Monday, February 24, 2014

Dharma is higher than Love!

Inner voice...

There is something higher than love
What can be higher than love?
Dharma is higher than love...
It is Dharma that guides love to be unconditional, to become bliss
It is Dharma that guides us to Moksha.

Krishn resides in the heart. Anahat. Vaikunth
Shiv resides in the mind, 3rd eye. Ajna. Silence, Vairagya
Shiv is pure intellect which is wisdom
Vishnu is pure love which is Bhakti - unconditional love.
When only Krishn is there, without the dispassion of Shiv, then love remains emotion
When only Shiv is there, without the surrender of Bhakti, then intellect becomes arrogance
Shiv and Krishn are both required in equal balance.
The flame from the heart to the mind is to be kept steady. 
Then love rises higher to become vast, unconditional. 
Then intellect bows lower to become wisdom.
The perfect flame is the peaceful Self that wavers not.
And remember...The heart is the seat of the soul. The journey of the Jiva is from the mind to the inner heart. :-)
Om Tat Sat

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