Thursday, August 16, 2012

Spirituality is needed to handle problems

          Is it just me or are the problems in the world becoming more difficult and challenging? Especially the urban world. I look at the previous generation and my own life, over time problems have increased and become more complicated. Time is running faster, there's less time and more demand on our energy.. Life, relationships, work, has become crazy and yet there is also more awareness, and humans have evolved. So there is a polarity and that polarity is widening.

There are outer supports: family, doctor, counselor, community, and other such things to provide help when we're in problems. Spirituality is the inner tool and support to handle problems. The more the problems, the greater the challenge, the more strength from spirituality is required.
We have so many problems, we need spirituality to handle them.

All problems can be classified into three categories:
1. Health
2. Wealth: Job, finances, investments, property, and such.
3. Relationships. Worry about children and parents. Issues with spouse, lover, friend.
Sometimes we have one of these, sometimes all. Some are minor issues, sometimes major. No one can deny that they don't have any problems in life. Like Buddha said, there will be problems, old age, disease and death. We need to be spiritual not to be conquered by them, but to rule over them.

What is spirituality? Essentially it is wisdom, values, and inner strength. Wisdom is the guidance we need to know our body-mind-soul, people, situations, the world, and how to handle them. How not to have negative emotions, how to reduce impressions and desires which are the cause of problems, how to act, how to calm the mind. We also need a code of conduct, the values that should be common for all human beings, like a constitution. Being honest, humble, compassionate, serving others, and so on.

We also need tremendous inner strength to handle problems that could make us fall apart. For this awareness, yoga, meditation, pranayamas, knowledge of the Self/consciousness, knowing everything is changing, detaching and witnessing, all help in building that inner mettle to face any storm. It's like a ship that's sailing the oceans, there will be quiet times, there will be storms, and then there will be such torrents that could sink the ship. We need to have a good captain, the mind, a good crew, our breath and senses, a good solid ship, our body, to sail through the storms.

Sometimes I feel the more spiritual a person is the more challenging and more frequent are the storms. Perhaps it's like higher grades of education, it gets tougher as you progress through the years of education and head towards graduation.

So we need spirituality as it's the inner support to face problems. God gave us this life and put problems in it. He also gave us guides and counselors in the form of sages, saints, Gurus, and also solution manuals like the Gita, Bible, Qur'an, and so on.

I have had and am facing my share of problems, sometimes I am in the storm, then I wake up and gain that awareness, disengage, observe the storm, and handle it without getting swept away. Let us support others who are in problems with compassion but without getting affected ourselves, like doctors, they heal and don't get emotionally involved.

I hope this post has helped you!

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