Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Shiva the Ether

Shiva Ratri Night lookup into the sky and see that space, ether, has no division, it is all One. That empty ether pulsates, that is 'Naad'. Stars and galaxies float in space, the vast ether. From the tiniest sub-atomic particle to galaxies, the form is of a double torus, the 'Damaru'. The damaru represents the vibrations from which light and matter emanate.

The center point of the torus is the Singularity. Through Mantra Naad or Meditation connect with the Singularity within, in the space of heart Chakra. That singularity is the Ether. Connecting with the Ether connects to you to all, everything, because in Ether there is no division, it is all One. The connection point is that of Stillness...
On Shivatri let's connect with the Ether that permeates us.
*Nassim Haramein talks about the double torus and I wondered if this is what Shivji's Damaru represents.

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