Thursday, January 29, 2015

Handling Negativity

Who said I'm perfect?  I am not a spiritual master. I never claimed to be enlightened. Those who are spiritual are immediately judged for their words and actions against the scale of perfection. Blamed for not walking the talk. But it's precisely because I am imperfect that I am spiritual, because of my desire to be a good human being, to attain peace and liberation.
Our greatest flaws are always seen by those who are closest to us, because Karma has placed people close to us with whom we need to play out our life's lessons, our short comings, imperfections, and Karmic balance. The learning is mutual. It is the one's closest to us who see our deepest cracks. 
Those who accept that they are imperfect are spiritual, they are willing to learn and improve. They want to understand themselves, they ask questions about life, creation and consciousness. Those who already think they are perfect have little room for improvement. Those who judge others by their own yardstick will have to bear the consequences. That's their path, for the time being the ego overshadows the light of their soul. Yet that too is part of the story, the cycle from wisdom to ignorance and back to wisdom. In ignorance and ego they pollute the environment with negativity. 
As one's awareness grows, so does one's sensitivity. When there's more sensitivity there's more vulnerability to get affected by negativity.  No one said that you have to be in the presence of negative people. You can sense the negative vibes and avoid such people and places. In fact the Vedic scriptures tell us to be in the presence of good human beings, pure, positive environments and even better to be in the presence of those who radiate love, peace, wisdom and bliss. However; our Karmas may place negative souls close to us. One has to have a shield of light in the presence of negative people and environments. When we are faced with relatives and friends who have negativity we have no choice but to pay the Karmic dues by learning the wisdom, compassion and skills to overcome our imperfections. Our Sadhana (spiritual practices) helps in purifying us from within, to grow in awareness, and puts us in touch with our soul; which is the source of wisdom and love. 
One of most important facets in life is to have the wisdom and skills to handle negativity. If we don't use our awareness, our energy can get sucked into the other's negativity, and then we become entangled in the sticky web of darkness, ignorance and misery. At each step detachment is required which can come only with awareness and Sadhana. It's very hard, but one needs to be determined not to react and get drawn into the trap of negativity. 
Always know, that you and others are just playing roles in a drama, and at the soul level everyone is untouched, pure, and perfect. We are all limitless beings of light This remembering of the bigger picture immediately puts us back on track! :)

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