Tuesday, August 21, 2012

V R 1

        There is a thread that weaves through our hearts, and garlands the Lord.
                I look into your eyes, I feel your presence, the moment we connect v r 1.

Busy and running through life we forget the purpose of life.
               In those moments where I have lived in the moment, in that bliss I have lived my life.
         If I drop for a second the needs to earn money and shortness of time
               If in those moments I live from my heart, discover my soul, what flows is a fountain of love.
        In that deluge of love and bliss all are soaked, all are served, and they wonder what you have drunk.
              If I could revel in that peace, ecstasy and exultation of spirit I would have served the purpose of this life.
        There is no you nor me my friend. We are simply shells floating in the milky way. All is 1.

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