Monday, December 4, 2017

the Being beyond Behavior


The curtain between you and me is our personality.
Our behavior, our emotions, our style, our likes and dislikes, our drama.
The mask we wear, that has stuck to our real face.

What if...
you could play with the mask
What if...
you could choose and change your masks
What if...
you could pick and play with your personality

I my mind's eye
how easily I could choose my behavior
how I could change how I act at will
I saw...within my mind
how I am an actor with my character
how trivial superficial it is to my Being

Then I...
had a good laugh...hahaha...this is so much fun!
Then I...
saw my true nature behind the character, alak niranjan!

The sun always shines, with millions of rays being its expression
Still remains the One Sun.
That brilliant sun - the still the steady

Even saints and Avatars have had a personality. No one has been perfect in words and behavior.
Why judge? Yourself and others...
Look beyond behavior to the Being.
Trestle: Intermediate Masks

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