Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Tear apart Judgement Criticism Jealousy...

Tear apart that jealousy, criticism, judgement, anger coming your way before it enters and affects you.
It's bad for the sender and receiver!
Everything changes. One day a friend loves and respects you the next day it suddenly changes.
Why? Because no one is perfect.
It's ok, you can keep loving and respecting with dispassion. Smile :-)

Anger comes from expectations, desiring perfection in the other. Desires come from ego.
Jealously comes from lack of love of the other as their own. Can you be jealous of your child's success? No, because you consider him your own. Jealousy comes from one's own lack of self worth.
Judgement comes from lack of love, one that can't accept the other person as they are - mortal imperfect human. Judgement and criticism comes from a limited belief system that narrows one's vision and closes the heart.
Opinions bound a many. Opinions change, why bother hanging onto them. You may still remember and the other person may have scorned you and forgotten. Your own opinions change. There are so many opinions! How can any one be right or wrong!?
It's only perceptions.

These emotions cause you to sink, take you lower. Don't let them rise. Rid them with your mind's awareness and will. They are unhealthy. Expand your awareness.
Perceptions, Beliefs, Assumptions, Expectations, Feelings - these are the by products of limited awareness.

When someone judges, criticizes, dislikes, disrespects you then you react in the same fashion or get hurt, sad, feel bad.
How to break this chain?

* Love * Compassion * Prayer

We are here for others. Practice forgiveness. We are here to serve others. Let's pray for all.
We are of no use to humanity when we suffer from emotions.

So, tear apart that judgement, that lack of love, that dislike, that disrespect, before it touches you. Visualize it as a piece of paper coming towards you which you vaporize with your thoughts of love and forgiveness.

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