Saturday, November 1, 2014

Secrets of Sound!

There are tremendous secrets that I am uncovering. What is unfortunate is that most westerners are NOT using the ancient knowledge and secrets coded in the Vedas. And I will talk in some code here, so that those who know or want to know will pick up. So wake up family of light! Look into Hidden Truths of Sound. Let's look at the heart Chakra, Anāhata, unstruck [sound]. Sound comes 1st. यं, Yaṁ is for heart chakra, also the beej Mantra for meditation. Frequency is the key. Frequency of the heart is 528hz (the middle note in music, the middle Chakra). After sound comes air, Prana. After air comes light, in the light spectrum heart is green. The Green blade of grass converts the energy from the sun, we can do the same. Sound creates Form from Matter and Energy, demonstrated by cymatics, that's the Yantra, sacred geometry, geometry is about numbers and numbers is the science of creation. Water is liquid crystal. We are 80% liquid. When frequency of 528hz is mirrored in the water you will see the geometric patterns, Yantra of the heart in the water. The star of David, the 2 triangles. Heart is Love when at 528hz reverse is fear and hate. The emotion of love is a very large electromagnetic field, vibratory pattern. Our Chakras are at endocrine glands, hormones are electromagnetically charged. Love is the universal healer. Sound heals. Water is universal solvent. Music is the universal language. As is the microcosm, the spiritual body of Chakras, so is our collective consciousness, and so is the universal or macrocosm, the 7 Lokhs. There's much much more I'm still unraveling. But here is a secret: We are reaching a key threshold, a higher Frequency resonance...So sing chant love! So simple :)

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