Monday, July 27, 2015

How do you treat yourself?

The way you treat yourself is the way you will let the world treat you.

Patterns of experiences repeat themselves till we integrate the learning and grow from it.
It can be a relationship with parent, spouse, child, or friend.
It can be long and sustained, or short and intense.
Our inner shortcomings attract the same lessons, till an inner blossoming takes place, and the light shines within.

We get affected by people and situations. Perhaps in my case I have developed a deep impression that I am not loved or accepted as I am. Judgments have lead me to lose my own self-worth, self-acceptance and connection with others. These impressions within cause my soul to manifest experiences in which another person doesn't love or respect me. The impression deepens and the cycle continues. Until I work earnestly on taking myself out of the cycle of misery.

I have gone through many repeated patterns of experiences to learn the lesson of my life; to have self-worth, self love, to honor myself, to hold myself in divine esteem, to nurture and pamper the child within me that feels no one loves but whom I need to love and embrace. Need to accept and love myself as I am. Need to feel that I am a beautiful divine being blessed by God's loving grace. I need to value myself as much as God does. Then I wouldn't be treated as worthless, disrespected or abused. I need to hold on to my power and not give it away to be manipulated.
The amount one respects and loves oneself is the amount others will. When we love ourself we are not affected by others. This is not an egoistic love, but a knowing that I am love.
When the love and light dawn within it is a beautiful feeling.

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  1. The reason for going through the human experience is to be able to relate to others, and to help those with the lessons you have learnt.