Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Oh! Lord Thy Drunken Lover

Koi na Bandhu Koi na Sakha sab hai yahan Svarthi Re
Baandh le Preetam se tu Jodhi Vohi hai pakka Sarthi Re
Dhondha Ras to Paae Peedha Sookha har Sansari Re
Chhod de bandhan arre Kesari* tere to Giridhari Re

A hundred arrows to my heart there may be Oh! Lord may this soul keep singing its Truth, with no hate...
Pangs of pain there may be from attachment chains Oh! Lord axe asunder for me to fly free into thy land...
A hundred spirits there may be, drunk with delusions of solutions Oh! Alchemist let this drunken lover serve thy spirit...
May there always be mystics in my life Oh! Beloved let this be Your gift, that I too may sing your praise!

*Kesari - what my name should have been as on my birth chart (Janam Patri) and therefore I use it as my pen name.

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