Thursday, September 11, 2014

Inferiority Complex of being Indian or Hindu

I feel very strongly about this so I would like to express it. There is so much cultural, religious, language, ethnic divide in India - what is the solution? First you are Human, then you are male/female, then a Citizen of a country and then of a particular religion, and so on. Don't muddle your identity - this is key to unity. See truth without prejudice, hatred, ignorance in perception. Indianslack self-esteem in their own culture and country which leads to inferiority complex. Don't demean your own esp. in public - you are what you demean. Criticism comes when you are not taking responsibility to fix what you criticize. Do something to serve community and country, weak people are arm chair critics. And why are Hindus so fearful of being good Hindus in India? ...and around the globe. We are idiots to tolerate injustice, inequality; be silent and not respond to: misrepresentation, accusation, disrespect, and prejudice of a ancient wisdom tradition which many non-Indians respect, understand, and defend more than we do! Is there something wrong in being truthful good human beings? The whole world is reading the Gita - it is the most secular spiritual text. It also says all religions and path are the same! Hinduism is one of the few major religions that is based on pluralism. It's not about superiority or inferiority - it's about equality, human dignity, and mutual respect. We learn things from other countries but why is it so hard to learn good things from them!? "Deepen your roots and broaden your vision" !!

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