Wednesday, March 8, 2017

International Women's Day - Balance of Male and Female

Excerpt from my book, "Merging with the Beloved"

The Rise of the Divine Feminine 

Many flowers have been crushed before they could blossom. A flower is soft, gentle, fragrant and beautiful, yet considered weak and irrelevant in a world where physical strength, mind, and ego dominate. When there is dis-balance in nature, there comes suffering and then a correction to re-balance. There are matriarchal and patriarchal cultures in the world, but for a long time now the male dominated cultures have been more prominent. Women have come to sacrifice themselves for men to learn lessons from abuse and injustice towards them.

In the Vedic and other ancient traditions, the masculine and feminine principles have been considered complimentary halves of duality, Shiv and Shakti, or Yin and Yang. The divine feminine is not related to gender or genitals, it is the feminine qualities of creativity, patience, forbearance, nurturing, motherly love, inner strength, spiritual power, surrender and sacrifice. The masculine is that of logic, intellect, decision making, being objective, outer strength, power and authority. Similar to the left brain. A man can have feminine qualities dominant, and vice-versa. Some people have an equal balance of both. In this very masculine world, there has been little appreciation for her inner power and qualities. 

Now nature is bringing back the balance by raising the feminine Shakti principle. The Earth is being viewed as Mother Gaia. We are moving from the ego framework of service to self, to heart virtues like service to others. You see women in movies being given the role of the protagonist, and not just being used for their bodies. We see women’s opinions are being given more respect in society, and their voices are heard. There is growing acceptance of women breaking free from control and dominance by male members of their family to choose what they want to do in life, get educated, and have a career if they like. It is no longer the case that women have to live in a shadow, though in some places on earth they are still treated worse than animals. With the balance of male-female coming back to earth, relationships are becoming supportive and true partnership, like two parts of a soul.

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