Thursday, February 12, 2015

Singularity - Oneness - Ekam - Advaita

There was an aha! moment that came this morning, and I was anxiously waiting to pen it down before the vision disappeared...

There is only One which became many.

If we look at the process (Yagya) of how human life is created, it starts with one human egg, through the process of cell division that one cell becomes many. Like a fractal. Because all cells came from the same cell, from the same center, nucleus, all the cells are connected, as one being, they all communicate. Each cell is NOT separate, though we tend to look at each cell as separate. However; it is one system, one being, functioning through billions of cells. This is the human being, the microcosm of creation.

In the macrocosm, the universal level, it is the same. What happens at the macro-cosmic level is in fact replicated in the human being, at the micro-cosmic level, like a fractal.
So this is how I envision what happens continuously as a cycle, creation...destruction and creation again.
Creation is like an endless fractal, in which one side goes to infinity and the other side goes to singularity.
Suppose the whole creation started from one soul, like an embryo cell of a baby. That soul divided like cell division, as a fractal, into many...many souls. Yet as each soul comes from the original soul, the same essence grows and passes on. There's a deeper connection, a link, a subtle communication between all souls. Because of the One everyone communicates. The center of each soul is connected to the primordial soul that it came from.   
The problem is that in individuals, our ignorance, and ego, keeps us separated from others, from the inherent connection with all souls, and we don't feel the Oneness of being. 
All the spiritual traditions point towards the oneness of all things. 
The problem that this ignorance of separateness creates is of misery. The false idea of being limited creates problems. Just trace the cause of all your miseries, and you will see that sadness, suffering, sorrow, are all mental attitudes. The root cause is fear of death, feeling of lack, absence of love, and ignorance. Isn't it? 
So what is the solution? It is to connect with Oneness, with infinity. Like each individual cell feeling connected to all other cells and sensing the whole human body.
How do we connect with the all the souls, the whole?
You see our own center is the connection point with the whole. 
That center in us is the heart.
That's why all wisdom traditions point to a path inwards to find that connection point, of stillness, or void, and in that point of singularity is an explosion of infinitude...of oneness! :) 

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