full of and permeated with a living consciousness. That feeling of one big whole which is beaming with love, which is alive, intelligent and that is all there is!
At the climax of loving you become Love. At the pinnacle of devotion you become the Beloved

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