Sunday, July 27, 2014

Oneness of Devotion

When love becomes sacred it's devotion 
When the mind drops into prayer it's devotion 
O Sweet devotion! I dance in your bliss!
When intoxicated singing His name it's devotion 
When I sense my beloved as vast love everywhere, as everything ...everyone, as all's supreme devotion
When I become that nectar of devotion, when the beloved fills me...and merges...there's only devotion

The divine is present all the time, when I become aware, that instant there's Darshan
Krishn is always my soul but when the "I" drops, that moment there's Darshan
When I say I am Him and He is me the world thinks I'm crazy 
They praise my devotion of duality and can't relate to love as unity
I AM Krishn..this child's play...this dance of duality...a raas in the oneness of eternity
Who is Krishn but consciousness where is consciousness but all that is!
Jai Krishn Gopal Hari... Hey Deen Dayal Hare
Shyam ke rang me rang gayi Meera...merged...Rass khan to rass ke khan hue

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