Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Twelve strand DNA, Ascended Masters, Merkaba - some reflections

In the New Age community, there is much talk about activating your twelve strand DNA or our cells will transform from two strand to twelve. Hmmm :)

So I pondered on this. What came to me is this. Like our physical three-dimensional body has the double helix, two strand DNA. Similarly, our other subtle bodies also have subtle DNAs as a blueprint for those bodies. They may be different in structure. So for example, the physical body has physical DNA, the light body has light DNA, and so for our other bodies or layers of existence. These other bodies, subtle, causal, astral, etheric, and so on already exist, but we are not able to see them or be able to access them. As we ascend and move on to becoming expanded into these outer layers, so will our DNA be revealed. It is already there.

Similarly many ascended masters, yogis, Siddhas, already exist, but we can't see them because they are vibrating much higher and exist in their subtle bodies. Perhaps when we are sleeping, in the astral realm we will see them, or when we meditate and our consciousness is in higher states we can feel their presence, or see them vaguely within. So as our consciousness awakens and we rise to their level of vibrations they will become visible to us. Not that they will make themselves visible like many people say. Consequently, people vibrating at lower energies will not be able to see us, if we have gone beyond their bandwidth of physical vision, just like they don't understand us today when we talk knowledge beyond their bandwidth of understanding.

The Merkaba light vehicle is something a light body can weave around itself, so it's like an organic structure. Think of it like a silk worm, caterpillar or light fly weaving a physical chrysalis around itself. So this light sheath can be woven before moving through physical space or dimensions, and then unwoven once the destination is reached. Sort of what Starship Enterprise would weave around itself before going into light speed :)

These are my inner reflections...

Love & Light

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