Friday, January 30, 2015

Believe in your Self!

As I was driving back work today I was thinking about the separation we have between God and us. I have learnt that there is the eternal consciousness, Brahman, all pervading and infinite. I know that I am Atma (soul consciousness), though I have not realized it. I love and pray to 'God'. But there why this separation? It is just a filter in the mind. Ofh! So much is just the mind. Then what happens when I set the mind aside? As I thought and felt my way through this, I began to hear somethings within, "Own your Self!"... That Brahman is me....."You are that!".....There is no God other than me....."There is NO OTHER! There is no 'He' in the heavens. There is only you!"......"Believe in your Self!"
My higher self is this whole cosmic consciousness....such an amazing feeling! Wah! As I drove, looking out from the car, I felt a sense of expansion. For a few moments that amazing feeling that I'm much bigger that just this physical body, and more lies beyond the mind.
We must know this. Each one of us must realize this. This is the age in which we need to bring forth our entire being, blossom fully in our divinity and bring it to life in the outer world, manifest divinity in reality. Each one must make this happen...
If you are young, this is your time. You are in an age creating the next wave of evolution. A better world. "Believe in your Self!" You are that which you seek.


  1. The separation disappears when one experiences
    Most of us know and acknowledge and appreciate and yet the mind is everywhere 24/7.
    We have to do away from all senses to start experience the end of mind atleast in meditation and then when it becomes a habit to be in the know all the time

    1. Yah...must be wonderful to be in the 'know' all the returning back home...I just posted this following comment on Meenaji's latest blog. "Flow of the Messengers of Light" on ST:
      'Divine luminous...with beautiful feel
      May this guiding light lead me home
      where I belong and long to return...
      Deep in the transcendental presence of my soul
      Lies the witness of all...fearless, all longing, and beyond the mind, just a witness of all time and all space...
      May I abide there Priya Meenaji! Pranam ..."

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  3. There’s is no separation from God it’s gap. In nonduality only God is permanent and real while the self is an illusion that vanishes when one reaches enlightenment, and the universe an impermanent state that is periodically dissolved and remade. That which changes and dissipates is not considered to be reality. The purpose of life on earth is to learn to transcend the illusory self through raising one’s consciousness to the divine itself. This achievement is called enlightenment or God-realization. Individuals ought to live their daily lives by striving to detach all the qualities of self and life that adhere and create the illusion of struggles in life, culture, nature, and individuality. This total emptying of all morality and psychology is identified with enlightenment. The self has then transcended into God, the only reality, void and empty of all appearance and of changing qualites.

  4. Our non-dual theology, probably represents the highest mystical insight possible. It is the insight that ultimately only God exists. The highest revelation is also in your heart revelations to yourself even though the two have no contact.

    The apparent similarity between “God rules all” and “Brahman is the all”. Since God rules all, the individual does not possess actual power but only the illusion of prudence leading to desired goals. And since God is the only life, human beings are merely receptors of God’s life, rather than self-existent beings that are alive.

    God alone is real (nonduality). … What we try to do God is doing through us. Our apparent duality is an aspect within a transcendent non-duality. The non-duality of God alone is super ordinate to all appearances of duality. … All our efforts to improve ourselves do not create an us-versus-God dualistic situation-but rather our efforts are a part of the working out of Divine Providence.

    1. Yes Krishanji - after knowing all this it is the Atma darshan, the experience of consciousness, transcendence that brings all this knowledge to fruitation. Else we remain in the realm of the mind, intellect, just knowing if not enough in spirituality, it is the actual experience of realization. Sometimes there are glimpses and doesn't have to be always in meditation. Sometimes the advancement is fast, sometimes slow. Feels like 1 step forwards 2 steps back. When life tests you - you see how much has been integrated. After reading so much, I know that it's only actual realization that matters. Some saints never even read so much, it was all experiential and then the knowledge flowed...Yes?

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  6. really no separation
    a veil of ignorance refuses one the wisdom..
    to know the truth is important...
    keeping that truth in the awareness constantly is another important step...
    and then one walks and experiences the magic...
    when GRACE allows then only the final experience happens...
    it does not matter how long i shall walk .. as i am enjoying the journey with various experiences.....

    1. So beautifully expressed with so much love and wisdom!
      ...keeping that truth in the awareness...and when divine Grace descends...then one experiences the magic...and then one realizes the purpose of being here at this time in human body on this planet...
      Thank you!