Monday, August 20, 2012

Spiritual joke

      Here's one of my favorite jokes:
A top executive on vacation at a Mexican beach watches a fisherman get up late every day, work a few hours, eat lunch, sleep in the afternoon, and party in the evening with his amigos (friends). 
The ambitious executive is very restless so he asks the fisherman: Why do you go fishing only for a few hours? 

Fisherman: I earn enough for my family; I'm happy…
Executive: Well, you can work double the number of hours, earn double, get another boat, then two, then open a company…then take the company public…then you will be rich! 
Fisherman: Okay. How long will that take? 
Executive: About ten to fifteen years.
Fisherman: After all that hard work, then what? 
Executive: Then you can retire! 
Fisherman: Retire and do what? 
Executive: Then you can get up late, do some fishing, eat, sleep, and party with your friends.…

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