Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Make your Self front and center

Make your Self front and center. Make it the most important thing. Invest in your Self. Feel the connection with your Self. Because the soul is the center of your existence. Once centered, consciousness becomes the medium of operation, for everything, you will see, it is miraculous.

We must connect with all the levels of our existence! We must feel connected to our world. We must feel connection with others, and everyone. We must feel a loving connection with our family. We must connect and communicate with our own body. We must connect and become aware of our breath. We must connect with and observe our thoughts. We must connect and sense our subtlest feelings. And we must connect with our own Self! We must connect with that which observes the world, people, body, breath, thoughts and feelings. Who is the one connecting? We are always centered in the soul. We just don't realize. Why? Because we operate from the mind. But who operates the mind? Who observes the mind? Where do thoughts come from? Doing this is meditation.

Meditation doesn't mean sitting in a lotus posture and trying to meditate. No, it's not a technique or exercise. It is being still and observing, becoming aware of who's observing. It is Being. Connecting with that observer. That's the Self. It permeates the thoughts, feelings, breath, water in a sponge. There is nothing but Self. You can be meditative at any moment even with your eyes open. A walk by yourself in nature, being fully present there, just enjoying nature. Sitting by a stream and just letting yourself flow. Looking up into the stars at night and having that wow moment! Lying down being silent, relaxed, and just being with yourself. Listening to soul stirring music, especially sacred songs, just merge with the music, go into trance. Meditation is the effortless awareness of the Self.

We all meditate, we just don't realize it. We are all aware of the Self but we just don't recognize it.
One bubble in an ocean asked another bubble, "Have you seen the Water?" The other bubble said, "No, I haven't but I've heard so much about the Holy Water. I really want to witness what this Water is like, you know. I feel so disconnected with the Holy Water. I know of a big bubble who has witnessed Water, have you heard of him?". The first bubble replied, "Yeah! I have heard of him. But you know he's way up there, so evolved, I will never get to that level, I'm just a small little bubble down here. I've tried to meditate on Water but just doesn't happen you know." As they conversed they floated up in the ocean carried by divine Grace, lifting them towards the surface, even without their awareness. And what do you think will happen when they reach the surface?

This post is dedicated to my friend Subina :)

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