Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Secret of Creation and Dissolution: Life and Death

It is Mahalaya Paksh from September 30th to October 15, 2012. This fortnight in the Vedic calendar is dedicated to paying homage to one's ancestors, 'Pitr'.

In the Vedic philosophy creation and dissolution on the macro level, and life and death on the micro level, are cyclical, not linear. This cycle is replicated symbolically through the Vedic year. At the end of this Pitr Paksh, on October 16th, the nine nights of Navratri will start. The nine nights symbolize the nine months and nine days of gestation of a fetus in a mother's womb. On the tenth day, Dussera, is the birth, as if of creation. Then towards the end of the astrological year we enter into dissolution. The Mahalaya Paksh comes after dissolution and before the next creation starts. It's as if creation has hit the pause button. As what happens to the soul after death and before the next rebirth, as well as what happens after the dissolution of the universe, 'Prakriti laya' or suspension in creation, before the next creation cycle.

The soul or Atman is not subject to this cycle, it is eternal, non-destructible, it has no birth nor death. If there is one thing to remember at the time of death is this, that the soul is immortal, I am the soul. Then there will be no fear.

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