Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Divine Interactions!

I'm coming across so many interesting personalities! I've noticed that we tend to get so caught up in the personality, that we never look beyond it. We then remain with the judgement of personalities! This limits us. I have promised myself that I will 'see' the subtle aspect, the divinity permeating the person, the consciousness that is thinking, talking and doing through this person. This needs compassion, detachment and Vivek. This will release me from judgement.

I love knowing and understanding human life, mind, and soul. So I observe and reflect a lot, driven by the aspiration for full expression. Every person, personality, event, interaction is teaching me so much!

What we need to do in each interaction is to bring out the best side of the person, It's easier to bring out the worst side of a person.. We should invoke the divine in them. How do we do that? When we express our own divine side, as in love, compassion, patience, humility, service, acceptance, and other divine virtues, then automatically the other person has no choice but to respond to them with his own wonderful divine qualities. Isn't it?
We need to have a foundation of good intention. Start with the intention that, "I will serve and love this person, and I would like to bring out the divine aspect of this person." Then automatically our presence, thoughts, words and actions will be driven with this intention.
Love and Serve all! We have come here for others!
And today coincidentally I read this, "Your focus should be how to get the best out of everyone who is with you. If you create the wrong situations, the best people will turn out to be the worst. If you create the right situations, the so-called worst will turn out to be fantastic human beings." - Sadhguru

Also understand that their personality is temporary and superficial compared to their true nature. We need to have the wisdom and compassion to have the knowing that all the traits we see in them that we don't like, or their negativity, has a root cause in their past that has shaped their current personality. With love and compassion we need to accept them as they are.
The patterns we see in their personality have been shaped by their experiences in the past. Each personality trait there's a cause, don't judge them on the surface, that's only the tip of the iceberg!

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