Monday, August 31, 2015

Reality is Multi Dimensional

Time is an illusion Space is a prison of limitation. The linear is only 3 dimensional and reality is multi dimensional. It throws you into realms incomprehensible. Like an ever evolving...changing...multi colored fractal. Divine, Beautiful, and Magnificent beyond belief!

It has started... We have started waking up. My higher Self said, "This shell I had created and maintained waiting for my true light being Self to now come in". The lower self, the carbon based body, the world...seemed like an illusion. This new Reality seemed Real. 

Beyond the mind and beyond comprehension, can only be experienced, to realize that this so called reality is just a dream...

Then I happened to use the Trinfinity 8 app on my phone, and lo and behold! it was the same as what I had experienced, except this was a 2 dimensional representation of the multi dimensions it represents. 

It seems as though we have been 'capped', or kept in a quarantine, or held down to a limited reality. Now suddenly that contract was over and the limitations removed - now the earth is free, and now the universal energies and beings from all the dimensions are showering their benevolence on us, for use to be what we truly are - multi dimensional beings. Unfathomable it is. 

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