Thursday, June 16, 2016

"So-hum" and "Ham-sa" - Balancing Duality

Sanskrit, and Hebrew, are energy based languages first, then meaning based. What does that mean? Each sound vibration carries an energy signature that conducts a certain effect in the physical and subtle realms. Therefore Mantras are energy formulas. Russian scientist have proven that these affect the "junk" DNA. These vibrations are already in creation so Sanskrit sounds were picked up by ancient Seers, "Rishis". The sound also describes the "feel".

"So-hum" and "Hum-sa" are mantras with a deeper meaning. The left nostril represents "So/Sa" for the Ida nadi, for Soma, the moon, 'Yin', the feminine energy, and one side of duality. The right nostril is associated with "Hum" for the Pingala nadi, for the sun, 'Yang', the masculine principle, and the other side of duality. 

In alternate nostril breathing, we start from the nostril that is open. If we start with the left nostril and exhale from right nostril then the mantra "So-hum". And if we start with the right nostril and exhale through the left nostril it's "Hum-sa". 

Balancing both Nadis, brings perfect balance in duality, closes their separation and results in their union, 'Yog'; only then can we transcend duality brings union, yoga. 

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