Sunday, August 10, 2014

Devotion - A play of duality

"When you know you are God, how can you have this devotion and fascination for Krishna Mama?" my son asks me in astonishment. "On the one had you say I am God, you are God, everyone is God...ok Brahman, and then on the other hand you say pray to an eternal God - Krishna?!" He's quite confused by my talk on Advaita and Bhakti at the same time :)
"Knowing that Krishna and I are one, that there is only One, we can still play the game of duality; and enjoy the bliss and ecstacy of devotion; and do so knowingly", said I :)

Aa apne rang se bhar do Murari
Ek Rang Ban kar Mein Naachoongi
Is Raas ki Raat Tujh Sang Bitaoongi
Kesari ke Krishn...Krishn Mein Kesari
Rass mein doobh kar mit gayi Kesari

Fill me with with Your presence Murari
Merged in you I will dance in the bliss of ecstacy
This dance of Maya on the eternal Void
He is in me as me, I am in Him as Him....
This great expanse flooded with bliss

Hey Deen Dayal Hare!
Jai Krishna Gopal Hare!
Jai Nand Ke Laal Hare!

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