Thursday, October 30, 2014

Singing, Sound, Vibrations and Healing

I'll write a series of posts on sound, rhythm, and vibrations. Images below are from the Cymatics of chants from Bhagavat Gita! Starting with what I was told by Shaman Steven Pawlak to sing/chant: "Empower yourself through the use of your voice. Using the sacred sounds you’re going to en-train your physical body, every cell of your being to these sacred chants, which elevates consciousness. When you en-train to these sounds then you become the instrument, your vibrations resonate throughout your body, and elevates consciousness and can heal the physical body. That’s why sacred chanting is done, because then you are the vessel, for those sacred sounds. That’s what the words 'atonement' and 'attunement' have to do with sacred sound. To atone for one’s sins, is really to break free of remnant vibrations [Vasanas/Samskaras] that you have been living in, that’s labelled as sin, and all it is is a frequency state. Once you atone and let go of that, you’re bringing yourself back into an attunement with God, and you are resonating differently. And once you become a vessel and use your voice you are now vibrating, not only every cell of your being, but you’re also bringing your brain into a different brain wave frequency. The EEG goes from Beta, to Alpha to Theta. The slower the brain operates the more we have access to it. And those are the expanded states of consciousness and awareness. The slower the brain operates the more capacity it has, so when it slows down to between 8 – 12 Hz (cycles) per second that’s Alpha state, above 12 Hz is Beta, which is our normal state of operating, up to about 30 Hz. So if you drop below this you go into meditative states and even lower into [Theta and Delta] expanded states of consciousness."

This is an excellent article on this subject:
"Holosync, Lifeflow, OmHarmonics – 3 Binaural Programs Reviewed"

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