Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Akshaya Prem (Eternal Love) on akshaya tritiya

I drink a spirit that doesn't come in a bottle, not a vintage, it's eternal...
Men drink spirits and lose sensibility, my senses are lost in thee Manhari!
I'm served the poison of negativity, turn to the nectar of love oh Giridhari! 
Emotions I turn and sing to thee, the best remedy, now your people call me deewani! 
I've found the solution to misery, it's the dance of Bhakti, now your world calls me baawari!
Piya me to baanwari ho gayi! 
Akshaya prem se juddh gayi. 
Magna nashe mein kho gayi! 
Purna Anandit ho gayi. 
Piya me to teri ho gayi...

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