Friday, October 5, 2012

Be a Material and Spiritual King!

Some say that spirituality makes people lose their drive to succeed in life.
There's nothing wrong with earning money: it's quite useful, but at what cost?
Those chasing money, power, or fame are struggling feverishly to achieve it, fretting to maintain it in fear of losing it, and then suffering great misery when it starts going away. In this entire cycle, meant to eventually and inevitably achieve happiness, where and at what point does one feel satisfaction or joy?
So then how do I do well without becoming greedy, jealous, egoistic, arrogant, selfish, or addicted to money?

The Vedic wisdom says awake, arise, realize your potential! There's nothing wrong with being a rich business owner, a famous celebrity, or a powerful President. But the only sustainable way is through Dharma— through moral, legal, and healthy means, without greed, lust, jealously, ego, anger, etc.
There is a good example of this in history. Long ago there lived a very powerful king with a huge royal treasury. He held the responsibility for his large kingdom very well. He was very just and kind to his people, so they loved him. He was a role model for all. He was rich, powerful, and famous. But he was also a spiritual king, wise and skillful. His name was...
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