Wednesday, November 12, 2014

We are Gods

No matter how many words of wisdom we read, or hear, unless we experience we will not register or recognize it within. It's like reciting the Gita loudly to a person in deep slumber. When the dawn comes and awakening happens, these same words of wisdom, will become Oh! yah! a deep sense of remembrance, the re-sprouting of seeds within our consciousness. 
These idols and Gods we pray to are our family. We are the Rishis and Gods. Even Krishnji is one of us. We have forgotten our true identity and become dark lifeless robots reciting ritualistically because the light does not shine within. We are divine. We are light. We are love. We are rays of the One Supreme Consciousness. An exact replica in a mini form of the macro form of that One Supreme Consciousness that replicated itself infinitely. 

Yes we live in a special time when the God within us will awaken and remember our true identity. Many have achieved this on the planet today and am beginning to find out. And we are not a light in the darkness. We are a light amongst lights. We are a family of lights.

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