Thursday, March 22, 2018

Ascension - Descent of Grace - Oneness - Shivoham

The upward spiral of spiritual energy and evolution can invoke a downward spiral of divine grace and energy.
If our own spiritual energy and evolution is lower than the amount of divine energy we invoke, the body cannot handle it.
Like if you have evolved to carry and transmit 100 volts of energy, and you invoke a divine energy of 10,000 volts, a fuse will blow. Isn't it?

Slowly as we evolve and our circuits conduct more and more spiritual energy, the descent of grace also becomes more and more. Both our own evolution and the grace of the divine are necessary. The single pointed will for liberation, for Oneness, is needed. Our purification is needed. Our evolution is the most important. The highest practice is that of attaining non-duality. All other states are intermediary and must be transcended. The effort is in our spiritual practice, and then the surrender and letting go.

As we fully open up the spiritual energy 100%, the upward spiral merges with the download spiral into a union of Oneness. Advaita - there are no two. It is an ocean of bliss, light, love...

"Shivoham Shivoham...Shiva Swaroopoham
Wahi Atama amar sachidananda main hoon.
Amar Atama Sachchidananda Main Hun.
Shivoham! Shivoham! Shivoham! Shivoham!
Akhil Vishwa Ka Jo Param Atama Hai, Sabhi Praniyon Ka Wahi Atama Hai
Wahi Atama Amar Sachidananda main hoon.
Amara atma hai maran shil kaya
Sabhi praniyon ke bhitar samaya
Wahi Atama Amar Aachchidananda main hoon.
jise sashtra Kate Na Agni Jalave
Buzawe na pani na mrityu mitawe
Wahi Atama amar sachidananda main hoon.
Hai Taron Sitaron Men Aloka Jiska
Hai Chanda Wa Suraj Men Abhasa Jisaka
Wahi Atama amar sachidananda main hoon.
Amar Atama Sachchidananda Main Hun.
Shivoham Shivoham!" - 
Swami Satyananda Saraswati

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