Saturday, February 7, 2015

Health, Relationships, Money. Problems. Miseries

Animals never suffer. Yes they die, they feel pain, but they never go through mental misery, or ask things like, "Why me? Why did I have to get cancer. I'm a good person." Animals die of either natural death, or are killed by another animal to be eaten (unless something man-made kills them). Animals have fear of death, as we do, but they do not suffer from worry, stress, phobias, or other mental ailments. You see humans are mental animals. We use our mind in unnatural ways, have negative thoughts and toxic feelings, make wrong choices in our actions, and this causes physical disease.

It is the same with relationships. Animals don't have relationship problems :) It is our human ego and ignorance that creates issues between humans. We accumulate Karm with individuals who then reappear in life after life till the time we learn how to handle each others' short comings. Often our past enemies are born as present relatives :) To handle tough relationships, or to walk away from it, needs a combination of compassion and dispassion. If you can't have compassion, pray for them. Love and wisdom - this combination alone can forgive others so we don't store negative emotional toxins against others. We also need self-love and wisdom to forgive ourselves, remove guilt from our mistakes.

Then there's obsession with money, or misery due to the lack of it, or jealously of others having more. Yes we need money, actually we need food, clothing and shelter to maintain the body. But we maintain the human body to evolve spiritually to be free from miseries, not just exist: eat, sleep, procreate and die. There is a purpose to human life, and if you don't find and fulfill your purpose you will end up feeling miserable. True isn't it? This is the human quotient! Humans want to evolve. Animals are limited to just existence, but humans can attain infinite bliss.

When we ask the question "Why me?" we should use that to find out the root cause and fix it. It is our own ignorance, the deep tendencies and patterns created from negative thoughts, words and actions. We need to reflect on these. We need to bring out the imperfections within us, like muck bubbling to the surface. Unless we bring it up it will never release. Now we don't just keep bringing it up and get stuck in that either. We need to overcome the imperfection that was stored in us, it is now available on the surface to examine. The moment we observe this limitation with awareness, discrimination and wisdom, it will disappear. If it comes up again, we can heal it with infinite love and immense light, that will dissolve the darkness of our limitations, instantly.

Problems will always exist, it is a part of the play of creation, they are there so that we grow in love and learn wisdom. Only then can we realize that we are infinite beings of love and light. So Evolve! Become a being of bliss! That is the only permanent and ultimate solution to miseries.

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