Friday, March 14, 2014

Balanced growth and Harmony

I'm quite concerned about balanced growth.
It's very important to purify the mind, character, emotions, reduce ego as one gains revelations and knowledge.
That's why in ancient texts first purification is prescribed. The karma yoga. To reduce desires, Kaama, that perpetuate emotions and actions.
Then the clarity and calmness can come to the turbulent mind through meditation.
And Bhakti that purifies emotions with pure love.
Only after all this purity and clarity can the knowledge gained become integrated. Ignorance can only be removed when there , as the ground is ready.
If there is impurities in me, like judgement, ego, a restless mind, and then I gain knowledge, it's like a disease, or malformed growth.
I should be sensitive enough to root out all negativeness, impurities, and replace with pure love.
Therefore body, mind, and soul, should be in harmony.

The growth should also be balanced in the inner world and outer world.

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