Saturday, August 24, 2019

Born Anew.

Like shedding a layer of skin. pealing off the previous existence, you are born again. Have you noticed that? Very often after a tragic or jolting experience in life, you are thrust through gushing waters as though you are going to drown, but you come alive and unveil a new self. It is as though you are born again. It seems as though a dream has ended and you are awake.
Now in this life, we are living multiple lives, one after the other our Karma is taking us through multiple cycles in one life. So we see marriages coming to an end and new relationships starting, we see severe sicknesses and recoveries. We see great trauma, drama, and scenes changing quickly. Everything is happening in fast forward. As though we are in a hurry to finish the curriculum and we are cramming for the finals. Have you experienced this?
If you ask a faint inner voice you will feel it. A new version of yourself, 2.0 has emerged. The brave souls may go to 3.0 to 5.0.
See this as an opportunity to grow. The students who finish multiple grades in one year are bright and will graduate from bondage to liberation quickly. The tests may be harsh and intense, relationships short and emotional. You must have the eye of wisdom to understand. You must stay connected with your inner Self to stay anchored and guided. Know the difference between your personality and your real Self. Know who you truly are. Be in touch with your greater existence. You can't get lost in the storm, you must rise above it, sail through it with the right radar to the other shore. It is all already destined. You chose this life as it is. You chose at every fork in the path. In the end - all is well.
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